[Generation Y] What types of movies do you like?

What types of movies do you like?

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This is a discussion on What types of movies do you like? within the Generation Y Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; I like comedy movies, watching a comedy reduces out tension and stress. I also like sci-fiction movies where we get ...

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    Generation Y

    What types of movies do you like?

    I like comedy movies, watching a comedy reduces out tension and stress. I also like sci-fiction movies where we get to see something new like Avatar. What types of movies do you like?

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    Generation Y

    i really like japan cartoon or what we called anime. up until now i still watch anime... including one piece, bleach and naruto cause its really fun watching those anime...

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    Generation Y

    Comedy because it always makes me feel better and sometimes drama because it can move me.
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    Generation Y

    I have a very bad taste of choosing a movie therefore my friends afraid to ask which movie should we are going to watch in theaters next. But i want to show them that the movies i watch are not as much boring as they feel so i started a blog Movie Fridays to show me and my readers love it.

    BTW i like those movies which feels me relax + reduce my stress and somewhere feels me satisfied.

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    Generation Y


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    Generation Z

    I enjoy comedies like Zoolander, The Benchwarmers, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, and Semi- Pro as well as thriller movies like Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, V for Vendetta(favorite movie!), Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Hitman, and Gamer and also a few dystopian science fiction movies like a A Boy and His Dog and Soylent Green

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    Generation Y


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    Generation Y

    I enjoy different things for different reasons.

    I'm a fan of Wes Anderson. I grew up on Tim Burton's films, and his dark romanticism and playful humor appeal to me. David Lynch is one of my favorite directors, his visions are the closest I have seen to what the dream world is like. I love early John Waters movies with their cheesy, outlandish stylings, ridiculous characters, and trademark overacting.

    I like science fiction like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element. Twelve Monkeys is a good one too. I also like a good amount of "dark" stuff, The City of Lost Children, Pan's Labyrinth, Dark City, and a few films about Erzsebet Bathory.

    Recent movies I have enjoyed: Wristcutters, Hobo with a Shotgun, Rubber, Machete, There will be Blood... I also like The Rules of Attraction (it's actually really funny), The Virgin Suicides, Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, the latest Batman trilogy, Fargo, Pulp Fiction... When I'm in the mood for stupid shit, I tend to watch awful Nazi-themed films like Dead Snow and Iron Sky. I really liked Memento, in general I like Christopher Nolan's work.

    I really like documentaries as well, Baraka is one of the most beautiful things I've watched. I hope to see Samsara soon.

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    Generation Y

    Certain kinds of comedy, family, and horror.

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    Generation Y

    I like almost all kinds of movies, comedy and action are my favorites. Not a fan of horror.

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