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This is a discussion on What are you thinking about? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; I hope you're okay. If only my heart could scream so loud you could hear......

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    I hope you're okay. If only my heart could scream so loud you could hear...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garden Gnome View Post
    Ugh! Last July, my internet went down for eleven days, and I was in the middle of a mafia game. I came back at last. The game was over, and I had been swiftly lynched on the day that my internet crashed. It was months before I played mafia again. I was afraid that it was jinxed.
    I rmember that. it was so sad to find out what happened

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    [edit, nvm read in on the wrong page)
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    it's the most upsetting thing ever to find out someone you care about doesn't like themselves. just had a conversation with a friend and she was talking about the fear that no one will ever sincerely love her because she's not that great - at least, in comparison to other people. i asked her why and she went into depth. said she felt unattractive, annoying to others, and when it came down to it, just wasn't good enough. which isn't true at all. while she isn't perfect, it's clear she's made it in her head that because she has flaws (which isn't as bad as she's made it out to be), she's automatically not worthy of love - let alone, attention from any human being. it sounds silly but it's an irrational thought i feel a lot of people in their lives internalize. that, with the basis of the thought being a distorted self-image is... horrible.

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    I feel like nothing makes any sense a lot of the time.
    Like why am I thirsty? I've drank 8 water bottles already.
    I guess I should drink more but then I'll just release it quicker.
    Should I eat more salt to help preserve the water? Maybe, but you have a blood pressure phobia.
    Oh.. right

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    "Stop shoving Christianity down our throats with Christmas themed coffee cups."

    Advocates for compulsory Islam education in schools...

    I don't know what to say sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
    "Stop shoving Christianity down our throats with Christmas themed coffee cups."

    Advocates for compulsory Islam education in schools...
    I thought those people were just internet memes.

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    My painting of a bear sitting on top of piano keys is almost finished.
    I've really enjoyed painting on the black canvas.
    I'd never thought of painting on black canvas but, then, I was given a gift bag after I bought a bunch of art supplies. So I used it. It's a really great surface for painting and the colors pop out so well. I'll post a picture of it once it's done.
    Acrylic paint on black canvas.
    Well, good night.
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    How I end being around the same kind of people, over and over again.
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