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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenBella View Post
    I'm curious, why don't we have a sticky 'Ask INFPs anything' thread in our forum?? I have so many questions to ask other INFPs, but probably not worth starting a new thread over it.
    You could use the ''relationship questions or just come and chat'' thread. It's full of INFP chitchat

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    Amazon.com Announces the Most Well-Read Cities in America

    The Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities are:


    1. Seattle, Wash.

    2. Portland, Ore.

    3. Washington, D.C.

    4. San Francisco, Calif.

    5. Austin, Texas

    6. Las Vegas, Nev.

    7. Tucson, Ariz.

    8. Denver, Colo.

    9. Albuquerque, N.M.

    10. San Diego, Calif.

    11. Baltimore, Md.

    12. Charlotte, N.C.

    13. Louisville, Ky.

    14. San Jose, Calif.

    15. Houston, Texas

    16. Nashville, Tenn.

    17. Chicago, Ill.

    18. Indianapolis, Ind.

    19. Dallas, Texas

    20. San Antonio, Texas
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    If anyone says the 2010s is the most progressive decade yet, they haven't been watching the news on trans killings, and they also need to watch this video:

    Also, I found this comment on the same video:

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    I don't know if I'll ever finish writing my story, but I got inspired enough to write the ending words...


    She looked at Labidon for the last time. She felt nothing but sympathy for the man who had and lost friends everywhere, who visited several planets in order to join their battles for freedom, the man who, in order to clean his past, refused any kind of power. A common but at the same time extraordinary hero. Did Labidon finally clean out his sins? Was he content with himself now? She didn't know that, but Labidon's melancholic aura was as strong as ever, as if it were his most defining trait. The morose, dreamy eyed usagine had seen so many things he documented very well in his journal and, as some kind of gratitude but also ending symbol, he handed it to her.

    Have this -Labidon said-, I'll need it no more. Our paths have reached the end, you were my last friend and despite knowing you for a short time, you have meant to me as much as the rest of my friends. Now it's time for me to finish my story. Goodbye, I hope your pathes are loaded with prosperity and wisdom.

    She didn't answer, as she didn't have any words to say and she intuited Labidon wasn't expecting an answer anyways. She saw him go away, as the sun was hiding behind the snowy mountains in the horizon. Labidon and his melancholic aura were walking through the cabin pathway like ghost finally going to their eternal rest. Labidon reached the cabin, went in and closed the door, never to be opened again.
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    Just finished a 2 hour cleaning session. I'm exhausted but relieved at the same time. I deserve a clean apartment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oh the irony View Post
    You could use the ''relationship questions or just come and chat'' thread. It's full of INFP chitchat
    I thought of doing that, but I was scared I would mess it up with posting so many random questions I thought of starting a new thread even if it eventually dies. But for now I will probably just post there

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    The cool cartoons from the 2000s that 2010s kids will never know, because two of these cartoons aren't on Netflix, damn it!:

    Speaking of Rainbow (behind Huntik), someone had the audacity to piss on Winx Club and want it removed from Netflix because Afrogate).
    Shame the only good ones were all action-oriented; the rest were pretty much forgettable. 2010s kids and younger will never know the real meaning of badass that wasn't veiled under commercialisation ahem 80s ahem; for them, it's either homophobic insults, book-burning or wearing 50s haircuts.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSonderer View Post
    Just finished a 2 hour cleaning session. I'm exhausted but relieved at the same time. I deserve a clean apartment!
    You know what's the best cleaning motivator, is putting on a podcast in the background. During my weekly cleaning of the apartment, which takes about 2 hours, I usually listen to this podcast called Thinking Sideways which is about unsolved mysteries (of course) but I should probably replace it with something else in order to avoid morbid stuff. But anyway, it definitely makes you excited to clean, because you're like "now I get to listen to my podcast!" and it becomes a relaxing and fun time.
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    I wanted to start a "thank a member"-thread of such kind of a thread, because i want to share appreciation to certain members on the forum. The problem is that i'm a bit tired now (so not in the mood for actually start a thread), and a more practical problem that i want to thank so many people, because i want to thank them (and i don't want to forget people or exclude people from it), but at the same time i want to thank one member in one post, otherwise it feels less personal and not real (just thank people to thank people, and that's not what I wanted to do). So it's a bit impossible to do that (also if you make several posts, people would/could be concerned about a certain pecking order I would use. ... So i can't start it because it isn't very practical. I could do it in visitor messages each next time I send a new post to someone. (although i need to respond to a lot of people, because i'm a bit procrastinating/retreating but i will definitely respond later). And now i would risk to not make it personal because of this post (because i planned this, and if you plan it, it could feel to people that i not really mean it but that i'm just flattering them
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