Food Preferences & Personality

Food Preferences & Personality

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This is a discussion on Food Preferences & Personality within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Ice Cream: NetScrap(TM): The Ice Cream Window Into Your Soul Snacks: Healing Foods?Profile of a Snacker - Natural Solutions Vibrant ...

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    Food Preferences & Personality

    Ice Cream: NetScrap(TM): The Ice Cream Window Into Your Soul
    Snacks: Healing Foods?Profile of a Snacker - Natural Solutions Vibrant Health Balanced Living

    Is there any stock in this? Or is Alan Hirsch some sort of nut-job? His basic idea is that in the brain, the limbic system and olfactory cortex are closely linked, so taste and personality are linked. Personally, I think there should have been more choices. What if someone doesn't like any of the things listed or likes something that isn't listed? This is especially apparent with the ice cream study. What about someone who likes pistachio or orange sherbet ice cream? Hot fudge sundaes?

    Disregarding any problems, I would like to know what you guys like and if the descriptions match. Personally, my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. The description sounds pretty ENFP. To be honest, I've never had any of the other flavors listed other than strawberry. I don't like chocolate ice cream, however, so that knocks out two of the flavors. I'd imagine that I would still love vanilla at the end of the day, though. As for snacks, I like both cheese curls and potato chips. I also like Doritos, which counts as a kind of tortilla chip, I guess. Strangely enough, the tortilla chip sounds like a cheese curl-potato chip hybrid. And the descriptions of all three kinda fit me. I'm a perfectionist, I have high moral standards, etc.

    Edit: I tried to link the snacks with MBTI in some way, but I think these descriptions are far too general. Heck, I couldn't find anything that fit IXTPs.
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    I think that's a bit crazy lol. I read the descriptions and none of them added up. Of course my favorite ice cream wasn't listed either. It's funny that you mentioned pistachio, because pistachio-almond is my favorite ice cream.

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    Heh, I also find it rather "interesting" that Hirsch's favorite flavor was Banana Cream Pie...which described the *perfect* person. Coincidence? Yeah, right...

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    How could you possibly curtail personality into a framework based on such LIMITED ice cream preferences!

    Seriously, have you even tried Häagen-Dasz's pineapple coconut ice cream? Too good to be reduced into words. I guess that definitely makes me NTP. ;)
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    LOL I am a ENTP and currently eating said Haagen Dazs pineapple coconut icecream (servings per container 3.5, calories 230) weird is that, I almost spit the spoon out of my mouth when I read that last post.
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    My favorite ice creams and snacks aren't even on the list.

    Maybe that says something in and of itself?

    ENTP's have always been known to be non-traditionalists.
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    I like chocolate chip but MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE IS


    I like crisps too... BUT THEY ARE NOT MY FAVOURITE EITHER... >_<

    This is so amusing.

    PS. Choc-chip kind of fits...

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    I don't eat ice cream or snacks. Damn! I feel defective now.
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