Why do some people over exaggerate?

Why do some people over exaggerate?

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This is a discussion on Why do some people over exaggerate? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I consider over exaggerating the same as lying. Someone close to me over exaggerates about his life experiences or something ...

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    Why do some people over exaggerate?

    I consider over exaggerating the same as lying.

    Someone close to me over exaggerates about his life experiences or something that happened to him. They are mainly about his sexual conquest with women. I just wonder why some people tend to over exaggerate.
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    The same reason why advertisements present their products in a better light; exaggeration delivers their experience as a form of contrast to mundane living. It presents an ideal that the world can be pushed towards.
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    I guess I'm a liar then. Though usually I just do it for fun :P "It was only like a billion degrees today" is something I'd say on a really hot day in summer lol.
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    When they feel they have to impress the people around him, or they want a bigger reaction. It's probably part of our human instinct to being accepted or someshit like that. we all done it though, when you tryin to impress your friends in high school or when you're telling a story to your crush.
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    Most people at their root are insecure. lol.. this is the answer I feel.
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    I'm a storyteller. You have to spice things up, change little details, to keep people interested.

    If I told only the truth, it'd be boring and unfulfilling for me and the listener both, I think.

    *Use good judgement.
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    Some people do it to make something that's not all that exciting all the more interesting to listen to.
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    In a culture where diagnoses of ADHD are becoming more and more common (whether this is due to more testing or actually more people having the disorder is a contentious issue, I base this premise on the latter) it's increasingly difficult to hold people's attention through "common" discourse, so some embellishment is needed to keep people interested.
    TL;DR for all you ADHD folks out there : People lose attention easily otherwise.
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    I don't know about other people, but sometimes I like making things more fun and dramatic....I do this unconsciously, without any ill intentions :-)

    I like using hyperbole and exaggerations to help me prove my point in a more amusing way...what surprises me is when some people take me seriously even though I'm being deliberately and obviously ridiculous :-)
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    I use hyperbole to make a point. I don't lie about facts but I do exaggerate degree when I'm trying to make a point about the quality of something. I feel it just really drives the point home to use an astronomical amount to describe a small amount of actuality.
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