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This is a discussion on Avatar: last air bender within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; how gullible he is to Azula. I mean, would an INTJ, even unhealthy, believe her so easily after years of ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    how gullible he is to Azula. I mean, would an INTJ, even unhealthy, believe her so easily after years of torment?
    who says something isn't very important to an INTJ (as a child they we may overlook this factor completely). If it agrees with the systems we already have built up in our mind, we aren't going to disbelieve something unless we can smash it apart with Te... and Zuko seems to have a badly developed Te. He's completely obsessed, driven by Ni. His emotions might seem sporatic, but the way he's so high-strung... no, they are very constant (though at the same time they confuse him). and the way he is quick to put his plans into action even while internally, he's confused is very J also.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Going to have to disagree on Zuko being a 4, though I believe I can see where a mistake could be made. I believe he's a Type 1 and due to the unhealthy situation he was in for him, it came down to stress factor. The stress point for Type 1 is Type 4, which then would make him appear as one. If you look at his main desire and focus throughout the series, it was restoring his honor. His main frustration came from the whole aspect of being on the right side. Look at him though once he finally did stop being stressed out. He seemed far more 1 then anything else to me.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Here's my two cents because I haven't bothered with trying to read all the replied posts before me:

    Aang: ENFP. It's easy for me to see him as an NF with his intuitiveness and the ideals he believes to be true above all else, but it took some convincing from other peoples posts from other various forums to make me think of him as an ENFP. I could see the 'P' in him as he's not one to quickly judge on some bit of information that crosses his path; he sifts it around until he can find a good fit to make a sound decision on what he's just taken in. And the 'E' I can see in him as it looks like he gets a charge when he has to work with other people.

    Katara: ENFJ or ESFJ. I've come across many guesses that label Katara as an ESFJ and even a few that label her with a Thinking capability, but my first guess with her was the ENFJ. The reason is because I see what I believe is more iNtuition than Sensory with her when it comes to how she makes decisions, plus the fact that she is holding up the cause that she needs to help the Avatar along his journey; it was a mission for her. She was also able to support Aang with a human element that I thought resembled something from the ENFJ bracket more than from the ESFJ or any other one. But if this personality profile didn't fit her then my next guess would be the ESFJ.

    Sokka: ENTP or some other personality profile that could show signs of inventiveness. It was hard for me to consistently believe he had iNtuition during the whole series because it seemed like there were lapses in his judgment during the show's timeline that should've been solved by decisions he made based off of learned past experiences. I'm probably being too hard on him, but for some reason I couldn't see too much of an NT presence in him. I'll try to find evidence later when I have more time :) I want to leave my home soon :P

    Zuko: INFP, and I can't really support any other profile that crosses my head yet. I'll prove my point later.

    Heck, I'll explain myself later but I REALLY want to get out of this house!

    Toph: ISTP

    Azula: INTJ

    Ty Lee: ESFP/J

    Mai: INFJ (just because she resembles a friend of mine who I'm quite sure is an INFJ)

    Haru: ISFP
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastarr View Post
    I've been reading through the beliefs you guys had posted on this thread anent the personality types of the Avatar characters, and here are what I believe the personality of some of them are (in my opinion, of course):

    Aang- classic ENFP, as he has displayed an immense love for life and a jaunty sort of energy throughout the series thus far,which leads me to believe he is an ENFP. I've read before that he also might be an INFP, but I feel he's much too extroverted and light-hearted to be an introvert.

    Katara- INFJ. I've seen it suggested that Katara is more of a sensor, such as an xSFJ, and that she is an extrovert, but I truly can't picture her as being extroverted. Although she's quite outgoing and comfortable around others, she seems to be calmer and more soothing, which is why I believe she is an outgoing INFJ whom is less reserved than most of this type are.

    Sokka- ENTP. I could tell just by the mere sight of Sokka's introduction as a character that he was much more of a thinker than a feeler, as he seemed to generally rely more on his common sense and reality that be the type whom is moved by others' stories and constantly feels compassion for others. Despite mosts' believing he is more of a sensor, I see him as more of an intuitive type, as he seem to be innovative and his sarcasm truly seems to suit this type as well.

    Toph- ISTP. Although I get confused at times on whether Toph is more of an extrovert than an introvert, she definetely seems to be more ISTP now that I observe her personality at a deeper angle. Her T function is extremely strong, as she certainly doesn't seem to be the type whom is moved by emotions and or the feelings of others at all. Her scenes while she was first training Aang with earth-bending in which she stated you had to face matter straight-forward rather than to find tricks or alternate solutions like with air-bending led me to see her as an S, more realistic than idealistic and innovative, and although she isn't easily intimidated by her opponents or those around her, I see her as an ISTP due to believing she bottles up her emotions rather than exposing them.

    Azula- an unhealthy version of ENTJ. Her character depicts a person whom is highly authoritive and feels a need to be in control of others and receive what she desires, and her fiery personality leads me to see her as an obvious ENTJ, athough not a person of this type whom is particularly healthy or sane.

    I'm not quite sure about the rest...
    Katara- INFJ. I've seen it suggested that Katara is more of a sensor, such as an xSFJ, and that she is an extrovert, but I truly can't picture her as being extroverted. Although she's quite outgoing and comfortable around others, she seems to be calmer and more soothing, which is why I believe she is an outgoing INFJ whom is less reserved than most of this type are.
    I believe Katara might be more of the ENFJ; ENFJ's don't show as much extroversion as other 'E' types do. I believe if she was the INFJ she would've been more introverted than she already is.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    The intps on the otheer hve the tendency of going into this weird emotional state of trying to use freak logic to bring themselves back up on the spot...and they just aren't calm about it.
    Sounds like my INTP dad

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Wooh, I have been watching this show over and over again since the day it aired first, so move out of my way people lol...

    Aang (ENFP 9) - like others said, classic child ENFP...probably a 9 enneagram. This is easily seen with his struggle to give up his fun and accept responsibility like many ENFP children. He just has that charm that everyone can fall in love with...and he tends to "talk" through his hurt with people and dream out loud.

    Katara (ENFJ 2w1) - While she does use Ni and seems more introverted her primary function used is without a doubt Fe...everything for her revolves around serving the people around her. Wherever there is a need for help...she will fix the problem. Every ENFJ I've ever met has been like this lol. Especially the mellow ones...and they lash out like she does too :P. INFJs just have a completely different aura about them.

    Sokka (ENTP 8) - Sokkas probably the iffiest character to me just because he has so many levels to him. While he does hold his values in a way an SJ might...he only gets like that when he's in a panic. His dominant function is definitely Ne though...I mean, his creativity is what people value highest in him after all.

    Toph (ISTP 8) - This chick is just as ISTP as it gets guys :). She does not like to be controlled but does not make a huge point about it like an ESTP does. Shes brutal...but boy is she awesome :)

    Zuko (INFP 4) - okay...don't kill me but my father and I talked this over for hours. While he does seem rather INTJ at times you see that he is clearly not when observing his childhood and how gullible he is to Azula. I mean, would an INTJ, even unhealthy, believe her so easily after years of torment? Nope, an extremely hopeful INFP would though. Plus he doesn't stick to his ideas, he sways between like an INFP (this destiny, that destiny, bad, good). He also seems ISTJ, but this to me is a struggle to be accepted and loved in the freak culture he grew up in, one of the biggest struggles INFPs face..plus when hes angry he emotionally lashes out much like INFPs yet again...using horrible logic :P. His goal is to be loved...most INTJs wouldn't give a care and would also be better planners at catching Aang :P. There, done :D

    Uncle (INFJ 1) - He has mastered the use of his Fe, yes, but Ni is what rules the man. Everything he relies on comes from spiritual type things and he is always happy to lead others the right way. And he's just got cheesy INFJ old guy humor that my father has :P.

    Azula (ENTJ 8) - Severely bonkers ENTJ...shes like a crazy control freak ESTJ, only with the ability to control people more effectively. God, she scares me. She is also focused highly on being "the best". This is seen with how she freaks when her mother doesn't view her as highly as zuko...even though she's better at everything else...

    Tai Li (or however it is...ESFP 7) - the difference between an ENFP and an ESFP is not one is smart and the other is dumb...its the physical vs the mental. Tai Li is more in touch with her physical side, seeing as she is a master at controlling her body and she aims at perfecting it with the whole aura thing.

    Mai (INTJ 6) - Most would say ISTJ but shes not so strictly bound to the fire nation system. Shes sees what happens before it takes place and effectively goes with the situation the best she can to avoid problems. The whole boredom thing probably comes from her being able to do this. Plus she hates Azula, and clearly isn't afraid of her. She just chooses not to show it in front of her to avoid something she sees as unecessary.

    Ozai (ESTJ...) Oh...uncles son died. I should take the throne you know. Oh, I have to kill my son because of that comment? Okay? A very power hungry unhealthy ESTJ who hates anything that appears as weak.

    Suki (ISFJ) - Very strict sense of duty to the Kyoshi warriors, but not to the point shes cold. Very loyal...

    Okay, from here I'm just labelin' away without descriptions because I'm tired. I don't remember a lot of names, but I remember descriptions lol...

    Gran Gran - ISTJ
    Momo - ESFP
    Appa - INTP
    Monk Kyatso - INFJ...love this guy :D
    Zukos mother - ENFJ...very fierce ENFJ
    Z's mother's dad - ISTJ
    Roku - INFJ
    Earth bender prisoner son dude - ISFP
    Jet - ESTP
    Longshot - ISFP
    Smellabee - IXFJ maybe...
    Yue - INFP definitely
    Waterbending master teacher - ISTP
    Zhao - ESTP
    Earth King - ISFP
    The boulder - crazy
    Sword teacher - INTP
    King Bumi - Awesome ENTP
    Dai Li Leader - INTJ...argue with me and I will give reason hahaha
    Hu (swamp guy) - ISFP
    Jong Jong? was that the first firebending master - INTJ
    Little boy Zuko stayed with while being a refugee - ESFJ
    FREAKY SMILE LADY - lots of personalities...but the mask is ESFJ
    Sand Library scholar - INTP
    Lizard lady who tracks stuff - ISTP
    Crazy guy selling two headed fish at the polluted place - ENTP
    Mean sun warrior (time for them to be eaten) - ESTP
    Smart Sun Warrior - ENFJ
    Guru - INFJ...he radiates that INFJness
    I know I forgot people...but I tried lol...
    I essentially agree with you on every profile you've compiled for all these characters, with the exception of a small few, but wow, you and I think alike

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Haven Rosthorne View Post
    The boulder - crazy

    Allow me to put in my two cents...

    Aang (ENFP)-Creative enough to invent his own airbending move, strong values, prefers freedom to structure, and a crazy extrovert.

    Katara (XNFJ)-I really don't get how anyone could think that she's a sensor. She's highly idealistic and loves the supernatural/spiritual. She also believed that the Avatar would return someday. That sounds like Ni. And there's no doubt that she is a feeler. I can't really tell whether or not she's an introvert or an extrovert.

    Sokka (ENTP)-I used to think that he was an introvert. But seeing how expressive he is, I think that could be put to rest. He's full of ideas for inventions and strategies. And while he doesn't put nearly as much stock into the supernatural as his sister, I think that is due to his thinking preference for logic instead of looking at reality concretely. And while he did obsess over schedules while they were in the Fire Nation, I don't necessarily think that was natural for him. He was probably stressing out over the previous failure at Ba-Sing-Se. That, and I just don't see Ni with him.

    Toph (XSTP)-Not afraid of "tough love," shuns rules, and certainly more realistic than the rest of the Gaang. Extroversion and introversion are up for debate.

    Zuko (INTJ)-After reading SweetSurrender's post.

    Azula (ENTJ)-In a thread I made about the Rugrats, I typed Angelica as an ENTJ. Azula is Angelica on steroids with a screwed up childhood.

    Iroh (INFJ)-For some reason I think Iroh is an introvert. *shrugs* He's quite philosophical and he invented lightning redirection, so I suppose he's an intuitive. He comes off as quite empathic, though he did have his days as a general. The clincher here is that he lied about killing the last two dragons...before his loss at Ba-Sing-Se. After all, he was known as the Dragon of the West before that happened, and you have to kill a dragon to earn the title of "Dragon." I suppose he may have been misled in his youth just as Zuko was, or propaganda led him to believe he was fighting for a good cause. I also think that he is a judger, as he seems to be able to organize things well enough to be both an effective military leader and a good business owner.

    Ozai (XNTJ)-Not sure whether or not he's an introvert or extrovert. Either way, both he and Azula are similar.

    Ursa (ISFJ)-Ursa doesn't strike me as particularly extroverted or particularly abstract. She's certainly a feeler. And I think she's a judger for some reason. *shrugs*

    Bumi (ENTP)-No doubt that Bumi is Ne dominant. He doesn't come off as much of a feeler to me, so ENTP it is!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Well ok, i'm late of some six months it seems but I really want to bring MBTI POV to this anime's topic on another forum; so please, if you are still here answer me on the last characters left a bit undefined

    Quote Originally Posted by Haven Rosthorne View Post
    Wooh, I have been watching this show over and over again since the day it aired first, so move out of my way people lol...
    I'll restart from Haven Rosthorne pg-type list, because it's almost exactly the same I wrote, by complete different reasoning but still XD.
    I am quoting the lines I DON'T agree with.


    Zuko INFP
    This was my first, second and third guess LOL, but I was typing an healthy INFP and Zuko is all but healthy...SweetSurrender went the right way and almost convinced me. Almost. I must admit he IS a thinker al least, only it seems his history taught him not to think too much before relatives and possible spies...he displays a very level-headed, controlled combat style when he's not a 'public VIP' onstage, as when he plays the spirit.

    Gran Gran - ISTJ
    No way. We see too little of her but among this little is the 'she run away to South Pole to avoid your stupid traditions' thing. Whatever she is, she is not xSTJ oO

    Smellabee - IXFJ maybe...
    ISFJ? She worries a lot, loudly for her not looking as a girl...

    Waterbending master teacher - ISTP
    I'd switch him with his fiancè XD. ISTJ

    Zhao - ESTP
    Zhao loses me a bit. I would have typed him as the poor copycat of his Lord (bad ESTJ) but I am not sure.
    I won't argue with ESTP, but can you tell me why?

    Jong Jong? was that the first firebending master - INTJ
    same as Zhao...why not an ISTP with a good, hard-way learned selfcontrol?

    I know I forgot people...but I tried lol...
    Theo (the crippled guy at North air temple): ENFP; the kindred soul of Aang, who himself recognize him as one :P

    Theo's dad: INTP; a lot of ideas and speculation but I bet he'd never realized them if not for the gentle prodding of Fire Nation soldiers...the 'gas leak' problem was there since years before Sokka came in.

    Sozin: INFJ rotten by power perhaps (yes, they can be villains, right? :P). Chiefly for that line on 'sharing our greatness with other nations'...by means of violence, of course, but the idea was kind XD

    Kyoshi: ISTJ, simple as that. A true Earth avatar

    HAru: ISTJ; not my idea but it could be yes
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Most of my views have already been said about most of these characters except my favorite.....Iroh

    Iroh a J?? Give me a break. Not only is he "always late" (according to Zuko), he constantly loses Pai Cho pieces, he let himself go weight wise after he wasn't forced to keep in shape by the army, he hates schedules, rarely showers, is very unorganized in general and the list could go on. I was under the impression that indicated more of a P over J. The only time he really shows drive in the show is when his back is against the wall. Every one agrees he is an I.

    Finally, he has a pretty clear NT lean. Not only is he phenomenal at Pai cho (although I don't know the rules, in my head it is a mix of Chess and Go which both require massive amounts of NT) but his NT really shows when he gets captured numerous times. When he explains the connection between the 4 nations to Zuko(ISFJ), you see the classic N vs S divide. I read from someone "he isn't eccentric enough to be an INTP" or something like that. No type is inherently weird.

    Iroh is a clear INTP. With age, he has developed both Si and Fe

    Aang - ENFP
    Katara - INFJ
    Sokka - ENTP
    Iroh - INTP
    Zuko - ISFJ
    Toph - ISTP

    I can explain all of these in great detail by taking the type as a whole, and taking the individual parts of the type. I'm too lazy to think about the rest, but if someone really wanted my opinion, I could give it.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I can explain all of these in great detail by taking the type as a whole, and taking the individual parts of the type. I'm too lazy to think about the rest, but if someone really wanted my opinion, I could give it.
    I am ^^.
    I reanimated this topic so I can bring good (and bad, but interesting) answers and use them to explain MBTI to a friend: it's easier with fictional characters, and likeable ones to add.
    So I'd like a LOT of discussions and explanations please, more than 'stated impression': on minor characters, controversial ones, and even the ones we all agree upon. Be at ease...only when you have time to spare; there is a lot more to discuss at now, I know :(.
    I promise I'll thank all your posts if you ask :P

    Quote Originally Posted by bigtex1989 View Post
    Most of my views have already been said about most of these characters except my favorite.....Iroh
    Iroh a J?? Give me a break.
    [description of a lazy disorganized person]
    Iroh is a clear INTP. With age, he has developed both Si and Fe
    Then the problem with Iroh is...he could be each and every type, and with age could have developed his inferiors whichever they are :S. I admit that he's the one I dressed with more types, and that being my second favourite I give him the ones I understand better...However I always thought that J types 'relax' with age.
    I want to reiterate that better chess gamers I know are ISTJ

    I can see little N in Katara and little S in Zuko, as a matter of 'awareness' on their own and else's body while fighting (by the same reason I gave an S to TyLee, only with her it's too easy). But I need a rewatch for this.

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