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This is a discussion on Follow intuition within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hey guys. Just been reading more on INFJs, and been seeing alot about their intuition and how they should follow ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors


    Hey guys. Just been reading more on INFJs, and been seeing alot about their intuition and how they should follow it.

    My questions is, what is meant by 'Follow your intuition? Examples would be great

    And also, how does one know if they are an intuitive person and this is a strength in themselves ?

    Thank in advance :)
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Quote Originally Posted by Targus28 View Post
    And also, how does one know if they are an intuitive person and this is a strength in themselves ?

    Thank in advance :)
    Ya know, I've known people who test as ISFJ but insist that they are INFJ, when they don't act intuitive at all... Even ISTJ but insist they are N's... so I can't say that people would know whether they are intuitive or not as a trait to be seen. I do however believe that if you're constantly coming up with new ideas and seeing things that other people cannot, then you can consider yourself intuitive, but only an extended period of time so you're not doing some crass mimicry that you believe to be intuitive when it is really copy cat behavior you saw from someone else.

    Something like that.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Intuition is knowing something without being able to pinpoint why.

    Jung talks about intuition in terms of intensity of mental perception (for the most part subconscious).

    I think intuitives just have a well developed "gut".

    They're not mutually exclusive ideas.

    (Ie. I knew she was a bad egg from the start, I knew when I took this job that I was making a mistake, I have a bad feeling about this place.).

    If you are a particularly intuitive person you're more likely to rely on your gut feelings than you are your mental knowledge of a subject.

    Intuitive conclusion (ie. Let's turn around, I have a bad feeling about this place.)
    Fact based conclusion (ie. Let's turn around, this place has a high crime rate).

    Suggested google search: "second brain"
    Good book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0060182520
    Good article: http://neurosciencestuff.tumblr.com/...r-second-brain

    Embedded in the wall of the gut, the enteric nervous system (ENS) has long been known to control digestion. Now it seems it also plays an important role in our physical and mental well-being. It can work both independently of and in conjunction with the brain in your head and, although you are not conscious of your gut “thinking”, the ENS helps you sense environmental threats, and then influences your response. “A lot of the information that the gut sends to the brain affects well-being, and doesn’t even come to consciousness,” says Michael Gershon at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    It's important to remember that an INFJ's intuition is heavily dependent on unconscious Se. All those "premonitions" that INFJs have or the ability to "read people" still depend on basic sensory input. If I blindfold an INFJ and chuck them in a soundproof room, I highly doubt their purported psychic intuition would be of much use.

    In other words, Ni does not operate in a vacuum; "following intuition" for an INFJ means following Ni with input from Se. What this means, I think, is that Ni may be powerful, but it is certainly not all-powerful. We cannot simply bulldoze our way through everything with intuition alone.

    I would say that INFJs are susceptible to both hindsight bias and confirmation bias if they are relying too heavily on Ni without giving Se its dues.
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    INFJ - The Protectors


    The MBTI way of saying listen to your gut instincts and what your deepest heart is telling you, in terms of decision making, problem solving, people, relationships...well anything really, that falls under the banner of becoming more decisive from your own judgements and trusting your own insights( nothing to say one has to be high in self esteem or confidence, that comes in time along self assured demeanours or self trust).
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    "Follow your intuition" is where one does various actions without fully understanding why something is done. This is a result of having the Introverted Intuition cognitive function being the dominant function. INFJ Personal Growth notes:

    They're extremely insightful, and see things that are not obvious to others. This ability to see patterns and meanings in the world can help the INFJ in many different ways. INFJs usually have a great deal of insight into different people and situations.
    When given a goal or context, an INFJ is able to generate all kinds of possibilities. They're able to see the problem from many different angles.
    They understand how others are feeling, and are genuinely concerned with others. This natural empathy and caring helps to be really effective at helping others through problems. In this manner, they make great friends, counselors, teachers, and mates.
    An INFJ has a "stick to it" attitude. They're not afraid of hard work, and will put forth a great deal of effort towards something that they believe in. This persistence will help the INFJ to achieve an identified goal.
    Perfectionistic and idealistic, they always strive for the best.
    Usually intelligent and able to concentrate and focus, the INFJ can usually grasp difficult ideas and concepts.
    An example could be as simple as coming up to a fork in the road and instinctively guessing which way to go, or picking a conversation topic that leads to some grand result.

    As for this being a strength, that depends a bit on what definition of strength you want to use. Gallup's research has 34 themes where "Strategic" would be what applies here which is about seeing through patterns to know what should be done. A pattern of "What if" then select and lastly strike is how this is summarized in the book, "StrengthsFinder 2.0" where Strategic is my #3 theme. Top theme is Learner oddly enough.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    How does one find out if they are an intuitive type? I'm just wondering what to look out for, in my own thinking, and behaviour, to determine if i have good intuition, and therefore, to trust it more i suppose

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    I don't think the difference is as clear as day,
    I mean I have tested as ESFJ before,
    But I'd hardly say that the order in which they stack the functions is like me xD

    But who cares?
    There really isn't much difference between Senors and Intuitive!
    Though as a intuitive I found that I am surrounded almost entirely by Intuitive friends!
    Not that it makes a difference
    But it could be an indicator?

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    Unknown Personality

    I can't explain following my intuition without the context of my beliefs about the nature of the universe being somewhat different from what is usually thought. I believe we are interconnected in a way that I can only describe as a bit mystical and pantheistic. I actually had an actual mystical experience ten years ago. They are not at all uncommon and I had one walking out of a store with my bags of groceries. I hate to actually mention it because it sounds pretentious and it has no meaning for anyone other than myself. It also sounds crazy ...so seeing reoccurring patterns, symbols etc repeatedly come my way I take it as a sign in a way. I listen to that inner voice I would suspect everyone has, but I actually take it seriously instead of just brushing it off as a random thought. I make life changing decisions as radical as moving to another country based on those kinds of inner understandings. It could be a sudden 'film' in my mind, where I envision myself in another place and time and I know then that that is what I'm supposed to do. Those kinds of envisionings are different in quality to just imagination. I can't really say much anything about it other than that. I know it sounds nuts and there are people who prefer more rational explanations but I just have to trust my experience. So that's my context. Others may prefer inferior Se and Ni perceiving non mystical natural material occurrences some Ni-doms confuse with spiritual things because they have foolish bias ...or mental problems... I just think the world is inherently mystical. Lol. Each to their own. :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Personally I see my intuitive side most noticeably in terms of gut instinct when meeting new people. For example I've had situations where I've met someone new and if you asked me what I thought of them I could say they're not someone I would trust because I’ve picked up on some small thing they’ve done or said that has subconsciously raised a red flag with me, though if you then asked me to explain why based on the short meeting I formed that opinion I couldn’t offer a valid or logical reason simply because all of this has happened at a subconscious level with the result being an undeniable ‘gut’ feeling. Usually later said person goes on to do or say something that validates my original opinion but it took this happening quite a few times before I stopped ignoring this feeling and started listening to it.
    In terms of decision making I agree with VanishingPoint, and see symbols or reoccurring patterns in the world as signs that my intuitive mind has highlighted for me. Again, it took a while for me to stop thinking I was crazy and trust what my instincts were telling me but well worth it if you can get over that barrier.
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