Earliest childhood memories

Earliest childhood memories

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This is a discussion on Earliest childhood memories within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; At what age are your earliest childhood memories? I'm kind of surprised I can remember memories from my early childhood... ...

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    Earliest childhood memories

    At what age are your earliest childhood memories?

    I'm kind of surprised I can remember memories from my early childhood... There's one that involved me realizing what year it was which puts me at 5. But then I'm pretty sure I have earlier ones than that but since I wasn't as clearly aware of the year I can't pinpoint what age I was.

    For that memory though I just remember being in a dreamy fresh state and then realizing it's 1994 and being like wow... it's 1994? and being baffled by what year it was.
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    I think 5.

    My most vivid memories from those years are my dreams though. I've always had extremely vivid and intense dreams and I can recall my nightmares from that age just as accurately as if they'd happened yesterday.

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    3. I think because it was the first kind of traumatic memory (for a child of that age).
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    1 or 2. I could not walk yet. I remember crawling under and through an empty bookshelf. The room was shadowed and somewhat dark. I don't remember temperature or sounds. And sadly, I don't remember thoughts. If only I knew how I thought back then...
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    18-24 MONTHS old. I had surgery. I have a distinct memory of waking up and glaring at my mom, my dad and the doctors.
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    Just under 3 years old. I was riding a bike and everyone was all "wow hes riding a bike without training wheels" and I just kept riding until my dad grabbed me before I fell. I've never been happier.lol.

    koalaroo, that sounds like an intense memory.
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    A lot of late nights being waken and carried out by my father going to my grandparents' place for the weekend. Also, have a red and white tricycle one about the same age being stung by a bee on my left cheek while eating a Snackbar. Same tricycle I used to take off down the street and finding my first friend all on my own :)

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    1 or 2: I remember standing in my crib and looking at others through the bars and over the top. I know I was less than two, because at two, my Mom and I moved out of my Grandmother's house and into our own apartment.

    That same year, I was around 1 1/2: I remember my Grandmother holding me and watching my Mother and her boyfriend through a kitchen window and then I remember my Grandmother tossing mop water over them.

    At three years old, I have a lot of memories, but I don't care to speak about them--they are traumatic.
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    I was 3. I remember reaching out to touch a flower and getting stung by a bee, lol. I also remember crying a lot afterwards and my mom putting a band aid on it.

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    When i was 2, My parents were fighting. I remember looking around at the cheap vinyl flooring of our kitchen.
    I can't explain exactly how i felt but i knew crap was going down.
    And i suppose i felt somewhat like anxious.

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