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This is a discussion on Downton Abbey within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Anyone here watch it? It is mildly overrated if I'm going to be critical about it but it's still good ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Downton Abbey

    Anyone here watch it? It is mildly overrated if I'm going to be critical about it but it's still good nonetheless. Guess the type of the main cast below.

    The Crawleys
    Violet Crawley
    Robert Crawley
    Cora Crawley
    Mrs Isobel Crawley
    Matthew Crawley
    Lady Mary Crawley
    Lady Edith Crawley
    Lady Sybil Crawley

    The Staff
    Mr. Carson
    Mrs Hughes
    Mrs Patmore
    John Bates
    Sarah O'Brien
    Thomas Barrow
    William Mason
    Anna Smith
    Tom Branson

    Discuss . I'll pitch in soon.
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    Unknown Personality

    They are not fresh in my mind, but surely Mr Carson is a prototypical ISTJ.

    Possibly INFP for Lady Mary Crawley?

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by cactus_waltz View Post
    They are not fresh in my mind, but surely Mr Carson is a prototypical ISTJ.

    Possibly INFP for Lady Mary Crawley?
    Yea Carson is a bit of an ISTJ trope so I agree. I actually think Mary might be an XXTJ. I'm certain Fi is being used but she is too often seen as being cold and aloof so I can't see that Fi as being Dom or Aux. I think a feeler who uses Fi wouldn't feel so conflicted about going with her feelings and inner values. I actually think Matthew could be the INFP though I typed him as INFJ initially.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    The Crawleys
    Violet Crawley xstj
    Robert Crawley - isfj
    Cora Crawley - isfj or istj
    Mrs Isobel Crawley - esfj
    Matthew Crawley - infj, infp could work too.
    Lady Mary Crawley - ixtj? I'd really love someone to type her completely. I don't think she's a istj, but intj doesn't fit right either.
    Lady Edith Crawley - isfj
    Lady Sybil Crawley - enfp

    The Staff
    Mr. Carson - istj
    Mrs Hughes - xsxj
    Mrs Patmore - estp
    John Bates - isfj
    Sarah O'Brien- ixtj
    Thomas Barrow - extj
    William Mason - ixfp
    Anna Smith - enfp or esfp
    Daisy - ExFP
    Tom Branson - I have a friend who thinks he's intp.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by bohemian_ophelia View Post
    Lady Mary Crawley - ixtj? I'd really love someone to type her completely. I don't think she's a istj, but intj doesn't fit right either.
    She's a bit tricky, but she seems to use Fi and also appears to me to be an introverted intuitive, so INTJ would fit on those accounts. Maybe not INTJ to a T, but still.

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    The Crawleys
    Violet Crawley-ESTJ
    Robert Crawley-hard to tell if he's an E/I, but I'd say either an ISTJ or ESTJ
    Cora Crawley - She's more of an extrovert I'd say...ESFJ? She's a bit controlling with how the girls dress and adheres to traditional roles, has a warm and kind personality.
    Mrs Isobel Crawley - ESTP, definitely likes to jump in and get things accomplished.
    Matthew Crawley - INFJ or INTP. His Ti is well developed but also has a slight amount of Fi so I'd say either of those is fair.
    Lady Mary Crawley - ENFJ with a melancholy tempermant or an ENTJ
    Lady Edith Crawley - INTJ or ESTP, maybe?
    Lady Sybil Crawley - ENFP or ENFJ. Definitely an idealist who likes to make things happen for people. Either ENFP/J quite easily

    The Staff
    Mr. Carson - Definitely ISTJ
    Mrs Hughes - ISFJ, kind and caring nature yet practical.
    Mrs Patmore- ESTP
    John Bates - INFJ
    Sarah O'Brien- ISTJ, hard one to type though she's so conniving.
    Thomas Barrow - ESFP or ENTJ
    William Mason- INFP
    Anna Smith - ENFP
    Daisy - ExFP
    Tom Branson - ENTJ or INTP, hard to type, he's pretty open with his opinions.
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    Unknown Personality

    Opening this one up again! I've just finished watching the first and second series back to back.

    Lady Mary Crawley, Lady Sybil Crawley, Matthew and Violet Crawley are my favourite characters. I also adore John Bates and Anna, they are such a beautiful pair.

    Lady Mary Crawley - My first thought was INFP, that deep down she is very sensitive but puts on a hard exterior. My friends don't like her but she's my favourite character and despite some of the things she has done I still forgive her because I feel like that isn't the real her, that she's putting on a front. It almost seems like she is punishing herself all the time. I've also considered INTJ and ENTJ for her.

    Mathew - My first thought was ENFJ.

    Lady Sybil Crawley - I've considered INFP, ENFP and ISFP for her. The way in which she expresses her interest in politics and fighting for women's rights seems very Fi to me. I can relate to her a lot.

    John Bates - ISFJ maybe? Or INFJ.
    Anna Smith - EXFP
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    Unknown Personality

    Opening this one up again because I love Downton. Anyone watch the Christmas special?

    After more thinking I think previous posts that Mary Crawley could be ENTJ are correct. She's actually very quickly become my favourite character. I love Sybil and Matthew too, but Mary just seems to have so much depth to her. Yes she hasn't been the nicest person, but I still really like her, she's not perfect and I think that's what makes her a great character. I also like the way she fights against this expectation of women, she has a strong mind and speaks her mind, which I like.

    What do you think?

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    Unknown Personality

    @umbrellasky I watched the special. To tell you the truth, I was more pleased than I was with the majority of season 2. It's nice to see some closure, but I am very curious to see what they'll do in season 3. The drama-snob in me says not much. I still believe that Mary is an INTJ. I can't see that loud Te in her that ENTJs have and her Fi is apparent enough to not be her inferior function. Typing aside, Matthew and Mary have so much love in my heart that I don't even know what to do with myself. I'll try to contain my creys...
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    INFP - The Idealists

    ENTJ for Mary sounds wonderful, though I think Sybil is definitely an INFP. She's very caring and sweet and she's more introverted than her sister Mary (though less than Edith) and she very rarely speaks aloud during dinner. She might be political and a little rebellious but she is soft-spoken, innocent and sweet, even after the war. I can relate to her a lot in terms of how she acts around others and how she is as a person.
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