[INFP] Winona Ryder - the innocent flower :)

Winona Ryder - the innocent flower :)

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This is a discussion on Winona Ryder - the innocent flower :) within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I believe she's an INFP... What can i say about her? Except she's so intellectual, insightful, and depressive. Alright, the ...

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Winona Ryder - the innocent flower :)

    I believe she's an INFP...
    What can i say about her?
    Except she's so intellectual, insightful, and depressive.
    Alright, the last part isn't that attractive eh? =P
    But i am such a huge fan. I love her soo much. It's almost like an obsession. Yea..i am sorry that she didn't cast that many roles. I tried to look for her vids, but there wasn't much to offer. It's such a shame!!!

    Winona, the love of Johnny Depp's life and so many others'...lol. Who could resist such profound beauty? She's ageless, totally flawless, and undeniably charming.
    She admitted that she was a big fan of Kate Winslet, whom i also have a crush for. It's so nuts right? She had a pic of Kate in her apart and she was so brave to say it out loud. So cool. Really honest.
    I was moved by her confession on the media. It was so heartfelt.
    I feel for you. And your not alone. You should have known that there were ppl like you in this world.
    It's just so rare...and you are so precious. You are the most hororable person i've known.

    Stay true to who you are and you will be fine.
    Sometime when things are out of hand, and you feel hopeless, remember.. it's not you! It's just your emotion.
    It happened with an attempt to tell you that " You're not in your alignment. You have to get in the vortex."
    When your dealing with your insomina and driving out at night to nowhere in the world, believe it will last. All of these self-torment, pains, self-hatred...it will last some day. You just have to be unconditionally loving yourself.
    You are human. So it's normal that you have good days and bad days. Cope with it. Dont try to hide or avoid the issues, it will make things worse.
    When your involved in self-indulgent, envision yourself participate in the world..making the most of the most.
    Your sick when you stick around your head for long and somehow...are inevitable to escape self-consiciousness
    It's sure that depression will come back every now and then, so will intuition and creativity! Everything has a trade-off. It's your fate; so, try your best to make it work. Make sure you get the upper-hand, you know you are smarter than that.

    And remember...
    Evidence doesnt support your beliefs, its a product of your beliefs.

    Most of all, don't ever compare yourself to anyone and stop beating yourself up. You are worth it!
    You are different, but in a wonderful sense. And there is noone having the power to say otherwise.
    Chin up and tell yourself, "Yes, I know I am."

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    I think she might be INFJ, but INFP is possible.

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    For Winona Ryder I've heard both INFP and INFJ...idk..she gives off INFJ vibes to me, but what the hell do I know? xD
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm not a fan

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    INFP - The Idealists

    why do you think INFJ? there's a dreamy quality to her and softness that seems INFP. and she seems individualistic rather than looking at herself in the context of the group. and then there's her erratic professional behavior
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