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This is a discussion on What are you thinking about? within the General Chat forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Ok I have a huge problem when I see someone with certain flaws same as me, I get filled with ...

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    Ok I have a huge problem when I see someone with certain flaws same as me, I get filled with so much resentment towards them. So much. And I don't know what to do. Sometimes it's really severe and I hate the feeling. I think it's a way of empathy but the response comes out in all the wrong ways. Instead of helping them, you turn the other way. I think it's worst with family because you definitely understand their tendencies and way of thinking (I assume many of these are even genetic). But there's one certain thing, that's bothers me so much, it's so depressing to think and see in someone else. And you want to correct it so badly, but it's obviously not easy. And it's like watching them ruin their lives in same ways you might have in yours, and I just can't. It just results in resentment towards them, and that's so wrong to feel like that. I hate it, hate it so much. Not a feeling I can deal with. I'm so sleepy and it's way past any moment I can think pretty much anything. Was ready to sleep, but couldn't for this reason, and it just spreads more bitterness. Distress. I know what this implies, but that way of thinking is disgusting. It's also ego centric. I'm trying is to expand beyond that way of thinking and acting, and while I'm not sure how possible that it, I do know ways to improve it, that I'm working on, and it's going pretty well. Just requires a whole lot of patience and ignoring the negatives.
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    Thinking about death, how you never know how and when is going to happened. Seeing them the the last time just like any other time. Family saying good night only to find them the next morning without a pulse. A brief moment of panic and what I imagine to be a huge rush of feelings and a mixture of hope and its very oposite. And you coming to a realization, that's it. Your never prepared for these events, no matter how much you see them coming. Today is the day. So sad to have to experience that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIA Diamonds View Post
    What a wonderful kinda day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIA Diamonds View Post
    Hey ya! Hey ya!
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    When is my next dildo session
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunn View Post
    That's a lot of reading

    Especially for a comic

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    Quote Originally Posted by atamagasuita View Post
    When is my next dildo session
    Toys are for kiddos. Use a bar of gold instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmaster Yoda View Post
    Toys are for kiddos. Use a bar of gold instead.
    Gold? What are you bourgeoisie? Use a bottle of vodka.


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