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ADHD anyone?

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This is a discussion on ADHD anyone? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I don't belive that is such a thing as ADHD, even in the helm of pedagogi it it still a ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I don't belive that is such a thing as ADHD, even in the helm of pedagogi it it still a metter of discussion, if there is no chemical unbalance or proved neurological problems in the individual that comproves some anomaly on the neurosistem, it should be only considered as a behaviour not a medical condition.
    Diagnostic someone with a disturb just because he dislikes repetitive tasks? Pff give me a break.
    Obviously that the majorit os NP's will be diagnosticated with ADD and ENP's ADHD, they tend consider it as a unhealty behaviour.


    High energy and restless / Hyperactivity
    Takes on, starts too many projects
    Loses interest easily
    High impatience
    May fail to follow through, forget appointments
    Tendency to hyperfocus and not be able to easily break out of it
    Tendency to see everything at once, to think “globally” and see many possibilities at once, making it difficult to make certain kinds of decisions
    Higher than average tolerance for chaos and change
    Often exhibit high risk-taking, high stimulation seeking behavior
    Often hyper-reactive and sensitive – Strong reactions to thoughts, noise, people talking, everything in their environment – may notice everything, or tend to shut down and become inattentive to everything, or a combination of both
    Tend to criticize themselves constantly
    Tend to always be scanning or hunting – looking around for anything that might be new or different, or out of place, looking to make connections, to see patterns, may not even be aware of this. So they seem not to be listening when actually they are trying to take everything in, though sometimes they really aren’t listening because they can’t focus on just one thing that is coming in through their senses
    Highly intuitive thinking
    Inconsistency of attention, mood


    Unusually Enthusiastic, [high energy and high enthusiasm is VERY characteristic of ADD)
    "Apt to express interest in everything" [this makes it very difficult to focus and make choices about how to use your time]
    Characteristically have an eye out for a better way [leads to constantly changing and not sticking to systems you create to organize yourself]
    Always on the lookout for new projects, new activities, new procedures [ a clear link to all those unfinished projects ADD is famous for]
    Always seem to be several jumps ahead [Another hallmark of ADD brains that process informationally globally and often see patterns before others do. Many famous inventors and scientists who made significant discoveries are thought to have had ADD]


    “Can concentrate better than any other personality type” [Similar to hyperfocusing]
    “Once caught up in a thought process, that thought process seems to have a will of its own for INTPS, and they persevere until the issue is comprehended” [More hyperfocus]
    “Impatient with routine details” [Impacts ability to "maintain" traditional organizing systems]
    “The INTP must be given an efficient support staff who can capture ideas as they emerge and before the INTP loses interest and turns to other ideas” [How I would LOVE this! and how unrealistic this is. The book is obviously old enough to remember when most managers had their own secretaries. I had my own Exec Assistant when I was a manger at Arthur Andersen's Center for Professional Education...it was AWESOME!!! I miss her!]
    INTP’s are often forgetful of appointments and the rituals of daily living unless they are reminded. [Need I say more?]

    from Is it ADHD or Creative Personality Type? | Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed

    And wanna more?
    NP's 12% of the population
    ADD and ADHD 12% of the population

    I was diagnosticated as a child to but my father resisted as hell everyone telling that I should take the medicines,and I'm glad for it, that thing seems like a kind of lobotomy.
    ADD and your variants are just pure bullshit.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Deco View Post
    there is no chemical unbalance or proved neurological problems in the individual that comproves some anomaly on the neurosistem, it should be only considered as a behaviour not a medical condition.
    Actually it resulted from my brain scans that there is an anomaly in the neurological connections of my brain.
    Also there are other important factors to consider, for example caffeine doesn't have the same effects on non-ADHD people and people with ADD/ADHD; in fact it usually has the opposite effect. In fact when I drink tea/coffee I don't feel energized at all, they actually make me calmer, if not even tired or sleepy.
    The problem is that many "experts" don't consider these important factors and just label as ADHD every child who is hyper and as ADD every dreamy kid, all this resulting in an overdiagnosis of the disorder. Also many parents prefer to label their kids with a disorder and give them dangerous meds than accept their parental responsibilities. They can't control their spoiled children and just say "well, it's not my fault, he/she is ADHD/ADD".
    Many people that were diagnosed with ADHD found out that all the symptoms went away when they started a new diet and cut off most of the sugary substances.
    Also remember that you should have your brain scanned for an accurate diagnosis.
    Also the caffeine thing is very important, probably the factor that can tell the real difference between ADHD/ADD and normal hyperactivity/distractability.
    And don't forget that ADHD/ADD hardly ever come alone: they usually are co-morbid with other disorders, like autism, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, depression and many others.

    So yeah in the end it's pretty easy to tell the difference between ADHD/ADD and being simply hyperactive/unfocused, but the "experts" simply diagnose as many kids as possible with it so thaat the pharmaceutical industry can make more money.

    Also, some people say they meet the symptoms but they still have/had a very high GPA. This is not possible if you have ADHD unless you take really good meds. It's very common to have ADD+learning difficulties (with math, reading or writing) and people with ADD usually have high grades in some subjects but very low grades in others. For example I have difficulties with writing (always had them), in fact my oral grades are ok or high while my written grades are usually low or very low (except math because in that case I have to deal with numbers, not letters) even in subjects I am very good at orally. This results in me being a C student and I've improved a lot, because in elementary and middle school I was a D-E student.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I'm just saying that "ADHD/ADD" should be not considered as a disease or a trastorn but more likely a human condition, I mean, obviously that the brain will work different in different people,look at the left-handed, but since the minority of people are different (12% of NP's or ADHD and ADD) they will certainly have some troubles on matching with the mold that is made for fit with the majority, so the majority tends do say that is something wrong with the minority for don't matching with the mold,and they attempt to change how you works with medicines that have a thousand of side effects and end up making tons of money for actually "curing" something that does not need to be cured in the first place, ADHD/ADD is just a fancy name to "you are different so you are worst" and "let me make money with it" mentality.
    They tend to see this differences as a bad thing and a opportunity to make money because since that for selling some medicine you need to have a disease first, they take this less commun padrom of comportment and call it a transtorn, and I'm sure that you have ever heard of the "gay cure", it is another example.

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