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This is a discussion on Procrastinators, WELCOME!!! within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Originally Posted by vanillaicecream I have a test tomorrow and a 5 page paper due on Tuesday, which I haven't ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanillaicecream View Post
    I have a test tomorrow and a 5 page paper due on Tuesday, which I haven't even chosen my topic for... This is going to be fun....
    I have a test tomorrow and an unstarted 8 page paper due Friday. Fortunately I do my best work when I'm under horrific time pressures.
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    Oh dear. Good luck!! :) Haha, that is good, I'm the same way. I usually pull one or two all-nighters in the couple of days before it's due, not a great habit, haha.

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    i can barely lift a finger. i don't even know what to type in this thread, so I
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    let's see.
    studying for grad school admission tests. gre and gmat and lsat..
    applying for jobs..
    telling a girl i'd like to maybe get to know her more..
    tidying up at home..
    starting a home grow..(not really procrastinating...more, just...don't have the money. (see #2))
    figuring out a move away from here. (no money)
    getting money.
    finding my wife. (which is why i think i'm delaying talking to my current interest...don't think she's my wife..not who i want to marry...) know...
    nothing much.

    right usual...i'm posting endlessly on various internet forums (or fora, though that comes across as pretentious...)
    i have so much to little time. ugh.
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    I'm putting off my future..

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    Hello and thanks!

    I'm a procratinator and probably always will be. I have to recommend this though, it's hilarious and spot on:
    Why Procrastinators Procrastinate | Wait But Why

    dont miss the follow up about hot to beat t:
    How to Beat Procrastination | Wait But Why
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    I still need to file my taxes for this year....#dontjudgeme
    What else....
    And organize and figure out what to keep and toss before my road trip this summer.....
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