Got a Visa credit card? You're lucky because you get these great things :O

Got a Visa credit card? You're lucky because you get these great things :O

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This is a discussion on Got a Visa credit card? You're lucky because you get these great things :O within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I guess Visa and other card companies (I have no affiliation--apart from my University--, nor PC) offer a lot of ...

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    Got a Visa credit card? You're lucky because you get these great things :O

    I guess Visa and other card companies (I have no affiliation--apart from my University--, nor PC) offer a lot of insanely awesome and incredibly convenient perks :O

    Check out this article if you have one or not, you may wanna switch or get one :O I'm thinkin' about it now....I have never had a credit card :O

    How to Make Visa Obey Your Every Desire: The Credit Card Concierge Experiment
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    that's pretty cool, if they didn't charge you for just owning the credit card I"d probably get one just for that service :D

    my own personal slaves lol, it'd be wonderful
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    I was under the impression cards where available without a flat fee?

    I don't know at all for certain, though :O

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    I think you can get some credit cards without one but many have what they call an Inactivity fee, where if you don't use it they bill you something to keep it active. It's bullshit, otherwise I'd actually keep one for emergencies

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    That's what I was thinking :(

    Emergencies and concierge'd be perfect.

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    hell yes, I would be abusing that like no tomorrow. I really may have to get one just to try it out, I dunno though I'm sure for a card like that they probably have some hidden fees.

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    If this is really free, I am definitely getting a visa.

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    This is hilarious. I have a VISA debit but I assume that doesn't count.

    I have noticed that banks do this too but I can't find any links. I saw Barclays doing it at one point.

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    ... I just thought I'd point out that this is about the Chase Freedom Card, as in "J.P. Morgan Chase." It's offered through Chase bank. EDIT: It occurs to me that the article doesn't quite match up with what's on the Chase website (even though the article links directly to the Chase credit card pages). From what the Chase site says only the Chase Sapphire (their premium card) has the 24-hour live concierge service. ( And here is a short list of other cards supported (through different companies): I'm willing to bet, from what I've seen of the other cards, that the Chase is going to be the easiest to get.

    As with most credit cards, restrictions apply, but Chase is rather upfront about it. They can be found here. Yes, it's really cool that you can get concierge service and, like most Visa cards, there's a low APR ... if you have a certain credit rating and have more than a certain balance in your Chase account (which, presumably, they want you to pay your bills from). Other than that there doesn't seem to be an annual fee, as stated on the site. So if one can pay their bills on time and qualify with the appropriate credit rating, then it's "free."

    For everyone:
    Also, it's worth noting that the majority of Visa and Visa/debit cards (even those through a local bank) qualify for the Visa Extras program ( for no fee. The rewards aren't great, but it's literally better than nothing. And it's probably included with your card anyway, but you must voluntarily enroll.
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