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Dream jobs for the social philosopher!

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This is a discussion on Dream jobs for the social philosopher! within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Im still a junior in HIGH school but after going through all these ------> Account Collectors Accountants Accounting Clerks Actors ...

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    Im still a junior in HIGH school but after going through all these ------>





















    LOL ok soo... some of them i didnt want to be but theres enough i didnt include that i did want to be But basicaly i narrowed it down 2 one career section ART because i just love Art n pretty much idk wat other types of career there r besides art careers that change frequently n dont have long periods of same n boredom but the specific art field i want to go in is FILM by starting as either n actor or director which idk yet n once i learn 1 of those n start my career n film im still planning on learn every other career in film n trying it once xD n then i want to retire as a Star ship captain n btw im not joking like if we make star ships b4 i die i guarantee ill be 1 of the first in line to lead a ship out not EVEN KINDING IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT
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