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This is a discussion on Thread of Random Thoughts and Ideas within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; it's amazing how many different things can remind you of the same person. even the things that don't sometimes remind ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    it's amazing how many different things can remind you of the same person. even the things that don't sometimes remind you of other things that do.
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Confidence - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

    I really really like this XD

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by SenhorFrio View Post
    Uncyclopedia is hilarious.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    We are human and we make mistakes. But that's ok, it's a part of who we are and our imperfections make us lovable.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Gammell vs. Helquist | Adventures in Poor Taste!

    THE FUCK IS THIS?! I'm gonna have to get my hands on the original books before they become impossible to find or something.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Cause' your hearts been fakin' and mines been breakin'

    your hearts not makin' a sound.

    Cause' your hearts been fakin' and mines been breakin'

    but I can't stop lovin' you now,
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    My last appointment with my psychiatrist was really interesting. I started telling her how lonely I was and she asked me where this was coming from. I had forgotten that I had never told her about it before. I always forget who I tell what to.

    I told her how I am practically convinced that I will be alone forever. I have accepted it as my fate. I can't stand the thought of someone touching me sexually and I can't imagine myself touching anyone sexually. I just don't see myself as a sexual person. It was difficult to explain this to her. I kept ranting how both situations seemed to suck. Being alone forever sucks. Being alone and having no one to talk to. No one to share little moments and random facts with. Life like that seems so lacklustre and pointless. But being in a relationship seems like a lost cause. I told her that because of my illness, I feel like I have no chance of being in a relationship. I realize how complicated it would be if I was in one and it just seems so complicated. It also seems selfish to impose this on someone.

    I just kept ranting about all of the reasons why I saw myself alone and then my psychiatrist interjected.
    She said, "you're telling me that you're lonely. So you don't want to be alone". She told me that there are a lot of people who are happy being alone but I'm obviously not one of them and I should stop telling myself that I'm okay with it (because here I was ranting to her about all of the reasons it sucked.)

    She has a habit of saying short phrases that leave me speechless. Well, that left me speechless alright. I didn't have a comeback. She was right. Somewhere deep inside I do long for a relationship. I just feel like it's no use, that it would end horrible and that it would just be better for all people involved for it to never happen.

    And then I was reminded of what she said in our first appointment. Something else that left me speechless. She had told me that I have a need to try to "save" other people. Either I find these troubled people or they find me. And I feel compelled to help them as if I'm doing them and the world a favour. I help them because I can't help myself. And relating to my current predicament, I feel like I'm "saving" someone from something terrible and am therefore doing the world a favour by damning myself to being forever alone. I don't make a heck of a lot of sense, do I?

    But then I'm at the age where everyone else my age is getting married and having kids and it's like this shiny gift that's out of my reach and I'm not allowed to have. But who says I'm not allowed to have it? Maybe I can have it? And then as I consider this, I realize how unlikely it is that I'll have a healthy relationship and I have to tell myself no. I tell myself I don't want it. But maybe I do.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by Acey View Post
    What are our expectations of ourselves really composed of? Are they expectations that we've set for ourselves? Or are they the expectations that have been set by others?

    I want to be outgoing, hardworking, organized, respected, decisive, etc. but all these traits are not what I would expect from myself, not without the influence of others. They have been fed to me by my parents, by my bosses, my SJ friends. I'm trying to figure out my ideals, and I'm noticing that most of them aren't ideals at all. Not my ideals. They are a product of my need to be accepted by others.

    Now what to do from here..
    SJ values and NT logic have rubbed off on me to some extent, I think, but I don't find that it affects my ability to also aspire to my own ideals. It's not as if you can't be hardworking and empathetic at the same time, or organized and imaginative, or respected and spontaneous. I think it's actually very important to have a degree of influence from others. It's quite unhealthy to be merely dreamy and absentminded--we all need balance, and strive for it, whether consciously or unconsciously. I wouldn't encourage anyone to force their values down someone else's throat, but we should all definitely follow a good example, whether it comes from an SJ, an SP, an NT, or an NF. Alone, our own values arenít enough. We are only viewing the world through an NF perspective. Who knows? Maybe a different temperament could someday point out to you something you never would have thought of before.

    I guess what Iím trying to piece together from my jumble of thoughts is that you shouldnít necessarily throw out all the SJ values that youíve applied to your life. Even if at first they seem strange and unnatural to you, keep the ones you know are right, and ignore the rest. Itís the same with ideals you observe in SPs and NTs, and even in other NFs or yourself. I think itís very important to allow others to guide you, while at the same time sticking to what you know is ethical and right. I do admit it can be hard to do this, but it gets easier the more you practice it and really think about how to do this. :) I hope this helps someone. ♥
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkestblue View Post
    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Gammell vs. Helquist | Adventures in Poor Taste!

    THE FUCK IS THIS?! I'm gonna have to get my hands on the original books before they become impossible to find or something.
    I used to read these books in the 5th grade. They scared the living hell out of me. Well, mostly the illustrations...they are creepy as can be. And they are changing the art in them now?!!! That's more than half of what made them scary. And btw, it's awesome you know about these books...very few people know what I'm talking about when I ask them if they ever remember reading these books.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Ok, another thing...I think my SO may be an "unhealthy" INFP. Oh dear lord....but then again, he probably isn't, lol.
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