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First memory

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This is a discussion on First memory within the The Generations forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; In my case, it was the columns of this mall. I remember seeing them on my 1st birthday in ...

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    Generation Z

    First memory

    In my case, it was the columns of this mall.

    I remember seeing them on my 1st birthday in May 30, 1997.
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    Generation Z

    My earliest vague memory of ANYTHING, is sleeping in the crib in my Grandma's house back in early/mid 1998, and I have vague memories when my aunt was still living in the house, because she was barely out of high school at the time. I remember sitting on the counter at the kitchen and I tried to take some pringles out and she snatched it from me as a toddler.

    This was very shortly before my parents moved into the home I grew up in. My first vivid/clear memories of events occurred throughout 2001, like my 5th birthday at Chuckie Cheeses, staying at an apartment over night with my cousins in Mississippi when they used to live there, the town building a bunch of new roads and places, going to vacation bible school in summer 2001, and my first day of Kindergarten. 2001 doesn't feel like yesterday though, it feels like forever ago. My 2001 memories are not vague like 1998-2000 but it's not crystal clear like 2002 & up.
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    Generation Z

    My first memory was around 2002 when my parents were going to see some newborn at one of my dad's friends house. It was pretty nice, especially when it fitted with the suburban neighborhoods and such.

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    Generation Z

    June 1999 (3 years, 1 month, ~11 days),
    Walking to the hospital when my sister was born.
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    My earliest memories, it's difficult to know which was first: I had a tremendous nightmare about a reflection on my bedroom wall transforming into a dangerous man dressed in surgical garb. I recall waking my parents up, but lacking the words to explain why I was so frightened. I now know that I have significant waking/sleeping hallucinations that are real at the time. I can be UP, eyes open, seeing this stuff. My bedroom was next to my parents', and I recall no little brother, so I was likely around two.

    I also recall Mom teaching me to ask our pet cats to come to me, rather than force my attention on them. I was laying down on an orange corduroy couch in our basement (weird to recall that). She had me stretch one arm out like a wing, while laying on my back, and to pat my armpit, calling the cat. It worked! She came and put her head in my armpit (using it as a pillow), while stretching out beside me. She was longer than I was! Given the couch and my size, relative to the cat's, I could only have been two, at the most.

    That cat lesson was a life changer, by the way. I have always had an affinity resulting in animals coming to me. It came in real handy in vet school!
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    Generation Y

    I believe you mean earliest currently still remaining memory.

    Your first memory is most likely one you held in your mother's womb just after you had formed both part of the brain responsible for memory and some way to sense. Of course there is no way to know this, because people tend to forget their first memory very quickly.
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    Generation Z

    I'm not too sure, my first memory was most likely in 2002 when I was 3 years old.

    I remember my mother bringing me to bed, and I had this strange dream of hypnotic blue men in a rapidly flashing background.
    I used to watch cartoons a lot on television as well, especially superhero ones like Spider-Man. The first movie I ever saw in theaters was actually the first Spider-Man movie.
    Around the time I was 3 years old, I stuck my hands under the door, when all the sudden my sister walked in, and the bottom of the door scraped my knuckles.
    Another memory is when my parents were installing new hardwood flooring into the house we lived in at the time. When I asked my mother if this memory was true years later, she said yes, since they installed the hardwood flooring a year before we moved out in 2003. It is probably one of my earliest memories.
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    Generation Z

    My earliest memory was going to see Barney in concert with my mom, aunt, and cousin a few days before my second birthday in 1997.

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    Generation Z

    My earlies memory was on the 5th of September 1998. It was my third birthday and i remember when my father was cutting the cake.

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    Generation Z

    My first memory was when I was 3 years old. My mom was holding me and I was crying. That's all I can remember.

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