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This is a discussion on Marriage within the INFJ Articles forums, part of the INFJ Forum - The Protectors category; The INFJ mate A warm and considerate partner, the INFJ takes their commitments seriously and seeks a lifelong soul-mate relationship. ...

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    The INFJ mate

    A warm and considerate partner, the INFJ takes their commitments seriously
    and seeks a lifelong soul-mate relationship.

    As an INFJ you will settle for nothing less than a soul partner with whom you can bond in an almost spiritual sense. You take commitment seriously, and you want to share your complex inner life and communicate intimately about what most concerns and drives you.

    A quick summary of the INFJ as a mate

    LOVE IS: The quest for, above all else, a soul-mate. INFJs are interested only in the perfect relationship.
    FALLS IN LOVE: Slowly. With their head first and then with all their heart. INFJs have a depth of caring not usually found in others.
    FALLS OUT OF LOVE: Can leave a relationship once they're sure it's over. A partner who violates the INFJ's values will be cut off forever.
    INTIMACY: A near-spiritual experience of bonding heart and soul. It's important for INFJs to know that their mates are happy.
    COMMITMENT: Seeks a lifelong, commited relationship. INFJs approach their intimate relationships quite seriously.
    MOST SATISFIED WITH: A partner who respects their deeply held values and and who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

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    Unknown Personality

    The INFJ is supportive and guided by a sense of integrity. The INFJ is encouraging of their partners dreams, aspirations and achievements. INFJs want to maintain harmony in their relationships and are extremely motivated to resolve conflicts; however, when it comes to their core values and ethics, they are unwilling to compromise. INFJs seek emotional engagement, and are happiest when they feel they and their mates are sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings.
    INFJs value a partner who respects their deeply-held values, and one who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

    For INFJs, 'still waters run deep.' They tend to prefer one deep relationship over many superficial ones. However, when they meet that special person, they are quick to get into the relationship and make it a serious one. They become very focused, intense and direct in that pursuit. INFJs may not openly demonstrate their intense feelings but, at times when alone, INFJs become truly in touch with the depth of the love they have for their partner.
    INFJs enjoy sharing activities like a regular 'date', revisiting the place where they first met their mates, or doing other symbolic things that help to continue andconfirm the existence of the bond that they feel for their partner ...
    INFJs, when scorned, take it personally and retreat inward. They may obsess about the relationship and their role in its failure. One INFJ explained, 'People can do the most outrageous things, yet I blame myself for triggering their behaviour or not recognising it. I see myself as responsible for relationships. Other people can dismiss them – I'm not able to.'
    INFJs may blame themselves and experience a period of mourning. If they do not marshall their resources, externalise their feelings and take risks to move on, they may experience a long periods of self-examination.

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    Unknown Personality

    The INFJ in relationships: strengthsand challenges

    Warm,gentle and affirming by nature.
    Sensitiveand concerned for others' feelings.
    Takestheir commitments and responsibilities very seriously.
    Dedicatedto achieving the ultimate relationship.
    Uncriticaldevotion may lead to disillusionment

    Wantsto have own way but also wants to be liked
    May useconvoluted tactics to avoid conflict
    Maycreate tension in relationships by working too hard to eliminate it.

    Source: wedomarriage.com | Marriage Compatibility | The INFJ in relationships


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