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    Hawk...or maybe its just something I aspire to be? In any case its something that I derive energy from as of now.

    "Hawk people aim to initiate and lead, and may be impulsive from time to time.

    One of the greatest gifts a Hawk medicine person can give the world is their visions of a better and brighter future. Visionaries are always ahead of their time and it’s not easy seeing what others are not ready to see.

    If you are a Hawk person yourself, understand that Spirit can give you a special task to hold the energy of what could be, of potentials that are waiting to be envisioned. Seek out other people who can support you in your life and never allow others to cause you to lose sight of what is really important to you.

    Hawk people have their own unique challenges in life. As messengers, Hawk spirits must share their insight with others. Sometimes the messages may not be what the other person really wants to hear and yet the Hawk totem feels duty bound to relay the message, no matter the consequences." ...more info here: Hawk Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem

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