ENTJ: Job Satisfaction

ENTJ: Job Satisfaction

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    ENTJ: Job Satisfaction

    ENTJ Workplace Strengths
    • are someone who reaches understanding through interaction and discussion, someone who wants to talk it through
    • are energetic, enthusiastic, and prone to take action
    • move around and may “do business” in various locations
    • participate, often speaking up right away, letting others know what you think or feel
    • regard meetings as places to build relationships and as vehicles to get work done
    • are aware of the impact of what’s going on in the larger organization and the outside world
    • focus first on and are most interested in the big picture, global issues, future possibilities; you notice the “forest” before noticing the “trees”
    • are speculative and work toward “what if”
    • work in bursts, await inspiration, may skip around, pursuing what “strikes your fancy;” may work on several things at the same time
    • elect to acquire new knowledge that is interesting even if there is no apparent use for it
    • want a team to have an engaging vision and mission; initiate and enjoy consideration of possibilities or theoretical matters
    • arouse energy and zeal, especially for pursuing the mission and for innovations
    • may seem distant and/or unapproachable; are direct, sometimes at the cost of being insensitive to others
    • focus on the work at hand; don’t allocate much time to get to know others and build relationships
    • are naturally critical of ideas and proposals; identify deficiencies in ideas and plans, and impediments to achieving goals
    • believe that what is accomplished is more important than how a group works together; expect the best ideas and solutions to emerge from argument and debate; enjoy give and take
    • analyze impersonally; are able to step back and be impartial
    • champion sticking to the principles
    • are dependable, deliberate, decisive, and focused; stick to commitments, plans, and schedules
    • are methodical and systematic, and often develop routine approaches to work
    • like to finish things-may do so even when finishing is no longer appropriate or necessary
    • may be uncomfortable proceeding without a plan; take a “let’s get on with it/let’s get it done” stance, deciding “too quickly” without “sufficient” input and discussion of alternatives
    • may be uncomfortable proceeding without a plan; work best when there is something definite to work toward; want a group to focus on and organize to accomplish the agreed-upon result
    • initially respond to a new task or assignment with “There’s no way we can take on a new project,” then later adjust plans and schedules to fit it in

    ENTJ personality and ENTJ ability would include a tendency toward the following workplace weaknesses:
    • may need to be less logical in the workplace and “feel” more at times
    • may have difficulty in environments where work relationships are highly valued
    • will have difficulty seeing the in-the-moment possibility and being open to that realistic potential
    • may have difficulty with non-theoretical, people oriented brain storming activities
    • may have difficulty with person centered decision making
    • will be uncomfortable to troubled proceeding without plans
    • may be prone to decide too quickly
    • may have difficulty with others who are not willing to take risks
    • may struggle with others who strongly present a natural “personal” approach to things
    • may be troubled in an isolated work environment, need people on the job

    Now take a few moments and consider how ENTJs behave and perform in the workplace from the following seven aspects:

    What Others Might Observe First:
    • are tough-minded, logical and critical
    • are energetic and action-oriented, take the initiative and get things organized, quick and decisive
    • are articulate and assertive, have definite opinions, are often clever with words and sometimes brusque
    • are confident, responsible, hard working, and get a lot done

    Work Style
    • want their work to be challenging and to provide opportunities to develop and advance, like their accomplishments to be visibly acknowledged
    • are self-starters who build-but don’t necessarily maintain-structures and systems; may attempt-and sometimes accomplish-the seemingly impossible
    • place great value on competence, prefer to work with masterful and ambitious people, may become impatient or intolerant of irresponsibility or incompetence
    • set and meet objectives, generally follow procedures unless they interfere with accomplishing goals, and are frustrated by lack of action or closure

    On Work Teams/In Groups
    • are goal-oriented, want to stick to the job and get it done, are anxious when things are not getting done, and will not let the group flounder
    • are always looking for a better way so they critique and then generate ideas and propose plans to address problems or make improvements
    • are gregarious but not necessarily warm, and may be uncomfortable with small talk
    • often have or assume authority; question authority when they don’t have it

    Facing Change
    • perform well in a crisis
    • are able to deal with complexity and handle multiple factors at the same time
    • believe that change can be managed rationally by utilizing plans, structures, and models
    • are prone to introduce change when they are the leaders; but may be less comfortable when they are not in control or when there is ambiguity

    During Conflict
    • see “conflict” as a problem to be solved, a situation to get beyond, or something to negotiate; are not uncomfortable “agreeing to disagree” or living with tensions such as a “personality difference”
    • may overlook process issues and the other “people parts” of conflicts, and may have difficulty understanding, accepting, and dealing with feeling values
    • may be viewed by others as the cause of conflict due to their drive to critique and improve systems and people
    • under stress, may focus even more strongly on the task; may have an uncharacteristic flare-up of feelings-explode or attach-or cover up own feelings with humor

    Workplace Contributions
    • broad vision and the ability to anticipate and plan for long-term organizational challenges
    • initiative to move the team or organization in new directions
    • willingness and the ability to make and stand by tough decisions
    • understanding of power and how to use it, political astuteness, and ability to work within the structure

    May Be Experienced As:
    • great at running things and sometimes as imposing ideas on others or making decisions for them (sometimes even when they have been asked not to)
    • decisive and sometimes as concluding too quickly, after considering too few options
    • very focused on the goal or task and sometimes as so intent on reaching their aim that they are not sensitive to others’ concerns, are impersonal, critical, or impatient
    • career and work-oriented and sometimes as being too serious, not playing enough

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