INFP: The Creative, Artistic Healer!

INFP: The Creative, Artistic Healer!

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    INFP: The Creative, Artistic Healer!

    The INFP personality is very tuned into inequity and unfairness against people, and gets great satisfaction from conquering such injustices. You are a perfectionist who will rarely allow yourself to feel successful, although you will be very aware of failures. Personal success for you depends upon the condition of your closest relationships, the development of your creative abilities, and the steady support of others by serving people in need, fighting against injustice, or in some other way working to make the world a better place. These are just some of the INFP factors that make up your list of personality traits you can use to find a career that is a natural fit.

    Introverted with Intuition, Feeling and Perception. Your career personality profile would include the following natural tendencies:
    • Depth of concentration
    • Grasp of possibilities
    • Idealism
    • Natural communication skills
    • Great sensitivity to people
    • Strong ability to see what is beyond the present
    • Perfectionism
    • Open mindedness and tolerance

    There are more natural traits making up your self personality profile but those above indicate a natural ability for careers calling upon your communication skills, probably including both writing and speaking, your type is often drawn to careers in higher education, and you may have a marked natural affinity/ability for languages and the arts. Also careers requiring quiet concentration, where you can work with people privately, one-to-one, and where interpersonal awareness is important are attractive to you.

    The INFP personality type will move naturally towards careers in harmony with your own personal values and beliefs and careers that allow you to express your vision through your work. Work that is done within a flexible structure, with a minimum of rules or regulations, letting you work on projects when you feel inspired and work that allows you to work toward fulfilling your ideals and not be limited by political, financial, or other obstacles would be naturally rewarding.

    Examples of career often chosen by your type as a career personality profile fit include:
    • Fine Artist
    • Psychiatry
    • Runaway Youth Counselor
    • Architect
    • Editor
    • Research Assistant
    • Crisis Counselor
    • Journalist
    • Psychologist
    • Religious Educator
    • Social Scientist
    • Writer
    • Laboratory Technologist
    • Education Consultant
    • School Counselor
    • Laboratory Technician
    • Physical Therapist
    • Art, Drama, or Music Teacher
    • Carpenter
    • Restaurant Worker
    • Social Worker
    • Media Specialist
    • Rehabilitation Counselor
    • Vocational Counselor
    • Actor
    • Research Worker
    • English Teacher
    • Cook
    • Biology Scientist
    • Librarian
    • Speech Pathologist
    • Artist or Entertainer
    • Employment Development Specialist
    • Public Health Nursing
    • Musician or Composer
    • Psychodrama Therapist
    • Reading Teacher
    • Executive Secretary
    • Aeronautical Engineer
    • Surveyor
    • Designer
    • Physician: All Specialties
    • Foreign Language Teacher
    • Waiter or Waitress
    • Minister
    • Clergy
    • Attorney: Non-Practicing Administration
    • Priest or Monk
    • Health Technologist
    • Education Administration

    Your type is found much less often in careers that require skills and interests in management, business, factory work, and other fields requiring attention to detail, systematic logical analysis, or highly structured work. Also work involving personal competition, or careers with large amounts of hands-on, manual, or mechanical work would be less attractive, such as:
    • Police Detective
    • Fire Manager
    • Computer Operations & Systems
    • Management Consultant
    • Purchasing Agent
    • Corrections Officer
    • School Bus Driver
    • Small Business Manager
    • Retail Store Manager
    • Regional Utilities Manager
    • Coal Miner
    • Police Officer Administration
    • City Works Technician
    • Human Resources Planner
    • Social Services Worker
    • School Principal
    • City Govt. Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Storekeeper

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    Unknown Personality

    I saw Dolphin Trainers on youtube today, totally would be on my list of Careers for INFPs....

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    INFP - The Idealists

    It's amazing how accurate this information is.


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