[INFJ] How Strong Are Your Cognitive Functions?

How Strong Are Your Cognitive Functions?

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This is a discussion on How Strong Are Your Cognitive Functions? within the INFJ Articles forums, part of the INFJ Forum - The Protectors category; How strong are your cognitive functions, INFJs? Or well, any personality type wanting to post? What I mean when I ...

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    Unknown Personality

    How Strong Are Your Cognitive Functions?

    How strong are your cognitive functions, INFJs? Or well, any personality type wanting to post?

    What I mean when I say this is, how strong are your cognitive functions, how well developed do you think they are? How greatly do you feel them when you get them? How 'mature(d?)' are you, in that specific function?

    Ni - I'm able to tell how a situation might turn out(Ti combined?), my Ni keeps me out of most of harms way, and it alerts me of 'psychic' or 'hallucinating' visions, or 'feelings.' It's probably normal for most INFJs, and even if I am wrong in my 'thoughts' (Which is rare but possible) I know that I'm not the 'wisest' or 'know-it-all' and that is what I see, what keeps me more open-minded and perceptive in this function. I'd say I'm 'Somewhat Mature' in this function, in it's strength. Not completely right, but one that is still developing 'balance'?

    Fe - My empathy is strong, or well, I feel emotions within people whenever they don't even feel it themselves? (Combination of Ni as well?) Being the Core 4w5 that I am, I experience waves of 'needing to express affection.' I'm very strongly felt in my 'barrier' of emotions and defenses, and often appear 'intense and deep.' I can control my emotions to a great degree, but not always(still developing patience?). I'd say this is a Moderately Mature function, that is greatly felt in strength. And developing at a 'fastened' pace?

    Ti - I'm a 451 Researcher tritype, so I guess it's not unusual for me to say that I expereince, 'advanced, critical' thoughts and ideas? I have strong Ti, but whenever I 'miss' something (combined with my Ni?) my Ti is something to blame, after reflection. I wouldn't say I'm 'inaccurate' nor 'know-it-all', but I'm still developing, and my 'thirst' for knowledge and ideas constantly create development for this function. I'd say I'm almost even more 'mature' in this function than my Ni. (Is that even possible?)

    Se - During average conversation with me for any of you wonderful INFJs, (or NFs out there) - you may say I'm highly developed for a 14 year old, such as me, in all 3 of the functions above. But if you held a conversation for me long enough to say 'I'm tired', 'I'm hungry', or 'Candy.... ' - you would quickly realize, I have the WORST Se EVER. I mean, there have been times where I can easily control my impulses as much as a very patient, and 'elder' INFJ. I guess I would say this is an 'underdeveloped' or 'average' function. I need a lot of room for development, and will. XP... And sadly, this 'STRONG INFERFIOR' function gets in the way of that at times. So, it's a work in progress. :P...

    What do you lovelies think? I'm sophisticatedly interested in your 'reflections' and 'perceptions' of your own self so you may realize some much needed insight in the future. :D And something to find out where you can work on in your wonderful persona. :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    My Ni makes me guilty of taking in information and experiences from the outer world inwards and turning it into something else. It works with Feeling and Thinking; and even Sensing. To others I seem intelligent, but I would be easily beaten at many other things that they're good at. To give an example, I tend to not pay attention to things that I probably should pay more attention to. SO ISFP laughs at how I don't notice things as my thoughts keep running. I find it funny when she asks me what I am thinking about, and I go on and on until she falls asleep. When she does, sometimes I don't realize it and I still keep going on and on. I'm in my own world sometimes (Ok maybe more often than that)

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    Unknown Personality

    Out of the 8 functions mine are all pretty much developed on an average level evenly...
    Except Ni is slightly higher than the rest, with Fe trailing behind it just in front of the others...Se is last but barely behind

    My Se causes me to collect small details from my surroundings...
    basicly I'll be thinking something...
    then Se will collect some tiny information and I'll jump to some conclusion based on something I saw...which can make me look crazy because I may be wrong.....and whatever I collected was just some random fact....sometimes

    but it is still a fact >.> which is still evidence to me ...eh...
    whatever I was thinking
    i'll still feel is true...and felt that long before I collected that random fact....I probably only noticed what I noticed because I was out to validate my perspective >.>

    I need to work on my Se....or completly ignor it xD

    at times...I wish I could throw Fe out the window and quit feeling everything....I'm so overly empathetic to everyone I am constantly brought down by others problems because I feel them as my own...I almost feel it my responsibility to do something...especially if I can...
    I can't watch certain shows/movies with too much crying/violence...anything that might show someone in emotional pain...sometimes I choose to but at those times I am fully prepared to deal with those emotions myself ....like sometimes it's nice to watch a sad movie get a good cry in...or an emotional release...sometimes I feel better even if I wasn't crying for myself.

    Ni makes me look bad in everyday conversations because I can't get what I want to say out clearly....because I'm so busy

    uh....yeah ok..but you know.......we could...er ....uhuh >.> nevermind...you probably wouldn't understand

    if only I could somehow effortlessly express myself in everyday conversation...instead of being caught up in my own mind

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by thicks1 View Post

    experience* My Ti is strongly developed :P

    (Is that even possible?)

    You might be mistaking Ti for Ni and vice versa...


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