Abby Sciuto (the goth chick from NCIS)

Abby Sciuto (the goth chick from NCIS)

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This is a discussion on Abby Sciuto (the goth chick from NCIS) within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; What type is Abby Sciuto, the goth chick from NCIS? I believe her to be an xNTP. I would go ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Abby Sciuto (the goth chick from NCIS)

    What type is Abby Sciuto, the goth chick from NCIS? I believe her to be an xNTP. I would go more with INTP since she tends to use Ti more than Ne.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I've seen her typed ENFP a lot.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    ENFP makes the most sense to me. I used to think she was a ENTP or some form of a NT since she was such a great, analytical scientist, but let's face it: your career really doesn't determine your Myers Briggs type (with some obvious exceptions. Director Shepard = ENTJ, anyone?). To me, she's a perfect xNFP: scatterbrained but loveable, would do absolutely anything for the people she loves, and always warm to people unless someone gives her a reason not to be. Before Kate died, she acted more like an undeveloped ENTP because her characer was written to be much darker and more morbid. Since they've developed her character more over the past six years, she's been a solid ENFP through and through.

    Remember in the season 3 finale, when Gibbs was in the hospital and Ziva and Abby bitch-slapped each other? If Abby was a NT, she would not have the reaction to Ziva's lack of outward emotion like she did. Ziva, being either a ISTP or a INTJ, was uncomfortable with the display of emotions in a way Abby never is. If they were both T's or NTs, there wouldn't be as much of an argument to start up.

    She always embraces her inner child in a way that I can only see as a xxFP thing, since I am one and so are two of my closest friends. It just...clicks.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    All I know is that abby is a big F. And yeah, she seems o be very comfy with a lot of people wish makes her an E. I agree with the ENFP typing.

    Director shepard strikes me more of an introvert. She seems to keep to herself more often than not, maybe that is what the office does to a person.

    Mcgee, classic INTP?

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I used to see McGee as a INTP, but I'm actually getting more of a INFP-vibe from him lately. I think he is someone who's comfortable with rules, but he seems much more sensitive to criticism than a Ti-dom would be. He's satisfied with his skills, and yeah, sometimes he's a little awkward, but he cares more about helping people than about all those cool systems (although he does love them). His Fi is strong - for some reason I just can't see a INTP calling in "sick" to stand up for family and help clear his sister of murder accusations.

    His feelings are very easily hurt, as shown on multiple occasions, and in the beginning, all he really wanted was to "belong" to the team.

    McGee: So no more hazing? *hopeful glimmer in eyes*
    Tony and Kate: *give each other a look* (Overenthusiastically): SURE!!!
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    ESFP - The Performers

    Speaking of the rest of them....

    Gibbs: ISTP or INTJ?
    Ziva: See Gibbs
    Tony: ESFP. ESTJ when stressed
    Ducky: INFJ or INTP. Thinking INFJ
    Jenny: Still ENTJ. I just can't see her being a I. Her Te is just too strong, and she's not nearly as good as hiding her emotions and anger as Gibbs is.
    Vance: ISTJ with some really creepy Ni tendencies.
    Palmer: Who knows what the autopsy gremlin is at this point? Maybe a ISFJ?
    Kate: Well, we know she's a SJ for sure, but I just can't figure her out. xSFJ? ISTJ?
    Ari: A really, really, REALLY hot ISTP. Swoooooooon.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Oh, I love Palmer. He's so cute and so inappropriate. It's adorable. Just had to say.

    How about FBI agent Fornell, I am thinking ISTJ.

    And Trent Kort? I love this guy, so mysterious.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I agree with your description of Fornell. Explains why he and Gibbs are yet another old married couple on the show. Kort is xSTP, no doubt. Question is whether it's E or I. Whatever it is, he's one selfish SOB, isn't he?

    Any thoughts on the characters I listed?
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Comes with the territory I guess. Well for Kort.

    I have no comment on most of what you put in except for Kate... strikes me more as an extrovert, especially when she flirts.
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    ESFP - The Performers

    I always have trouble figuring out Ziva. She seems like she should be a ISTP in most ways, but then she has this whole sense of "duty" and "loyalty" and what she should be like to her father and her coworkers. When she's stressed, all her deepest emotions come pouring out, like tertiary Fi.

    I'm confident that Gibbs is a INTJ.

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