Would you assassinate a random child for 10,000,000$ ?

Would you assassinate a random child for 10,000,000$ ?

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This is a discussion on Would you assassinate a random child for 10,000,000$ ? within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; You are asked to kill a human child for 10,000,000$. Hypothetically, of course. You will not be caught. Nobody else ...

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    Would you assassinate a random child for 10,000,000$ ?

    You are asked to kill a human child for 10,000,000$.
    Hypothetically, of course.
    You will not be caught.
    Nobody else will know.

    The original question was posted on Quora at this link:

    Personally, reading all the answers I feel like everyone on that thread is full of shit.

    Given the chance I honestly believe with all my heart that every single human on this planet would jump at the opportunity and not think twice before pulling the trigger.

    I'm not asking you to get clever and try to outsmart the given scenario.
    You are in a room with a blindfolded stranger. You know nothing about them.
    A loaded gun is in your hand and if you pull the trigger and kill them successfully you are given the money.

    Simple and straight forward.

    In my opinion, seeing as thousands of parents have sold their children for MUCH less money.
    I don't see anyone turning the opportunity down.

    Yet for some reason all the responses on Quora are by pretentious shits pretending like they would do "the right thing".

    Men and women join the military on a daily basis to bomb and murder strange men, women, and children in the middle east for college tuition. A much smaller sum than the one given here.

    What do you think PerC?
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    The simple answer.


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    Would you assassinate a random child for 10,000,000$ ?


    I'd assassinate you for free though
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    So... I get to kill someone with no negative consequences AND I get a lot of money? Where's the downside?

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    The answer is simple, No. If you think money is that important you are sadly mistaken. Also considering that you can't earn that much money by your own merit means you would likely waste it. Morals >> Money, whether you believe it or not.

    Also considering that you think that every human would jump at the opportunity means you are delusional and cannot judge the general public very well. Abstracting from the religious people I can see many atheists refusing your offer.
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    The sad answer is that I would.
    The scenario is that I push a button and someone dies.
    At the same moment $10mill is on my bank account.
    Morally it is sort of in line with buying a stock in a company who kills someone
    or robbing someone of of their last money at poker so they ultimately perish.
    In that sense I've likely to have done it several times.
    IRL I've participated in goverment sanctioned decision processes who ultimately ended peoples life.
    So this scenario is pretty mild in comparison and felt guilt.
    It is all about the story one tells oneself afterwards.
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    yes, i would try to clean my conscience with some of that money though. and i would prefer if i was blindfolded too, but i would do it anyways without the blindfold.
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    It would happen exactly like that.

    So I would have to be correct initially even tho someone could still kill you for free, can you really put a price on life tho.

    In-the-moment things do happen, tho the majority would at least consider it given the prospects of the riches and all that, know what I mean?!

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    I really appreciate everyone's honesty regardless of what choice you made.

    Its refreshing seeing people admit they would though. Refreshing isn't the right word there... but still.

    I would personally do it.
    Let me explain:
    Ten Million Dollars is equivalent to 100,000$ yearly income for 100 years.
    That is a VERY comfortable income for literally one second of work.
    Seems like a very logical choice to me.

    You can put a price on anything. The question isn't whether someone would do something but how high you have to go before they do it. I still stand by that statement.

    I dont really believe in Morality. There have been arguments made for it but it's a very relative thing.
    Logic on the other hand can be narrowed down and quantified.
    If you can logically argue against killing the child for the money then I would absolutely love to hear it! (I'm genuinely interested)
    I should ask my INTP friend what she would do... I wonder what argument she could come up with. hmm
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