I keep seeing the number 666...

I keep seeing the number 666...

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This is a discussion on I keep seeing the number 666... within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; What is happening? Is it all in my head or is something happening? I mostly see it when I check ...

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    I keep seeing the number 666...

    What is happening? Is it all in my head or is something happening? I mostly see it when I check the stats of PersonalityCafe like post and traffic. I have seen this at least 10x this month. Please don't make or take this as a joke. I am serious.

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    I Will Take You.

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    You have been marked.. So much for attempting to deny it.

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    You'll die soon.

    I'm just not joking.

    Okay, just playing.

    Humans see what they want to see. Its like the movie "The number 23" He only saw it because he wanted to see it.
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    I see 11:11 on my watch and on various clocks a lot. Is that related?

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    Do you guys think its a coincidence? I mean seeing the number randomly 10x in a month without thinking about it is highly unlikely don't you think?

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    I see it a lot when I'm driving. We probably don't see it more that we see any other 3 digit combination, it just jumps out at us when the others don't.
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    Well if you are noting it so often, then how can you claim you are not thinking about it. Sometimes these random repeating events occur, but you have become obsessed with the idea due to the numbers significance in your faith. How different would it be if you kept seeing 777?

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    I see 03:14 a lot. and 13:37

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