[Generation Y] What do you miss about the 90s?

What do you miss about the 90s?

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This is a discussion on What do you miss about the 90s? within the Generation Y Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; This morning I grabbed one of my teenage daughter's flannel shirts to wear. It's a nice, fitted flannels shirt. A ...

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    Generation Y

    What do you miss about the 90s?

    This morning I grabbed one of my teenage daughter's flannel shirts to wear. It's a nice, fitted flannels shirt.

    A moment ago I extended my arms and pulled the sleeves back down and if felt so warm and snuggly, and I instantly reminisced about my high school days. I always wore a flannel shirt, much bulkier than this one, of course, but it was my comfort zone.

    Man, those were the days!! I miss how much simpler life was back then. Not just because I was a teenager, but because there was less technology.

    What do you miss about the 90s?

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    Generation Z

    Songs I heard as a toddler, mostly the teen pop ones.

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    I miss spring. When the last bits of snow were disappearing, the sun started coming through, the streets were open. It smelled like life.

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    Generation Y

    I like how there was less technology too. Kids would play outside more, which was nice. Also the shows we'd watch and even the music was better imo.
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    Generation Y

    I miss the innocence of life and how more open minded people used to be, more accepting of differences, more original, more expressive, more individually creative.

    Somehow this social media generation has the ability to water down individualness, and creates a very generic robotic like mentality where people are just drones with no personality like they've succumbed to fascism and praise it like a brainwashed braindead cult to shame others for being different. Yuk!

    90s was a generation of quirkiness, freedom. It was awesome!
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    People kept their thoughts to themselves and with their friends. Also special hilarious and fun moments were shared only with their close friends. No need to let the whole fucking world know what you're doing ..

    You could live in the moment and not worry about how other people were going to think about what you're doing. You weren't trying to impress the world about how fucking 'cool' you are or how much 'fun' you're having ..
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    Generation Z

    Not being in a constant existential crisis.
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    Generation Y

    Phones that broke walls, MTV with actual music videos, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on the tv when you got home from school, the excited feeling you got when your parents said "Let's rent a movie!" and you pedalled like an idiot on your bike to the video rental store :D

    ...only to realize the idiot who watched the movie before you forgot to rewind it.
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    Generation Y

    I don't remember the 90's. I was like only 6 barely at the turn of the century. I don't consider myself a 90's kid

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    The freedom of not having to be 'connected'..

    Not a slave to Samsung, Apple or Droid..

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