Sidereal horoscope

Sidereal horoscope

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This is a discussion on Sidereal horoscope within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Does anyone know if there is a possibility to get a free natal chart for the sidereal zodiac system?...

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    Sidereal horoscope

    Does anyone know if there is a possibility to get a free natal chart for the sidereal zodiac system?

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    Go to → free horoscopes → horoscope drawings & calculations → extended chart selection

    Under options, go to Zodiac and choose either a) "WARNING: Fagan/Bradley geocentric (sidereal)" or b) "WARNING: Hindu/Lahiri geocentric (sidereal)".

    You should also choose "whole signs" for House System. This is totally optional, but it makes for even better accuracy. Once (if) you get further into astrology, you'll notice that taking the placements at face value is setting yourself up for failure. If you only plan to try and see if there is a correlation between mbti, I'd suggest looking at moon, mercury, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th house. But with such "highly impressionable planets" like moon and mercury, they practically suck up everything that touches (aspects) them and their initial status is almost completely dependent upon their dispositors anyway, so it's even more important not to take their placements at face value. If you want to try enneagram, there's no set course... you just have to look at it all as a whole.

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    look up "sidereal zodiac" on wikipedia. there's a chart there.



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