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This is a discussion on Gone with the Wind within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Originally Posted by Runescribe Scarlett O'Hara - ESTP Rhett Butler - ENTP Ashley Wilkes - INFP (Idealistic daydreamer, brave in ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runescribe View Post
    Scarlett O'Hara - ESTP
    Rhett Butler - ENTP
    Ashley Wilkes - INFP (Idealistic daydreamer, brave in battle at Bull Run, like Joan of Arc.)
    Melanie Wilkes - ISFJ (Definitely a caregiver, not a counselor)
    Mammy - ESFJ
    Aunt PittyPat - ESFP

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Read the book perhaps 3 times, seen the movie at least 10. Sigh.

    Scarlett: ESTJ
    Ashley: INFP
    Rhett: ENTJ (torn between P but the finality of his actions--scene in the jail, dumping her--makes me think J)
    Melanie: ISFJ

    Sadly, the two most compatible people in the entire storyline are Scarlett and Mammy.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Not typing the book. Their types aren't clear there. From the movie, here would be my guesses kind of from observation:

    Scarlett: I think I saw some kind of definite Ti going on (sort of in conjunction with Ni - this slightly mind-bending subjective reasoning) - likely an extravert (fits Jung's description of the introversion of these types verging on the wicked and brutal, since after all, no one could quite figure out why she became that way to begin with) - Fe as well (I doubt this is necessarily Vivien Leigh's type though), likely an Se dom (sort of has negative intuition and has the hyper materialism streak) - ESTP might indeed be closest (the type descriptions fit her abysmally though, LOL, since they promote a lot of stereotypes that might not be the case at all with these types)

    Rhett: Not sure, but might be an Se dom as well - doesn't strike me as an intuitive kind of person - maybe some kind of Se-Te - seems like a definite realist who's unlikely to take gambles or really see the underlying "soul" of anything - kind of comes off as the kind of person who takes everything strictly for what it is (just watch the movie for pete's sake, and it will stand out). Seems to exude this as a kind of masculinity.

    Melanie: Not sure - sort of strikes me as a bad intuitive as well though (that story is notoriously full of bad intuitives - it always kind of got on my nerves for that reason how these characters often got into situations that they had no idea how to get themselves out of other than through dangerous physical action) - has a lot of pretty conspicuous Fe going on (self-explanatory) - doesn't seem to have thinking problems - maybe ISFJ would be closest?

    Ashley: Wimp. But type? No idea. Kind of strikes me as a poor thinking type, but I'll have to re-watch it to be sure (he might actually be a poor feeling type - I could be mistaking thinking for discernment).

    Mammy: Likely a Te dom - clearly a good thinker and it shows objectively (it's not annoyingly mind-bending like Scarlett) - she might be an Se dom as well, I can see arguments for that (smart enough, but not necessarily intuitive either like most of the people in that story).

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
    Who has read the book or seen the movie? I have been wondering about the personality types of some of the characters.
    Scarlett O'Hara: ESFJ
    nooo, ESTP. 7w8>3w4>8w7 Sp/Sx

    Rhett Butler: ENTP
    I had him as either ENTJ or ENFP, but ENTP works well now that I think about it more
    8w7>3w4>7w8 Sx/Sp

    Ashley Wilkes: INFP
    INFJ either 5w4 or 9w1 with a 2w3 fix Sp/So

    Melanie Wilkes: INFJ
    a textbook ISFJ. 9w1>2w3>6w7 So/Sx

    Mamie: ESFJ
    ESTJ 8w7>6w5>2w3 So/Sp

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    ESTP - The Doers

    WoW!!!!i'm amazed ppl actually read the book(s) and the movie..it's by f-a-r my favorite book and movie..i know most ppl well be amazed of this (in RL) but of the few books i've finished i've never felt so from a book ;)
    anyhow i've read it about 5 years ago (about 14) and rhett butler was my role model..simply loved his role.he's for s-u-r-e an ENTP.my older brother's an entp and they are so alike..they both live in the same light^^ anyhow and scarlett is an ESTP..always found us alike a lot ;) even thou she's done s-o many mistakes i know i wont do..but i really will:P
    mann i simply loved the book :) wish their were more like it

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    INTJ - The Scientists


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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I think ALL of you are wrong. (Just kidding, haha) I read the book and watched the movie recently, so the characters are pretty fresh inside my brain. :)

    Scarlett: ESTJ -she's oblivious to a lot of things, practical, a strong thinker; she doesn't choose things by how she feels about them. She's pretty tough-minded and sharp. And a J, because she plans things a lot, and so on and so forth. She wants something? She'll do whatever it takes to get it.

    Rhett: ENFJ- he's such a softie, feels things very well, and can always picks up on things. He even tells Scarlett things she hasn't realized, meaning he thinks deeply (thus the iN) and he's a planner alright, and doesn't forgive scarlett. Usually, I've noticed a P will forgive more easily, but once a J has been violated enough, they give up.

    Melanie: She's a very kind ISFJ, she's more practical and doesn't pick up on things very well (such as Scarlett's obvious hatred for her)

    Mammy: I thought she was a INTJ-she knows things better than anyone, is a strong thinker and gets things done.

    Scarlett: ESTJ
    Rhett: ENFJ
    Melanie: ISFJ
    Mammy: INTJ
    Ashely: Perhaps a ISFP or INFP

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by BlowMeAKiss1366 View Post
    Melanie: She's a very kind ISFJ, she's more practical and doesn't pick up on things very well (such as Scarlett's obvious hatred for her)
    Exactly. I'm an INFJ, and I definitely would have got bad vibes from Scarlett, and been suspicious that something was going on with her and Ashley.

    My take (recently read the book, haven't watched the movie yet):

    Scarlett - ESTP. Practical, but only because she's forced to be that way. She's anything but practical in the beginning, thinking only of boys and parties and being the center of attention. Doesn't pick up at all on Ashley's dreamy theories, is very grounded and sensory.
    Rhett - ENTP. He does feel deeply, but isn't very good about showing his emotions.
    Ashley - INFP. Dreamy, sensitive, head-in-the-clouds idealist.
    Melanie - ISFJ. Much too grounded to be INFJ.
    Mammy - INTJ

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    The last time I read Gone with the Wind was when I was twelve, so I have no comment about this.

    Also, what do you think Belle Watling's type is?

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    Scarlett O'Hara - ENTJ or ESTP
    Rhett Butler - ENTP
    Ashely Wilkes - ISFJ (?)
    Melanie Wilkes - INFJ
    Mamie - ESFJ

    It's been some time since I've read the book or seen the movie, so...yeah.
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