ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

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  • 1 Post By littledazed

This is a discussion on ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I think it's getting pretty well known now, judging by the number of videos on YouTube, although I wonder how ...

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    ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

    I think it's getting pretty well known now, judging by the number of videos on YouTube, although I wonder how many people actually get the definitive “tingles” that is ASMR. I think a lot of people just listen to these videos to fall asleep/to relax, because one of my friends actually knew what ASMR was but when I tried to talk to her about the amazing tingles she did not understand :(

    For those of you don't know what ASMR is here is the description that made me realize, OMG I KNOW THIS FEELING!!!

    ASMR is thought to be a positive [tingling] feeling [on the scalp], which usually results in bouts of euphoria, with varying degrees of intensity, often described as being similar to a tide sweeping in. It can fade in and out, or can be a more constant feeling all over the cranium, spreading to various other body parts on occassion.

    My personal theory is that ASMR is kind of an extremely relaxed, hypnotized state you make yourself go into, because my only trigger before discovering the internet community online had been hair-touching. Omg I love it
    when people touch my hair. If I were a cat, I would purr so loud.

    Anywhooos, I basically trained myself to... feel the tingles by concentrating intently on the ASMR vids once I found how many there were on YouTube. It was weird. At first I was like, wow, this is really happening? These days, I’m just like, hmm I think I want to relax today, and turn on some nail-tapping vids. And internally purr.

    Some people surmise that it's a form of synethesia. I thought that might be at first, but ended up dismissing the theory because A) physical sensations, which is my main triggerI, causing a physical sensation does not seem to fit the definition of synethesia and B) I trained myself to feel sound-triggered ASMR, which makes me believe that everyone has the ability to feel it.

    Well.. I don't have anything else to say than I'm so glad it exists! I would love to hear opinions/theories/anything, about ASMR from you guys! Anything goes, since there is no official research on this yet!
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    I typically have ASMR while listening to music, or more specifically, very moving music that I enjoy. I used to worry about it when it occurred, now I just think that's it's unusual. In retrospect, it's very random - it only happens 3 times a week at most. And even then, I can't predict what triggers the stimulus. I'm certain it's musical - I suppose I can just wait and observe is some more!


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