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This is a discussion on The Walking Dead within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; The Walking Dead was first a comic series, but I'm focusing on the AMC television show in this post (feel ...

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    The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead was first a comic series, but I'm focusing on the AMC television show in this post (feel free to address the comic book as well, of course).

    Rick Grimes - xNFJ
    Shane Walsh - ESTP
    Lori Grimes - IxFP
    Carl Grimes
    Darryl - ISFP?
    Glenn - ENTP
    Andrea - ENFP
    Dale - ISTP
    Carol - ISFJ
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Rick - ENTJ
    Shane - ESTJ - Both Shane and Rick are feeling inferior. Their whole conversation at the beginning of the show talks about that. The reason you see a ton of feelings going on with Rick is simply because of how stressed he is.
    Lori - All I know is that she is a feeler dominate.
    Glenn - Either an ENTP or an ISFJ under extreme stress (being that the two are opposites.) I haven't really decided yet.

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    Rick seems so concerned with doing what's morally right, I guess I don't see ENTJ having that focus... but it's a good point to mention that extreme stress can change people's behavior quite a bit. I can see how he could be a Te user, being decisive for what people need to do next. I can see him being an E over an I, but he still has a gentle quality that seems more F to me. I see it more as Fe, where Lori seems to be an Fi type (ISFP or INFP).

    I did consider ESTJ for Shane also, but I leaned P based on the fact that he can be impulsive and reckless. It's hard to say. I assumed he was also more Se than Si though. It does appear that Shane thrived on the structure of being a cop and on providing leadership and stability for the group during crisis, which makes ESTJ plausible.

    Glenn seems to rely on Ti and Ne, but he also seems to have some Fe development.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    One of my best friends is an ENTJ, and all he ever thinks about seems to be what is best for everyone. No feelings involved, just what is going to the best thing for everyone. Morals aren't really a solely feeling based concept. ENTJ's feelings can be extremely strong, because on top of the feelings there is the stress of those feelings. They can feel what everyone around them is feeling and it stresses them when people feel bad around them, especially if they care about those people.

    I think Rick is a 9w8 as well.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    The two main characters are ISP(leaning ISFP for Rick) and ESTP(for Shane), Rick is the unassuming guy with a heart of gold, good call for the person who mentioned Rick is mainly concerned with what he thinks is morally right, him and Shane had some disagreements in the last season over Fi vs Fe(for Shane SeTiFe). It seems in the upcoming season his Ji principles will be pushed to the limit, he might have to do some very uncomfortable stuff.
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    @Ogen , I agree that Rick seems to be an enneagram 9. I think Dale is a 6.

    After reading @Robopop 's post, I am starting to wonder if Lori is an INFP 4 and Rick is an ISFP 9 -- two types that under stable conditions would identify strongly with each other, but under stress, would begin to see how different they can be.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Rick Grimes - ESFJ
    Shane Walsh - ESTP
    Lori Grimes - ISTJ
    Carl Grimes--ESFJ
    Darryl - ISFJ?
    Glenn - INTP/ISFJ
    Andrea - ENFP
    Dale - ISTP
    Carol - ISFJ

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I think it is hard, because of the situation they are in.

    Rick Grimes
    I would have never thought of him as a P type. I think he is introverted, so INFJ.
    Shane Walsh
    Lori Grimes
    Carl Grimes
    Too young. ISTP maybe.
    Too young.
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    Unknown Personality

    Rick isn't INFJ if I had to type him, not every "hero" of a story is INFJ. I see this a lot when people type characters
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizz View Post
    Rick isn't INFJ if I had to type him, not every "hero" of a story is INFJ. I see this a lot when people type characters
    Usually IXFP's are mainly the heroes, in most stories, for some reason, but my thoughts are genuine. I don't think he is IXFP at all, and I don't see him as ISFJ.

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