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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman of Mana View Post
    perhaps you feel these things for other reasons because I don't think of "humanitarian" when I think of 478. 4s, 7s and 8s are all "ME!" types.
    - 4s: how do I express myself and my unique image
    - 7s: how do I have fun and avoid things that are boring and painful
    - 8s: how do I get power, independence and get/stay on top of the world

    they are probably the 3 most self centered types on the enneagram (being a 478 myself I would consider this a compliment). 7 and 8 are also Id types, which means they're driven by their desires. 4 is an ego type, withdrawn, reflective, isolated and not very much likely to think about other people. humanitarianism I think is more the domain of the superego which correlates with types 1, 2 and 6 (though it could also apply to 9)
    that's a huge generalization, all types can be "me" types, fours and sevens can be very humanitarian and so can eights, though maybe less likely and in a different ways. It's a matter of healthy, when fours integrate to one they are become interesting in giving to others and being less selfish and more fair. Many fours in fact are passionate about social justice issues and the like, we just lack the direction to commit to positive action when unhealthy. I don't know, any human being can be a "humanitarian", there type would just filter why and how they dc it. I won't denty these types are self-centered but I don't think means only focusing on the self or not interesting in charity.
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    These are sort of- just places that don't seem unfamiliar to me. They do have the 9-5-4 or something similiar feel.. I feel

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    Type 7w6




    Something like that :)
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    Type 6w7

    9w8 6w5 3w2 (All three types have a very strong presence in me)
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    Type 5



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    Type 6


    I am interested to see what you guys visualize when you conjure an image for your tritype.
    I've never really conjured up an image for my tritype though I think your picture is purdy.


    I love that fish-island picture you have. It's kind of sad, but it does describe the detached nature of a Type 5 from the little I know about the enneagram


    6-4-1 The Philosopher
    I would have thought you were more 612 or 613. More action oriented, admittedly I might be 6w5, 1w9, 4w5 and I'm not really subdued…

    I like the picture of Gandhi -- he was an awesome guy who did some amazing things and without firing a single shot.

    BTW: Who's the woman in this photo


    I really like the quote in the graphic. The world would be better if people lived like that.


    What kind of tri-type is that? 8,7,3 (The one with the burning cop-car)?


    I love it!

    @marzipan01 ,

    I love this picture. I'm not religious but I'll admit it has a lot of flair.


    683 tritype
    The Great Debator, or a Mass Debator?

    @Thom York

    Awww a baby Golden Retriver. I love a big fuzzy dog.


    That is a really good description of a 6,4,8. Triple reactive -- very intense.

    @Dark Romantic

    Those are really striking… I guess 8/7/4 and all it's permutations are a flaming tri-type -- all the 7/8/4 types seem to agree.


    Wow, that's some messed up stuff. Still I can't seem to take my eyes off of it

    Remember to seriously read my signature down below and be sure you understand what I mean by it...
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    9: Dog, nature and all that junk
    7: Posing for a photo in a stance that makes you look like you're humping the dog
    3: I'm going to go ahead and presume that's a very expensive, designer label jacket he's wearing, cause otherwise this won't work.
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    Type 6w7

    Quote Originally Posted by RobynC View Post


    I would have thought you were more 612 or 613. More action oriented, admittedly I might be 6w5, 1w9, 4w5 and I'm not really subdued…

    I like the picture of Gandhi -- he was an awesome guy who did some amazing things and without firing a single shot.

    BTW: Who's the woman in this photo

    I checked 612 out, the problem is that I don't enjoy being needed. I know it may seem odd to say, but I actually run from situations where people wish to rely on me all the time. I like to help, but my help is more along the lines of "This is how you fix it, now do it, but don't get clingy or I'll walk away."

    Same sort of goes for 613. E3 is the one type I least identify with and the hard working 613 is just not me.

    I'm also not very action orientated, prefer thinking and only do a fraction of the things that go through my mind. What made you think I was so?

    :) Gandhi is awesome.

    Idk who the woman is, I posted it because of her facial expression. I wanted a facial expression, an artistic expression and a symbol in describing my tritype.

    To be honest I'm sure about 6 and 1, unsure about 4, but since I mistyped as a core 4 initially and I'm very reactive (thought I was 648 once) I stayed with 614.

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