Black-eyed people (paranormal).

Black-eyed people (paranormal).

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    Black-eyed people (paranormal).

    "Black-Eyed People in Texas, Nebraska

    The early July sun beat on 19-year-old Dallas Adams as he pumped gas into his car at a convenience store in Lucas, Texas.

    A man and his son stood at the pump opposite Adams, a woman at her car was behind him. When the gas nozzle clicked Adams placed it back onto the pump and went inside the store. Things were different when he came out.

    “There was no line in the gas station,” Adams said. “I bought cigarettes and walked out but when I came out my car was the only one there. I had only been in the gas station for maybe two and a half minutes. As soon as I noticed everyone was gone I felt scared but couldn’t figure out why.”

    Then he saw the man standing by his car. As Adams walked by him, he noticed a smell, like the man hadn’t showered in weeks.

    “He looked like an average guy but when I looked at him I felt scared like my life was about to end,” Adams said. “I went to my car and looked at him – he was staring at me.”

    The man came closer to Adams as he stood at the driver’s side door, walking in long steps.

    “I need a ride,” the man said, the force in his voice striking Adams like something physical.

    “It scared me to death,” Adams said. “I said, ‘what?’ And he said, ‘give me a ride.”

    Then Adams saw what frightened him.

    “His eyes were completely black. No whites, no nothing, just black,” Adams said. “When I was talking to this thing I could smell its breath, which was horrible.”

    Adams worked up the courage to ask where the Black-Eyed Man wanted to go. The man simply replied, “just give me a ride."

    “I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t,’ then he took a few steps toward me,” Adams said. “His walk was kinda odd, but stopped as this conversation was happening.”

    But what terrified Adams was the man’s eyes.

    “I couldn’t take my eyes off of his,” Adams said. “It was like they were sucking me in.”

    As Adams stood, watching the strange man with the black eyes approach him, something broke whatever held Adams’ gaze. Adams hopped into his car and sped away.

    What did Adams’ see?

    “This is really troubling me cause I’ve had dreams about this man every night since the day it happened,” Adams said. “

    Black-Eyed People have been in the popular culture since two approached journalist Brian Bethel as he sat in his car in 1998. The encounters are usually the same. Black-Eyed People are usually children to young adults who use language and assertiveness that would seem to be beyond their means. But the most common thread is their eyes; black, without iris or whites, and dead like a Hollywood vampire’s.

    What these people may be – aliens, demons, practical jokers – is a matter of debate. However, the reports continue. Like this report from Omaha, Neb.

    A little girl, about five years old, brown hair in a ponytail ran around the play area at the Westroads Mall, but Debbie Rife knew something was wrong with the child.

    “I saw her eyes and just thought something was weird, different, off about her, so every time she ran past my way I tried to figure out what it was,” Rife said. “Then I realized that there was little to no difference in the shading between her pupil and iris. So of course I kept staring, only not trying to be obvious about staring.”

    If there was any white to the girl’s eyes, Rife said it wasn’t noticeable.

    And the odd little girl kept following Rife’s seven-year-old son.

    “I was waiting for something weird, spooky or crazy to happen like a scene from ‘Carrie’, but really nothing happened,” Rife said. “She followed (her son) around for a little bit and kept saying, ‘Hi, hi, hi,’ and something about she wanted to marry (him). He said she was funny, but also creepy.”

    Then there was the screaming girl.

    “I didn't hear anyone else notice the child,” Rife said. “The only thing I did notice was that another little girl kept going up to her and doing this scream thing. She did that to her a couple of times until her mom came and told her to stop that and then she didn't bother the (Black-Eyed Kid) again.”

    Online poster Thaisa, saw a Black-Eyed Person on a train in early May – and the horror haunts her.

    “I have seen one of them and now wherever I go I don’t look into people eyes,” Thaisa said. “You can see something strange, sense something different. I did not feel scared until I saw this person’s big, entirely black eyes, no white inside it.”

    As Thaisa watched, this man, who fidgeted on the commuter train, moving nervously from seat to seat, locked eyes with her, and his eyes changed to black within seconds.

    “I turned my head immediately from fear,” Thaisa said. “I tried to rationalize this event. I thought I might have had a hallucination in the middle of the day.”

    She looked at the man again and he still glared at her. Big, entirely black eyes stared into hers, and a fear like sleep paralysis gripped her.

    “This person was sitting just opposite me in the train and was observing me for 35 minutes,” Thaisa said. “Clearly it wanted to make contact but I did not respond.”

    The man eventually reached his stop and Thaisa felt like she snapped out of a spell.

    “When he left the train I felt such a relief,” she said. “I felt like the biggest disaster was behind me. I was shaking for a couple hours after.”

    Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt"

    From the Shadows: Black-Eyed People in Texas, Nebraska

    "The Black Eyed People

    Modern mythology is riddled with unexplained phenomenon, but to this day I haven't run into anything quite as unexplainable as the Black Eyed People.

    They're often called Black Eyed Kids or Black Eyed Beings, but what they really are is a complete and total mystery.

    Most accounts of encounters follow a lot of the same patterns, though slight changes in each scenario only make the mystery of the Black Eyed People that much greater.

    In most cases, a human-looking being with pure black eyes (including the normally white parts) will approach a person at their home or car, asking to be let in. They usually have a very dry personality, almost no personality at all, unless they are told that they can't come in, to which they get very agitated. Most people describe a feeling of intense dread and fear when in the presence of these Black Eyed Beings, but they can't say exactly why.

    Usually, the Black Eyed Being has very pale or sickly-looking skin, and very dark hair. They are usually men, but not always, and often wear all black or very dark clothes.

    Not all cases go this way, though. Some people have been approached in public by these beings. One woman reported running into a female Black Eyed Being in a gas station restroom who just stood there and stared her down.

    The term "Black Eyed Kids" is used very often as a generalization for this phenomenon because of the high number of cases involving children with black eyes. In almost every case, it will be one or two children around ten years of age that ask either for a ride home if someone is in a car, or ask to be let in to a home. They often wear no shoes, and look dirty and disheveled. They are just as devoid of personality as their elder counterparts, until risen to anger when being told no.

    In every case, the Black Eyed People must get permission to enter a home or a car. They cannot come in without an invitation, even if they want to. In one case, a young man reported a girl trying to get in through a doorway but was stopped by some invisible force when he wouldn't give her permission to enter. Anyone who is familiar with vampire mythology will recognize that the invitation to come in is a classic trait of the vampire.

    In a couple of the cases, one involving a man and one involving a young boy, the person encountering the Black Eyed Person drove away in their car, only to see the same person on the street two or three different times on the way home. There is no physical way that the Black Eyed Being could have traveled that far that quickly.

    One of the Black Eyed People was caught on security tapes in an elevator. When the man riding the elevator with him watched the tapes back, he appeared alone in the elevator - no Black Eyed Person to be seen.

    Almost every story of an encounter with Black Eyed People ends with the person feeling great fear and running away. In a couple of stories, people have had very intense instinctive reactions telling them to not let the being know that it is affecting you. In a sense, these people sense the 'danger', but have a 'fight' reaction, rather than a 'flight' reaction. Either way, it seems best to trust your instincts in these situations.

    Those who have spoken to them say that they often make reference to not having a home. They seem to be wandering around, looking for... something. I have an eerie feeling that their idea of "home" isn't a house - it's a body to live in.

    I only know of one story where someone actually did let one of these Black Eyed Beings in. It was actually the first time I heard about them. A visitor to this site named Carol who has had, and continues to have, experiences with a certain Black Eyed Person from which she senses no fear. You can read her story here. All I ask is that if you have any insight into Carol's situation, you leave a comment on that page.

    So what are these Black Eyed People? Some think they are demons taking the form of humans in order to steal someone's soul. Others think they are vampires, looking to take someone's blood or energy. Another explanation is that they are alien life forms, trying to fit into society, and possibly find a place to live.

    All are as 'reasonable' an explanation as the other. There are demonic traits, vampiric traits, and even alien traits to all of the stories, but not a lot of direct evidence to support any of them."

    The Black Eyed People

    "An Encouter With Black-Eyed Kids
    There’s something wrong with these children.

    They approach quietly, yet boldly. They’re young, usually teens or slightly younger. They insist on coming inside your house to use the bathroom, the telephone or just for a drink of water. But for some reason you’re afraid. Why? They’re just kids. Then you notice their eyes – black, as if the pupil had poured over its banks. You don’t let them in – or do you?

    Black-eyed kids. The term has floated across cyberspace since Jan. 16, 1998 when journalist Brian Bethel first posted his chilling encounter with overly-lucid children whose eyes were coal black; not a hint of iris, nor white.

    And they scared the hell out of him.

    The existence of these children has since become an Internet urban legend, but is it really just that? Maybe not.

    Below is a story of black-eyed kids from an anonymous reader of “From the Shadows.” I’ll call him “Bill.”

    Bill was driving through Afton, Okla., a town in the northwestern part of the state on historic Route 66 just south of the Will Rogers Turnpike, when he stopped to see some old friends.

    “I saw they had a new dog; a very stout dachshund,” Bill said. “I asked them about it and Michael said, ‘The weird kids left her when they left town.’”

    Bill asked Michael and his wife about these “weird kids.” They told him a group of young people had knocked on their door and begged to come in and talk. The “weird kids” were driving an old van, but Michael thought it was in good shape because it didn't make noise.

    “However, he and his wife felt uneasy and didn't let them in,” Bill said. A few of the kids left the van and walked the dachshund Michael and his wife ended up with. “But they didn’t seem too attached to (the dog).”

    Bill asked Michael if these young people were Mormons.

    “Hell, no,” Michael said. “They didn't dress right and they were junkies."

    "Junkies?" Bill asked.

    "Yeah,” Michael said. “Their pupils were huge."

    The kids’ eyes were solid black. Looking into their eyes was like staring into a void.

    Turned away at the door, the black-eyed kids eventually left, to the relief of Michael and his wife. Some time later, Michael saw the dachshund wandering around town, felt sorry for it, and brought it home. Michael and his wife are thankful the black-eyed kids never returned for it.

    Michael’s story has disturbed Bill ever since.

    “ (Jan. 18), a friend was talking about dark forces on the move and mentioned black-eyed kids,” Bill said. “I Googled it and a chill went up my spine.”

    Bill contacted Michael about the information he’d found on these entities, but, like many who’ve encountered these black-eyed kids, Michael and his wife just want to forget meeting them. Their experience was terrifying.

    “They don't want anything to do with an investigation,” Bill said, “or have their name made public, or really have anything to do with any further conversation about black-eyed kids.”

    Copyright 2009 by Jason Offutt"

    From the Shadows: An Encouter With Black-Eyed Kids
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    Black-Eyed Waitress

    First, I just want to say that I have never been a believer in the supernatural, paranormal, etc. I think that everything has a logical explanation that maybe only seems "bizarre" because of a certain kind of over excitement that many people have about "an experience from the other side," or what have you. There is absolutely no explanation for what I'm about to share with you, and it absolutely scares the crap out of me. Just recounting this is giving me a really creepy feeling that I don't think I'll be able to shake, maybe ever.

    About three years ago, I was sitting in a local coffee shop in upstate New York during a little road trip. The restaurant was empty except for me and the night waitress. She was really pleasant and talked a lot; she was offering places to check out while I was in town and seemed amazingly astute. In fact, she seemed almost prescient, even guessing my age almost to the day and month and even certain things that I was actually planning to do the next day. It was so light-hearted, I thought I really lucked out by meeting a easy-going, smart young lady quite out my my normal way.

    At closing time, she went to the back to, I guess, put some cash in the safe or something. As I was sitting there wondering what time I wanted to get up and hit the road again the next day, I momentarily thought I might even invite her for a few hours of "R&R." I decided instead to just remember the store and next time I passed through the area, to remember to stick my head in a say "hi" (no reason, I just wanted to play it cool and not seem overanxious at very first).

    So, I got up and knocked on the door in the back of the coffee shop where she went in. At this time, there were only two dim lights in the main eating area, and barely any lights in the back room where she was. I opened the door. This woman who I just finished talking to was standing facing me, JUST STANDING THERE in the back of this dark room when I opened the door. Her skin was suddenly a clammy, cracked olive color, and her eyes were just BLACK. I mean, no white at all. Her eyes and mouth was open really wide, and she was screaming in the most spine-chilling sounds, something I couldn't understand, but it definitely wasn't sounds of goodwill.

    I literally SCREAMED myself, and she started moving from one spot to the other through the room. Not running, just MOVING. Her clothes now looked all old, and she moved so fast; the back of the room must have been 15 feet or so back, and she just DARTED from one side of the back of the room, still facing me, to the other side, at an IMPOSSIBLE speed. Then she ran directly straight at me as I was now standing away from the door in the middle of the restaurant.

    I got the hell out of there, and jumped in my car still seeing her nightmarish face in the restaurant, darting it seemed to every window at this impossible velocity. The worst thing was, as I tore out of the parking lot ... I looked in my rear view mirror ... and she was SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT, still with that nightmarish expression, still screaming. Then she just vanished as I was panicking around. Just gone. I don't know what that was that spoke to me in the restaurant that day, but I know that it wasn't a prank. I swear at night sometimes I see her shadow moving in the dark in my room, just grinning a really ugly, evil grin. I haven't slept properly since.

    Black-Eyed Children - Knocking at Your Door

    Adele was at home when she had her experience with the beings. More unnerving, perhaps, they were small children. "I was sitting in my bedroom reading a book," Adele says, "when at about 11:00 p.m. I heard a knocking… a slow, constant one. I got up out of bed to see what it was. I looked out of the window and to my surprise saw two children. I opened the window and asked them what they wanted at this time of night. They replied by saying simply, 'Let us in.' I said no and asked what for. 'We want to use your bathroom.'

    "I was quite shocked that children of about 10 years old wanted to use a stranger's bathroom at this time of night. I told them no, closed the window, but looked at them through the glass. I glanced at their eyes... and I have never ever seen eyes like them. They were black, completely black. I got the feeling of evil and unhappiness. It surrounded me. It was horrible."

    Black-Eyed Airline Passenger

    I retired in 1999 and a few years before retiring, crews were needed to man domestic flights. In reality, I only flew international, mainly to Asia. I was the senior crew member and the flight destination was LaGuardia, N.Y. It was a turn, meaning flight "6" was "7" on the return. The layover was to be about an 40 minutes.

    It is customary to be briefed by the captain on weather conditions, their meal preferences and flight time. I offered pre-flight beverages. Making coffee with cream, and getting two cans of coke and Aqua for the other two pilots, I squeezed past two passengers getting off the aircraft. I glanced up just in time to see a late arriving passenger, noting his well-appointed leather jacket, pants and shoes all were nice complimentary shades of brown. His haircut was in the European cut with tendrils on the nape, instead of the precise American haircut. I froze as I looked into his eyes. They were black in entirety. He looked European or a light Arabian. I don't remember seeing the white part of his eyes. I sniffed hard in fear and told the pilots as I gave them their drinks, "We got a weird one on board, sir." Macho old captain lolled around and said, "Is he bothering anyone?" "Negative!"

    Here comes the cutesy blonde who had been taking tickets. She puffs, "We're full, and by the way we got us a weird one, with green eyes on board and he asked who was the chief flight attendant. Meanwhile, the gal in the back was making coffee, etc. and her final pre-flight is to give me an accurate count of passengers. I noticed as she gave me the information of two empty seats -- meant full minus two passengers, no babies. She was tight-lipped and pale white looking, no color what soever in her face. She then announced there's a man in..... I added "6F" and she answered, YES!! He has the strangest blue eyes!

    The cockpit door closes and we are latched down for departure. I give the safety announcements and I am noticing that the fourth girl keeps looking back at me and she is trembling. I finish and she returns to sit with me on the jump seat. "That man is very scary, I am so afraid."

    I was very frightened too, ready to pee my pants. I laid my arm on the door ledge and watch out the porthole and wondered if we would survive this trip. The feeling was unanimous with the other girls and we were on total edge. I was pondering why each of us thought his eyes were a different color. I didn't like this. We were spooked to the ninth degree. I told the captain, something isn't right about this man. It was then we realized that the passengers who had seats next to him had gotten off the flight. I MADE the girls do the breakfast service and told then, do nothing else but remain on high alert and stay in the back. New York flights are very noisy flight; this day there was absolute silence. Nobody rang for us. There was a great sense of doom.

    We were so distressed that the Captain put on his hat to come out for a look. That passengers closed his eyes and appeared to be sleeping. We landed without ado and matter of fact, the airplane emptied in world record time about 2-3-minutes. This man was coming and the Captain was saying goodbye. I refused and hopped back into the galley. I whispered, "Here he comes and I watched the Captain as all the color drained from his face, when the man passed out the door.

    The captain said, WOW...whoa that was a strange man! I said, "Captain, he's not through with us. He's coming back on our flight and if he does, I'm off this flight right now!" Captain pooshed that and, sure enough, I followed at a not-too-close distance to see where that man went. I didn't see him. I sat down in the boarding area behind a pillar and waited, because I saw his bags, one on the floor and a hefty one on the seat and it was wide open with all kinds of camera, radios and other quite sellable items, if stolen... nobody touched that bag.

    Momentarily, I saw him coming and he got RIGHT IN LINE for a return trip to Chicago. I flew to the phone and informed the passenger agents that this man just came in on our flight and no way should he be allowed back on our flight. If he was, I was outta here! I won't tell of the steps taken to prevent him from the return, but we were on edge until the doors were latched down and we were taxiing into take-off.

    I never forgot him, and when 9/11 occurred and one of the gals who registered the pre-hijackers for flight lessons, I realized that when she said, one of them just gave her the absolute creeps... his totally black eyes freaked her right out, I knew in my heart, there went THAT MAN into the twin towers with a dear in flight friend of mine. Now all were dead. Now I know that some of the terrorist were coming into our country from Canada through Maine and I saw that on his ticket.

    Black-Eyed People, Children - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
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    Those are very interestin stories, I would think that they have some sort of gene mutation that gives them the black eyes but wantin to come into someone's homes or car is rather disturbin.

    The feeling of dread I think is because we are trained to think that anything black is evil or bad (no racial lol) and since we aren't use to seein someone without a pupil or white around eyes, our minds may go back to a horror film we saw and get that trigger for fear from that too.

    They could be some sort of demon or ghoul :O no idea but I wouldn't want to see one

    Black-Eyed Man In Elevator

    I am an executive of a bank in Australia. After being told about this site by a friend, I found to my surprise that a few people have had similar experiences regarding people with pitch-black eyes. Unlike some, though, I didn't feel a sense of dread or a feeling that I was about to die. I felt more an awareness and discomfort, like when you see someone advance angrily toward you only to walk past you.

    Anyway, it was September 2, 2000, and one of the roles as an executive is you sometimes have to put in really late nights. My office was on the fifth floor and it was coming up to 12 in the morning. I was the only employee, as far as I know, on the first five floors apart from Ben, another fellow banker on my floor and Stan, who is a security officer.

    I decided after finishing the files I was doing that I was going to go home. I said farewell to Stan, who more or less grunted and took the hall to the elevator. I then pressed the B2 level as the B levels are the car parks. As I'm descending, the elevator flashes that it has been called to floor 2. I thought it was very strange, seeing as I said the only other two people on the first five floors where me, the banker and Stan. Regardless, the elevator stops at floor 2 and in comes a tall man with more or less a black crew-cut.

    The first thing i did was open my mouth to ask what sector he was from and who gave him permission, but as I looked into his eyes they where entirely black. The pupils, the retinas everything. I remember not really being spooked about his eyes. To be honest, I just thought he might've had a disability in his eyes. As the elevator slowly starts up moving back on route, he asked me where I was going, and I simply replied, "home." He then asked why, and I more or less laughed and just said I want to go to sleep and see my wife. He then just mummered very softly, like he was talking to himself, "It must be nice to have a home."

    I figured he was just being friendly and that he must be renting. As we got to B1, I realized he hadn't pushed the button on where he was going, so I asked, "Where are you going?" to which he replied rather angrily looking at me with his creepy eyes, "Nowhere."

    Feeling a little annoyed with his outburst that made zero sense at the time, I was glad to leave when we reached B2. As I walked to my car, which was roughly 10 meters from the lift, I saw that he didn't get out; in fact, he hardly moved. He just kept staring at me and where I was walking to. Starting to get freaked out that the guy was some warped-out creep, I ran the little distance to my car and turned to see the lift was on a ascent up to floor 6. Feeling a little relieved, I drove up the ramps and coming to the security door I swiped the card and drove out onto the road.

    Now the real freaky part. As I drove down the street, all the lights were out - and this is in Sydney (city of NSW). Then I turn... and guess who is walking just ahead of the car - our favorite black-eyed man! No need to say, I sped home, probably breaking five road laws. How could he have left the building and be ahead of me when he had no car, and went up to floor 6?

    It gets weirder. On the videotapes and records, there shows no one using the elevator at that time apart from me.
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    Great stories all, thanks for sharing!

    I'm skeptical. I have to dismiss everything subjective here right off the bat. So all the feelings of dread, all the unease, all the "a little girl was screaming," etc. These sound like common panic responses that I've felt myself in odd situations. And I don't know about anyone else, but I don't enter anyone's home or vehicle without permission. They sound polite to me.

    As to the peripheral physical observations, like body odor or pale skin, people have these traits.

    Regarding the eyes, I can accept that there are people with black irises in their eyes, or dark enough in color to appear so. I can also conceive of someone with irises large enough to obscure the sclera, particularly if the person has small or narrow eyes.

    Then there's the fact that most of these stories show extraordinary detail and organization. If they are not entirely fictionalized, I expect they are heavily embellished.

    Inb4 inferior Ne. I acknowledge that there are many things in existence that I don't know or understand. I don't believe in the undead or biblical creatures like demons and golems. I also doubt an alien that could closely match the human form and presentation would fuck up something like eyes.

    Still, these are fun and exciting and creepy! I loved reading, and thanks for sharing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    I also doubt an alien that could closely match the human form and presentation would fuck up something like eyes.
    Have you heard of fey/fae (faeries/ultraterrestrials - not like tinkerbell, but the darker version)? In theory, when they try to morph into a human form, they just slightly get it wrong, like the features are too angular, for example. They just can't get it perfect. Not saying I'm sure these things are real, and are fae, just that I have heard theories on how paranormal entities can still end up looking a little distorted when they try to 'bend light' and create the illusion of looking human. I can try to find a decent link on that, but no guarantee. I prefer the book 'monsters' by john greer, to explain a lot of theory on types of paranormal entities and characteristics of them.

    As for the black-eyed people.. not sure if I'd like to actually meet one and find out if they are real :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Promethea View Post
    I have heard theories on how paranormal entities can still end up looking a little distorted when they try to 'bend light' and create the illusion of looking human. I can try to find a decent link on that, but no guarantee. I prefer the book 'monsters' by john greer, to explain a lot of theory on types of paranormal entities and characteristics of them.
    You and I did talk about ultraterrestrials a few months ago. I'd like to hear more about this theory of flawed human emulation, if you do at some point turn up a link.

    As for the black-eyed people.. not sure if I'd like to actually meet one and find out if they are real :O
    I would love to meet one. I'd have many questions. The challenge would be to start small talk about how nice the gas station or diner is and then be all like, "so... this is going to sound like a line, but I've noticed your eyes are kind of unusual...?" Piss off one of these people and you might miss your one chance to learn something cool. -_-"
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonieJ View Post


    moar: Black Eyed Beings / Black Eyed People : Aliens & UFOs

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonieJ View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post

    lolol. awesome.
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