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Career in Writing (Screen/Film Writing)

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This is a discussion on Career in Writing (Screen/Film Writing) within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I've been on youtube looking at some of the productions made by Wong Fu production =3 For those of you ...

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    Career in Writing (Screen/Film Writing)

    I've been on youtube looking at some of the productions made by Wong Fu production =3 For those of you who don't know about Wong Fu Productions, it's just a small group of 3 men I believe who work in collaboration with other artists to create shorts and etc...

    I'm totally captivated by the writing and the story and editting that these guys can do... Here's two pieces I think are great in terms of dialogue, concept/idea, and execution:

    When Five Fell : Five household objects express their feelings toward their owner when she begins to neglect them for someone else.

    Shell: What if we had a chance to remember things that we never actually experienced? "Shell" explores this idea through a quiet conversation.

    Would you guys be interested in writing stories for film or screen writing? When I think of INFJs I think careers as a novelist is more common... but I wonder if any of you guys have a desire to write for film? =D

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I wanted to be a screenplay writer for years. It's the longest running dream I've ever had. The hang-up is, I'm terrible at writing dialogue.
    I think I would be better at writing novels, honestly. But I'd rather make movies, because I feel I would reach a larger audience that way.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I would love to be a screenwriter. I think I have a pretty firm grasp of scenic description, but I too think that I need a bit of work when it comes to dialogue. At the same time, I would be interested in writing novels as well.
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    I also lean towards novels.

    A novel is a magical thing... it's like we can plug right into our deepest thoughts, which usually we can't express at all, and put them on a page.

    I think on the written page is where INFJs are naturally designed to communicate ideas... not words and body language.

    When it comes to screenplays written by INFJs... I think Terrence Malicks Thin Red Line is a fine example of a movie written by an INFJ.

    Since I know that a good number of you will probably dismiss the movie outright because it's a war movie, here are two quotes from the film.

    Where is it that we were together? Who were you that I lived with? The brother. The friend. Darkness, light. Strife and love. Are they the workings of one mind? The features of the same face? Oh, my soul. Let me be in you now. Look out through my eyes. Look out at the things you made. All things shining.

    This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doin' this? Who's killin' us? Robbing us of life and light. Mockin' us with the sight of what we might've known. Does our ruin benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you, too? Have you passed through this night?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Being a screenwriter is on my list of a million things to do. When I get an idea I write it in script and novel versions (a few pages, not the whole story) just to get a feel for which format would be best... the script often wins. I really love the visual story of film.
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    Ooh! Me! Me! It's actually in my "serious list of career options to consider." Unlike some others, one thing I cannot do is scenic description - I can do it sometimes, but not all the time, and when it has to carry through throughout a novel, it becomes difficult. I feel I'm at least a bit better with dialogue. Writing novels tended to bore me, actually.

    I've always liked screenplays better because it conveys an image. Novels create images based on the reader's own imagination; something that I always had trouble with when I wrote stories was that, to some extent, I had to write a description of the image. The idea I'm trying to convey is the image, and I know it can be misinterpreted in stories. But in a movie, it's directly an image. This is me, but I appreciate the power of images in picture over the power of images in words - instead of imagining the image, it's a direct experience of the image.

    Simply put, I have images in my imagination that I experience by imagining it. If I can somehow form these figments of imagination into reality...that would be awesome. It's something you can do through words - in music, in novels...but screenwriting seems the best way to do it, because you're actually getting an image.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I wish I was a screen writer. I'd have to get better at dialogue but hell, my plots would be bad ass.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Screenwriting is definetly I want to do as a serious future career. I find it weird that a good portion of these responses are saying that they have trouble with dialouge but are great with descriptions, etc...For me it's the other way around. I love writing dialouge. I just have trouble with visuals.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    A career in screen writing would be a dream. But I kind of suck at dialogue too. I need to learn how to keep the story progressing through the guidance of conversation.

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    I was actually just about to make a post about screen/film writing, but I came across this one of yours just before :)

    I just dropped out of my first year of university and when I go back next year, I was hoping to be able to take some kind of course that would lead me into the screenplay writing direction.

    I thought I wanted to write novels for a few years, but the more I think about it, the more qualified I am to be a screenwriter rather than a novel writer. I feel that to write books, you really should have a love for the english language, whereas when you write screenplays/films, it's more just about the story, the feelings, the connections...

    Coming up with powerful creative stories was basically the only thing I really excelled at and loved in high school.

    I'm just worried about how difficult it is become a successful screenwriter. I don't want to wind up broke while all the idiots/assholes I know who are currently taking business courses rake in the dough and live a successful life.
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