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ESFJ: Social Realist

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    ESFJ: Social Realist

    Social Realist

    Social Realists are popular persons full of energy. They are reliable, well organized and helpful. Traditional values are important to them. Founding a family also plays a central role in their life. Social Realists have a marked social streak. They are always ready to listen to the worries and problems of others and spare no effort when they are asked for help. With empathy and understanding, they can sense what other people need. Social Realists are always willing to highly regard the strong points of the other person and to excuse that person’s weaknesses. They are the most sociable of all personality types. Social contacts are very important to them.

    Social Realists find it very difficult to cope with conflicts and criticism - harmony is their elixir of life. Acknowledgement and esteem are very important to this type. Differentiation on the other hand is not necessarily one of their strong points. At work and in partnerships, they are loyal, committed and always there when needed. They find it easy to make friends due to their open, warm manner and they have a large circle of friends. In love, they are faithful and attentive and care for their partners with a great deal of imagination and sensitivity. Social Realists show their feelings openly and honestly. Should a relationship break up, they tend to blame themselves. That is why they find it very difficult to end a partnership even if it has not fulfilled their requirements for some time.
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    Social Realists are more conservative types. They have a set system of values and rules which is orientated to the prevailing traditions. They prefer clear, structured surroundings and work processes; they find too much change und unrest unpleasant. Their strong points are carefulness and reliability and not so much flexibility and spontaneity. Social Realists are open-minded towards anything new only to a limited extent. But, should one be looking for someone to fulfil a task reliably and exactly, they are the right persons.
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    Social Realist: Career

    The Social Realist is the most social among all personality types. For you, it is essential to choose a profession where you can deal with as many people as possible. You recharge your batteries with the help of people contact and the personal exchanges needed for your very special talents to unfold. You are the prototype of the caring person in the positive sense, because you love to act on behalf of others and care for them. If you have the impression that there is a way to contribute by improving the quality of their life, it satisfies you more than anything.

    For your type, the feeling to be needed, loved, and appreciated is more than vitally necessary. Therefore, working in seclusion is not for you. It is just too much counter to your extroverted nature, and your need for interpersonal interaction.You have the best ideas during dialogues with others, as they stimulate your creativity. Instead of developing abstract aid projects with the help of a drawing board, you prefer to engage yourself on the frontlines with person to person contact. For you, it is important to see the results of your work so you can go home feeling that you (again) made the world a better place - at least a bit.

    You are a born team player. You are open and communicative, easily integrating yourself into group hierarchies. For your personality type, harmony is the keyword in your personal, as well as in your professional life. Since conflicts and power struggles seriously stress you making it difficult for you to attend to your tasks, you should put your emphasis on working in a stress free, respectful, and affectionate environment. Working environments continuously affected by tough infighting, and where competitive conflicts are intense represent too great a strain.

    Social Realist: Love

    No other type is as loving, attentive, and committed a partner as you. Many authors describe your type as the most personable and endearing of all: caring, sensitive, and always making sure that others are comfortable in your presence. For you, investing a lot in your relationship, and totally committing yourself to another person goes without saying. You enjoy assuming responsibilities, and that applies to your partnership, as well. When you encounter hic-ups in your relationship, the first things you look for are ways to change yourself.

    You were born with the need to take care of the person you love most - to the best of your ability - and to do everything to make him/her comfortable. You create a comfortable home with the feeling of security and intimacy for both of you. To please and surprise your partner, you have an astounding sense for sharing small and frequent signs of your love. Your antenna for his/her needs is almost eerie, and sometimes you almost trip over yourself with eagerness when it is important to you to meet his/her needs. In the long run, your own needs are frequently neglected when you have a partner who prefers taking over, or who does not care for you as sensitively as you care for him/her.

    Any partner is going to be overwhelmed by your sensitive and exuberant nature. Because you often like to talk about things close to your heart you are not stingy with compliments and assurances of your love. You are the most emotional and passionate of the Realists. The power of your feelings often carries you away. With you, this is not just lip service because you also prove your love with deeds. Whoever is with you can always rely on you. Your fidelity and loyalty toward your partner are extraordinary and unshakeable. Comparative studies have often indicated that Social Realists lead the list of the sixteen types in the durations of their marriages. For you, a relationship represents a life-long obligation; you don’t enter into it lightly and expect stability and reliability from your partner, as well. If you are disappointed, it hurts you even more than any other of the personality types.

    Source: iPersonic Typology
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Ah, no wonder this confused me for a sec. The heading 'ESTJ: Social Realist' is a typo - ought to be an F.

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    It's pretty close though. I'm great at communicating, even though my feelings are definitely reserved. Lots of lip service- I give credit where credit is due, both good and bad things.

    As far as relationships are concerned, once I make a commitment, my attitude is "This WILL work. No other options."


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