Advices for drawing analysis

Advices for drawing analysis

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This is a discussion on Advices for drawing analysis within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I have taken some test to draw tree, sun, person -me, house, snake, pond, river and etc...but in some explanation ...

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    Advices for drawing analysis

    I have taken some test to draw tree, sun, person -me, house, snake, pond, river and etc...but in some explanation tree is mother in some it is river is mother, sun is father and in other tree is opposite sex, in some snake is subconscious and in some it is sex...I got confused and I am not shore how ti interpret drawing I made. Only thing I found that windows mean openness and the flowers friends...
    Drawing is messy-childish because I tired not to think about aesthetic but to draw first that comes to my mind quickly to abstain honesty. There is owl in tree but not recognizable, cat in house, frog near pond and fish in pound and one lotus, snake is behind house...I am explaining this because it is not weary clear on drawing...

    Can someone give me guidance for some links to texts to interpret drawing or for some test that are about it.
    Or to give me some insights about meaning of symbols on drawing.

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    I'll give it a shot.

    You've drawn yourself outside the house, but still quite close to it. besides that, the door is still open, and there's a cat inside.
    This could mean that you feel like a person or thing has driven you out of your comfort zone.
    Besides that, you do seem somewhat ambivalent about the notion of the comfort zone, perhaps in hindsight, because there's a snake behind it. I consider snakes of the subconscious to be a primal sign of malice; a warning, so to say. another interpretation of the snake coming from behind the house could be that you are only now noticing the dangers of being outside the entity that is your house, the comfort zone, or a thing or group you belonged to. perhaps even your old self.

    The tree and owl could resemble your father; as if you have the feeling he is watching over you. You drew yourself quite close to the tree, so perhaps you are still finding some safety near him.

    the entire drawing seems to consist of a lonesome house, but without a true negative character. there are a lot of clouds, and the sun seems to have a smile; i'd describe the character of the drawing as somewhat dreamy, though that could just be your drawing style.

    The frog seems to be facing the snake. It could resemble a sibling of yours, one quite close to yourself, but in more danger than you? alternatively it could be a younger version of yourself. In any chance, it's somewhat close to the river, which you could consider to resemble your mother, if you like.

    Now, for yourself in that picture. You stand on a path to your house, looking to the other end of it. Almost making an inviting movement with your arms, to something currently out of vision. This could imply you temporarily left your comfort zone, driven out by something pushing you, to invite someone in you do not want to show, under watch of your father, and in a somewhat dangerous place.
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    Thank you weary much, I never head idea that is so much to tell from drawing.
    About cat I added it because I love pets and would be weary happy to have one, (but my mother or husband never allowed dog inside), and cats I like but am allergic to them:-( so I only have had birds and now aquarium...

    the comfort zone, or a thing or group you belonged to. perhaps even your old self.
    This one make sense, just I wasn't much familiar with term comfort zone. I recently made big but positive change in carrier and I see on wiki that steeping out comfort zone could mean quitting old job which I did.

    About frog I have no idea is it me or someone else or young me, I read that pond is mind and toughts but I drawn it on the pond just becouse I couldnt leave pond empty (it was cute to add fish and etc). But somone close to me have had some carrier issues now and even my mother helps so it could be it.

    This could imply you temporarily left your comfort zone, driven out by something pushing you, to invite someone in you do not want to show

    I am not shore about this meaning one only...when I drawn my self I wanted to represent inviting gesture to visitors, friends (since I dont have guests often) to my home that was conscious idea I have had in mind while drawing...
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