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This is a discussion on Your ESTJ Shadow within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; -----I use that shadow as a second language when someone finds my first language offensive. In other words, if someone ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    -----I use that shadow as a second language when someone finds my first language offensive. In other words, if someone gets aggressive in response to my kindness (because they see it as weak or as an invitation to attempt to dominate), I have found it necessary and prudent to respond in a manner that that someone can understand. In other words, there's nothing wrong with speaking to people in their own language.
    -----Wesley Crusher's run in with Rondon is a perfect example of this philosophy (http://tng.trekcore.com/audiocaps/1x...9-rondan-e.mp3).

    From Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Coming of Age":

    RONDON: You! I have a package for Operations. Where is it?
    WESLEY: End of the corridor, on your right. 104.
    [As he walks forward, Rondon bumps into Wesley]
    WESLEY: Excuse me.
    RONDON: You blocked my path! You Bulgallian sludge rat!
    WESLEY: I'm sorry. It was an honest mistake. I apologize.
    TAC OFFICER CHANG: Is there a problem, here, gentlemen?
    WESLEY: No, sir. I . . . .
    RONDON: How dare you! I am Rondon! You despicable Melanoid slime worm! Liar!
    WESLEY: [changing to an aggressive and threatening tone] Who do you think you're bullying? You bumped into me! It was your mistake! You were at fault! Do you want this to become violent?
    RONDON: [smiles and pats Wesley on the shoulder] Friend. I like you. [Leaves].
    MORDOCK A very strange reaction.
    WESLEY: Not really. I saw his hand was webbed. The sign of a Zaldan.
    MORDOCK: But you became hostile.
    WESLEY: Zaldans are infuriated by courtesy. They view it as a phoney social behaviour covering true feelings.
    TAC OFFICER CHANG: Congratulations, Mr. Crusher. You handled that particular incident very well.
    WESLEY: Was this incident deliberate?
    TAC OFFICER CHANG: It's important to know how you [Starfleet] candidates deal with other MBTI types*.
    *All right, so he actually said, "cultures," not "MBTI types."

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    INFP - The Idealists

    i went to the library and edited on my next submission to writer's group and I printed out my mom's financial papers.

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