Thumb-sucking in teens and adults.

Thumb-sucking in teens and adults.

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This is a discussion on Thumb-sucking in teens and adults. within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I would appreciate your thoughts on thumb-sucking in teenagers and adults. I know in sleep we all have behaviors that ...

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    Thumb-sucking in teens and adults.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on thumb-sucking in teenagers and adults. I know in sleep we all have behaviors that we are not aware of. However, I find it disturbing to see a teen or adult doing this when I visit their home or in a public place like a store or bank.

    Also wondering:

    If married to a thumb-sucker, how do you feel about it?

    Would you date somene who sucks his or her thumb?

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    It wouldn't bother me really, better than some other habits. I don't plan to marry though so the question only half works XD
    I think alot of people do it instead of things like chewing pens or gum.

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    Funny... I found this thread while sucking on my thumb...
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    Why does that matter at all. They suck their thumb who cares?

    I can name plenty of other habits that are worse then this. I don't really care if anyone sucks their thumb.
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    Ehh... doesn't matter to me. There are plenty of other more important ideas in life to observe.

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    I recall my babies sucking their thumbs when they were completely helpless and had no other means to comfort themselves. It isn't a behavior that normally continues past toddler years and when it does it can ruin the alignment of teeth. It's generally considered inappropriate into the school years, so even more so, in adulthood.

    I saw a woman walking around my store recently with her thumb in her mouth and her finger hooked over her nose and one after another, shoppers looked at her and turned away in disgust. I think this could lower the esteem people have for you and should be done privately.

    I agree with neonbomb: there are many other things to notice in life, but I prefer not to notice an adult woman sucking her thumb.

    Thanks, everybody, for responding!

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    I think that I would tell my partner (In the most considerate way) to seek a therapist. There has to be deep-seeded reasons as to why they are thumb sucking. My slightly autistic sister sucked her thumb until she was probably about seven. It was a comfort to her, but it also hindered her.
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    I never sucked my thumb but instead I sucked my bottom lip, and still do till this day (im 21) and never grew out of the habit but nobody ever notices, but it is comforting. I guess seeing an adult suck their thumb would be a bit disturbing but I would feel like a hypocrite to criticize what helps comforts another individual.
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    I think it depends on the severity and the behavior accompanied. Deep-seated issues would be more obvious in someone if they were sucking their thumb, which makes most people uncomfortable. For some thumb-suckers, it would be beneficial to get some therapy, but for others, it really doesn't matter.

    I've been sucking my fingers since I've been three years old; I'm 22 now. Sometimes I do it in public and I've never really gotten weird looks, but I suppose it's because I don't do it in a very obvious manner... It looks more like I'm biting my nails. Still, it's a comforting habit and allows me to occupy my hand, and I never do it when talking to people (ex: cashiers). Mostly it's just when I'm looking for something or walking somewhere. I see very little wrong with it.
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    I still do it to this day sometimes. Some habits are just hard to break.
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