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Anime/manga characters' personality

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This is a discussion on Anime/manga characters' personality within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Originally Posted by meaningless Have any of you guys read Killing Stalking ? No? Well I read it (and its ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by meaningless View Post
    Have any of you guys read Killing Stalking? No?

    Well I read it (and its realllly disturbing but i sort of like it) and these are my thoughts on the characters:

    Yoonbum: definitely introverted; I'd say an unhealthy ISFJ. I see lots of Fe in him (e.g. his love and obedience for Sangwoo.). He might be a very timid and shy ESFJ, however (Still arguing for ISFJ).

    Sangwoo: ESFJ with overbearing and psychotic Fe-Si. I see Si in his memories of his mother. I was going to decide a high-Se ENFJ, or even ESFP( b/c his Fe can present as Se), but Si is very present in Sangwoo.

    Seungbae: IxTP? ISTP? I see some bitter inferior Fe and dom Ti. Not sure though; We've have see enough of him yet.

    What do you guys think about the character's typings?
    I think Yoonbum is an Fi-dom, but I completely agree on Sangwoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endologic View Post

    Eren Jäger: INFJ
    INFJ Eren is arguably the weirdest typing I've seen for him. Can you elaborate more??

    EDIT: Also, I'm also caught up on the manga. I think Reiner isn't an ISTP, but it's hard to type him due to him having a dissociative disorder of some sort. He seems to have higher Si.

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    Eren is probably best typed as ISTP. Yes he is "emotional" but he's not like all that self-aware about his emotions, or great at dealing with them. He just reacts somewhat predictably to things that bother him with sort of "sensing" outbursts (key: to him it is logical). It's not uncommon for ISTPs to have really short fuses and emotional responses, and unlike most ISFPs he just doesn't have that harmonious warmth to him. He likes things direct, and honest and he just plain doesn't have any eye on having some sort of harmony with his environment. He's also clearly not an extrovert, as he really doesn't care at all about meeting new friends or have any interest in socializing or small talk. These are all IT traits, which I would say he is, albeit a twisted, unstable one.

    Reiner seems more like ESTJ than anything else. He's a down to earth and loose when he has to be but still very serious and responsible when he also has to be. STPs would not have as much of that focus that he does, and ISTJs would be probably rigid and tighter (think Mikasa)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enistery View Post
    I think Yoonbum is an Fi-dom, but I completely agree on Sangwoo.
    Huh! Fi-dom Yoonbum... can you elaborate on that? I've always thought Fe was extremely present in Yoonbum, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

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