How do you do BREAKFAST?

How do you do BREAKFAST?

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    How do you do BREAKFAST?

    You know—people do breakfast in a lot of different ways.

    Some pull out the big guns and make souffles. Some eat culturally traditional breakfasts. Some grab toaster pastries. Some break out non-breakfast food leftovers. Some grab food out. Some skip and some don't even see that time of day.

    (Then there are the cereals—there are so many cereals.)

    *cough*Fruity Pebbles*cough*

    SO: What is it about you, your lifestyle, and possibly your personality that makes you do what you do for breakfast?

    (There any patterns, here?)

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    I only pull out the big guns on weekends, vacations, or holidays. Other than that, I'm lucky if I can grab a piece of toasted wheat bread with nutella.... If I can't grab that I grab a protein shake on the way out the door.

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    A bagel with cream cheese or butter. Or a handful of granola. Its simple, straightforward and it takes very little effort.

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    I used to never have any breakfast, but now I have something like cereal or toast.

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    Oh man. I love this thread.

    Granola & cinnamon bits topped with yoghurt. Two bread rolls - one with sliced cheese, salami and ham in between - the other with butter/strawberry jam. Coffee. Then if I feel like it, fruit salad and a glass of orange juice.

    Simple but DELICIOUS.

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    By the time I wake up, it's lunch.
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    What is this "breakfast?"

    lol I'm too blah and tired in the morning for food. I have caffeine for breakfast.

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    I don't normally have breakfast.

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    If I have time- scrambled eggs cooked in bacon fat with bacon on the side

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    Breakfast for me ranges from left-over pizza, to oatmeal, to fried bread with cinnamon and sugar, to egg with toast, to a granola bar, to a ham sandwich...
    That's just during the school year. It's summer break right now and I usually wake up around lunch time.

    I always joke that I'd eat a hamburger for a breakfast and cereal for supper, which I have done.
    I just eat whatever's there and whatever I feel like eating. My parents think my eating habits are weird...
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