The INFJ Child

The INFJ Child

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    The INFJ Child

    From: Parenting Skill-the INFJ Child and Parenting Skill with Myers Briggs!

    If your child is INFJ, Introverted with Intuition, Feeling and Judging, parenting skill can be improved by understanding that these INFJ young ones are typically very private in their own thoughts kind of kids. And we will get into that in just a moment.
    Firstly understand that this page is devoted to helping you as a loving parent or guardian better understand how to use your instinctive nature to improve your parenting skill by nurturing your child.
    Your nature and your child’s nature is your personality type and your child’s type as discovered through the Myers Briggs Test. You may or may not be INFJ; but, if your child is INFJ than this page can guide you in developing outstanding parenting skill as you raise and interact with your INFJ child.
    You’ll be introduced to several key personality characteristics of the INFJ child and you’ll be given some suggestions as to things to do that will improve parenting skill and help nurture you INFJ child all through life.
    We’ll assume that you know your personality type and that your child is INFJ…here we go!!
    Some Characteristics of the INFJ Child-Some Behaviors to Look For

    • INFJ children are intensely thoughtful, private young ones
    • Cuddly, happy, cheerful babies…at home; away from home they can be quiet/serious
    • INFJ children spend much of their time (all their lives!) inside their heads…very rich fantasy, imagination ability
    • the INFJ child can be extremely tuned in to the emotional reality of their family….don’t argue/fight in front of them
    • Most INFJ kids are naturally polite, obedient, gentle, patient, considerate kids
    • INFJ children are so into their heads they may lag behind mastering some outside physical, sports related activity…they will get it however if interested…just don’t rush them
    • INFJ children are naturally tuned into music, fantasy, literature and like to sit and engage in these things early on
    • In school INFJ children usually exhibit a love of learning, reading, stories, myths, fairy tales and are very creative
    • the INFJ child will easily excel in writing, music, painting, other fine artsy expressions
    • the INFJ can be very stubborn when their mind is made up
    • the INFJ may hang back from group activities of all kinds unless they know a few of the participants well…don’t push your INFJ into new group things too quickly
    • the INFJ will need to spend a lot of time alone…you guessed it….in their heads
    • the INFJ will show a marked tendency toward perfectionism
    • as they become adolescent their will exhibit more future concerns, future thinking
    • the INFJ penchant for future and perfectionist thinking can trouble them greatly as they consider operating in the outside world

    Regardless of Your Type Mom and Dad-Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Nurture the INFJ Child and Improve Parenting Skill

    • Honor their need for quiet time and alone time to think, play, dream
    • Let them watch from the sidelines or begin participating on the periphery of the action before joining in
    • Speak privately and quietly when you are discussing or correcting their behavior
    • Try not to raise your voice or yell; apologize quickly if you do
    • Listen tot heir ideas and refrain from correcting or offering feedback that squelches their imagination and zeal for an idea
    • Provide a variety of creative materials and encourage open-ended exploration
    • give them plenty of physical contact and affection; express your love for your INFJ child in little, thoughtful ways like love notes
    • Encourage the INFJ to express their feelings in words or through drawings
    • Listen and rephrase their feelings to help them to clarify ; talk one-on-one as much as possible
    • Help the INFJ see that life is both fun and funny
    • Respect their privacy
    • Offer regular, quality private time with one parent at a time-take your INFJ on a date
    • Ask for their input and ideas ahead of time; include them in decision making
    • Don’t interrupt or rush them through their talk
    • Don’t tease them about their heads being in the clouds-they hear enough of that from the rest of the world

    In conclusion Mom or Dad, if you are INFJ than most of the above seemed pretty natural; but, if you are not a Intuitive Feeler (NF) than maybe the above can better aid you as you develop you parenting skill. If this helps remember the INFJ is the rarest of all the 16 personality types! Less than something like 2-3% of all the people in the world have this type!!
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I was lucky I got all that growing up any way. My oldest son is very introverted but I do not think he is INFJ. My youngest is a big old extrovert and I feel bad for him the most, because occasionally he kind of irks me and my oldest when we want peace and quite and he will just not stop. I worry he will feel like something is wrong with him. If I had to guess my youngest son’s personality type he displays a lot of the bubbly characteristics of an ENFJ my oldest is perplexing although he displays many many of my personality traits he is very socially lost and much brighter than I ever was. Maybe I should try to get a myers briggs test from one of my old professors at my old college and see what he tests out as. I try to accommodate both of their personality types but I know my youngest probably has the most trouble feeling like he fits.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Well I've posted this for every temperament if you're interested :)

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Its missing something from the list. Always remember to give your INFJ children ice cream.

    *post edit*

    and cookies.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Hahaha and cookies, don't forget the cookies.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Thank you for posting this, HollyGolightly - I have been trying to figure out what my youngest son is. Sometimes I think he is an INFJ (wishful thinking??), I am not sure...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    After reading that, I'm wondering if it may fit me better than the INFP one, and yes, my parents, especially my INFJ mother, did everything on this list, too. It all worked very well for me.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    My mom was also INFJ and did pretty much all of this.
    My dad is ESFJ/P (was ESFP when I was younger) and triedto make me a less sensitive extrovert. Not a good idea.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Not arguing in front of INFJ kids is so important.
    I don't think my parents ever raised their voices, but somewhere in my upbringing I was exposed to an angry man and the shock of feeling what this anger did to me and others left me with a judgement and distrust of all men for the longest time. I don't even know the event that caused it but I could identify, after a lot of time, the exact conditions of my internal vow.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    There was a lot fo anger displayed in front of me. I think that's why I can be so timid sometimes. And I hate loud people. I can't help but shy away from them, the child in me feels afraid of them.
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