A Song of Ice and Fire typing

A Song of Ice and Fire typing

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This is a discussion on A Song of Ice and Fire typing within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Saw someone posted a Percy Jackson typing thread (love the series by the way), and thought I'd do the same ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    A Song of Ice and Fire typing

    Saw someone posted a Percy Jackson typing thread (love the series by the way), and thought I'd do the same with my most favorite book series of all time. Does anybody have any ideas? I'll start with what I believe to be simple, and say that Tywin Lannister is an INTJ.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Its been so long since I read those books, but I'll try this

    Eddard Stark- ISTJ
    Robb Stark- ISTJ
    Jon Snow- ISTJ
    Arya Stark- INTJ
    Tyrion Lannister-INTJ
    Tywin Lannister- ENTJ
    Stannis Baratheon- ISTJ

    Hmm, I wonder if the high number of types close to INTJ is because George rr Martin is an INTJ? I ran his fire and Ice sample through an MBTI text analyzer and it said ESFP... but that it isn't very accurate especially for fiction, and I've gotten ESFP on stories I've written, so that really tells us nothing.

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    I see Arya as some sort of ISTP.

    Sansa Stark = ISFJ
    Catelyn Tully = ENFP (?)
    Bran Stark = ISFP, perhaps?
    Ned Stark = ISTJ
    Robert Baratheon = ESFP
    Renly Baratheon = xSFP
    Sandor Clegane = IxTJ
    Daenerys Targaryen = INFP
    Viserys Targaryen = ESTJ (?)
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I love this series, I'm not ready to venture guesses...haven't read the books in a couple of years, and so many characters!

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I've only recently finished reading the first book, but I'll make some guesses:

    Eddard Stark - ISTJ
    Bran Stark - INFP
    Sansa Stark - ISFJ
    Arya Stark - ISTP
    Robb Stark - INTJ
    Jon Snow - Difficult for me, but I'd say ISTP
    Catelyn Tully - xNFJ
    Robert Baratheon - ESTP
    Cersei Lannister - INTJ
    Jaime Lannister - ENTJ
    Tyrion Lannister - xNTP, in my opinion
    Joffrey Lannister - INTJ
    Daenerys Targaryen - INFJ
    Viserys Targaryen - ESTJ, but he's a total nutjob so who knows
    Petyr Baelish - ENTP
    Lord Varys - xxTP who manipulates others with Fe?
    Sandor Clegane - INTJ

    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.
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    ENTJ - The Executives

    I think Tywin is ENTJ, far too concerned with the world for an INTJ.

    Eddard - ISTJ
    Sansa - ISFJ
    Catelyn - ESFJ
    Arya - IxTP, I'm thinking more N
    Jon - ISTP
    Robb - ESTP, maybe undeveloped ESTJ
    Bran - INFP?
    Rickon - ISTP? Too small, and seems to be going straight to anti-socialdom

    Cersei - ENFJ?
    Jaime - ENTP?
    Tyrion - INTJ

    Dany - INFJ
    Littlefinger - ENTP

    Stannis - ISTJ
    Robert - ESTP
    Renly - ENFP
    Margaery - ESFP?
    Loras - Leaning to ISFJ

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I like the idea of Littlefinger being an ENTP. He's my favorite of the series. A lot of my favorite characters can be typed as ENTP. Renly as ENFP works for me, too. I think I saw Arya as ISTP, but maybe could be INTP. Again, I need to reread the books. Especially since the HBO mini-series is coming out soon!

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    tyrion - intp
    to me he is too much of a rule breaker to be a judger. he doesn't care about social hirarchy.
    jamie - estp
    he is a classic playboy and excellent swordsman (Se).
    robert baratheon- enfp
    sansa stark - esfj
    arya stark - istp
    roose bolton - intj
    viserys targaryen- entp
    sam - infp
    joffrey - entp
    cersei - esfj

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I would say that Eddard may have come across as cold, but he made his decisions on the basis of feeling. For instance the decision to spare Cersei, despite her failure to comply with moral norms is not at all an ISTJ. So I would say Eddard was especially shy ISFJ, remember that David Petraeus, George Marshall, Robert E. Lee, and Custer, and more villainously, Wilhelm Keitel, Heinrich Himmler and Francisco Franco. are all supposedly ISFJs, so there is record of ISFJ's being reasonably successful generals.
    Robert Baratheon: ESFP, the same type as Bill Clinton and Hugh Hefner.
    Likewise I would say that Robb was an ESFJ/ENFJ(he made impulsive, emotional decisions that got him killed, so definitely an F), but he was consistent ( observed societal norms by marrying Jeyne Westerling rather than having affairs like SXP, which i think is a result of SXJ, and a good general (many good field commanders seem to be Sensors if celebrity types is anything to go by) and a natural leader (extraverted),
    Oh and Arya is initially impulsive and reckless, initially she was deeply emotional, but she grows into a cold person after she gets serious PSTD, she also makes friends quickly, wherever she goes. I think her ability to read Joffrey very quickly-sooner than anybody else except Jon- hints at being an ESTP, as they are said to be very good at reading human facial expressions. Also ESTP tend to be sporty, and I think if Arya lived in our world she would be one of those boorish sporty types who play women's football.
    Interesting INFJ's are considered the best 'type' for a clergymen, and if Septa Mordane was an INFJ, then it could explain why she and Arya got on so poorly: they were exact opposites.

    I also think that if Sansa were a sensor, she might have figured out that Joffrey was a psychopath long before he cut her father's head off, given that she might have formed her impressions on the basis of her experiences/ observed, empirical evidence (namely that he tried to cut her little sister's arm off, had her wolf and Mycah killed etc etc), instead she tries to rationalise and make her observed reality conform to her ideals (and ideals ultimately have their basis in emotions, which is why so many INFJ's, INFP and ENFP's tend towards idealism). Ie that Joffrey is a prince, princes are honourable, therefore Joffrey must be honourable. To me that is very much an Intuitive trait (in that it favours abstractions over concrete reality). I would also say this tendency which combined with her poor education (Sansa was the most studious of the Starks, unfortunately her studies seem to have consisted of romance novels and a dash of Valyrian) and idealistic morality (which is based on Feeling, frankly so many feelers I know have this incredibly bizarre view that even the most evil people on earth don't deserve to die). She's certainly a Judger though (which shows in her organizational skills at the Eyrie and at the Gates of the Moon after Lysa dies), and of course she has a great deal of concern for societal norms, which is why I think so many people type her as an SFJ. Oddly Sansa seems to have fewer real friends than Arya: men fall in love with the idea of her (something my INFJ sister is very familiar with, interestingly my INFJ sister shares, with Sansa, a tendency to fall in love with creepy, narcissistic men) but not her actual personality (except possibly Sandor, who is 16 years older than her, and creepy and violent).
    Furthermore when my ESFJ friend dated a friend of mine who turned out to be a sexual sadist, it took her 6 weeks o to discover his true nature, where as I had known him for two years by that time (and I only discovered the truth about him because she and another ex-girlfriend of his told me so, as when you interact with him, you could never guess that he once hospitalized a previous girlfriend).
    Also my ESFJ partner was the only one of his family who figured out that his future brother in law was a monster, by the time the rest of the family found out the truth, it was too late.

    Some however are easy:
    Joffrey: ESTP (type most associated with psychopathy).
    Gregor: ISTP (he's a psychopath, but he seems otherwise quite shy and seldom ventures out of his lands except for tourneys and rape 'n' pillage)
    Petyr Baelish: ENTP, again he bases his 'love' of Catelyn not on any reality, but some sort abstract idea of her, also a high-function psychopath, however at the same time that his intuition causes him to lose contact with reality (I think an ESTP would do a better job of reading Sansa's discomfort at his grooming behavior) Baelish's intuition allows him to see the big picture, something that neither Joffrey or Gregor could do.

    Sandor: INTP (he never tries to control his environment, which I think an INTJ would definitely do, and his ability to reject the hypocrisy of knighthood, is I like to think, an INTP trait.) His ability to kill easily hints at being a thinking type/someone who doesn't make decisions on the basis of feelings/ethics.
    and yeah, Tywin is an ENTJ... I think INTJ's are less concerned with image/what people think of them, where as the ENTJ's I know (who are also old and conservative) are obsessed with keeping up appearances. Frankly if you look at a list of the world's evil people, very few of them were introverts despite the fact that a huge number of fictional villains are.

    I think Tyrion is an ENTP, he merely appears introverted for the same reason Arya does: they don't fit in, and so they have few friends. However when they are at liberty, they make friends (especially Arya) although Tyrion feels lonely, having been raised by a narcissistic parent, he has a sort of shattered psyche and therefore always tries to buy people to be his friends, given his lack of experience with truly interacting with people, this never works...

    I don't think Cersei is an ESFJ, they get along with other women a lot better...also Cersei has very few friends, and finds court functions exhausting, she can put on on an appearance of regality, but nothing more. I think if she were a J, she would be a better planner, and not blunder around from one disaster to another.
    Stannis is a textbook ISTJ
    I think Daenerys is either an INFP or even an ENFP (perhaps given her capacity for leadership and ability to inspire others), she certainly leaves the actually plannng of battles to people like Barristan Selmy, Ser Jorah Mormont etc.

    If Martin really is an INTJ, then the fact that so many of his feeler characters come to such violent ends (Robert, Ned, Catelyn and Robb) or at least great suffering (Sansa is imprisoned and abused and Daenerys bogged down in Meereen) could be a warning that those that act on their emotions are not destined to good ends.
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    ESTP - The Doers

    I am not feeling cool about Joffery being ESTP being an ESTP myself. ESTPs have pretty good morals with right and wrong, they wouldn't do something that feels wrong. I think maybe Joffrey is so unhealthy he's impossible to type?

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