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Supernatural TV Show MBTI

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This is a discussion on Supernatural TV Show MBTI within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; I know a thread has been done on this but ah fuck it, I want to re-open it so here's ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Supernatural TV Show MBTI

    I know a thread has been done on this but ah fuck it, I want to re-open it so here's my two cents:

    Dean Winchester: ESTP/ISTP
    Sam Winchester: INFJ
    John Winchester: ESTJ/ISTJ
    Mary Winchester: ISFJ/ENFJ/INFJ

    Adam: ISTP

    Bobby Singer: ISTP
    Rufus: ESTP
    Ellen: ESTJ
    Jo: ISTP
    Ash: INTP/ENTP
    Pamela: ESFP/ESTP

    Castiel: ISTJ
    Uriel: ESTP/ISTP
    Ana Milton: INFJ
    Belthazor: ENTP/ESTP/ESFP/ESFJ

    Michael: ISTJ/ESTJ
    Lucifer: ISFP/ENFP
    Gabriel: ESFP
    Rafael: ISTJ/ESTJ

    Azazel: ESTP
    Lilith: ENTP
    Alastair: ISTP/ENTP
    Crowley: ESFP/ESTP
    Blonde Ruby: ESTP
    Brunette Ruby: ISTP

    Leviathans: who gives a fuck

    War: ESTP
    Pestilence: INTP/ENTP
    Famine: ISFP
    Death: INTJ

    Sheriff that Bobby Likes: some type of SJ
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Dean Winchester: ESTP
    Sam Winchester INTP
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Dean: ESTP
    Sam: INFJ
    Bobby: ISTP
    Castiel: ISTJ

    I think the problem with Lucifer is the actor is great at portraying some innocence in his roles (of which I have seen). I would have given him ENFJ strangely, but again I don't see it. :S
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Lucifer was known to be great for advocacy, convincing and turning angels to fight for a seemingly "noble" cause which seems more ENFP than perhaps the ESTP sales pitch or ENTJ militant approach.

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    ESTP - The Doers

    Cast of the show is smart and storyline is brilliant. I simply like this show very much.
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Dean: ESTJ 8w7
    Castiel: ISTJ 1w9
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Dean: ENFJ
    Sam: INFJ
    They both seem like intuitives and idealistic to me. I think Dean is an extravert, because, when he's upset or something, he goes out around people to cool down. On top of that, he's the one who went and got Sam go on hunts with him. Those just seems like the traits of an extravert to me.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Dean - ESFJ - just reading the description of ESFJ made me think of Dean long before I happened upon this thread. Protecting/guarding is his THING. He tries to repress those feelings, but they just come right on out.
    Sam - INFJ

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    Quote Originally Posted by QueenOfCats View Post
    Dean: ESTJ 8w7
    Castiel: ISTJ 1w9 apparently I'm exactly like Dean then, with both MBTI and Ennegram.

    Personally, I think he's an ESTP.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    i know this is kinda and old thread but i kinda wanted to add my opnion, i agree with thor odinson for the most part, just had a few changes to their list

    Dean Winchester: ESTP possibly ESFJ

    Sam Winchester: INFJ
    John Winchester: ESTJ
    Mary Winchester: INFJ

    Adam: ISTP

    Bobby Singer: ISTP
    Ellen: ESTJ
    Jo: ISTP
    Pamela:ENFJ maybe not sure

    Castiel: I originally thought ISTJ but the fact that he rebelled from heaven makes me think possibly INTP, im not sure
    Uriel: ESTJ
    Ana Milton: INFJ

    Michael: ISTJ/ESTJ
    Lucifer: ISFP/ENFP
    Gabriel: ESFP
    Rafael: ISTJ/ESTJ

    Azazel: ENTJ
    Lilith: ESTP
    Alastair: ESTP
    Crowley: ESTP
    Blonde Ruby: ESTP/ISTP
    Brunette Ruby: ISTP

    War: ESTP
    Pestilence: ENTP
    Famine: ISFP
    Death: INTJ
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