The ENFP Child

The ENFP Child

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    The ENFP Child

    from: Parenting Skill ENFP Must Embrace Energy-ENFPs Can Do Anything!

    Parenting skill for the ENFP child can be a bit challenging from the standpoint in the headline above….you will have a hard time telling them what to do!
    ENFP, Extraverted with Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving, parenting skill can be improved by understanding that these ENFP young ones are powerfully energetic, and independent, and don’t believe in “constructive criticism” at any age. This can be a discipline issue for you Mom and Dad at times.
    Firstly understand that this page is devoted to helping you as a loving parent or guardian, regardless of your type, better understand how to use your instinctive nature to improve your parenting skill by nurturing your child.
    Your nature and your child’s nature is your personality type and your child’s type as discovered through the Myers Briggs Test. You may or may not be ESFP; but, if your child is ENFP than this page can guide you in developing outstanding parenting skill as you raise and interact with your ENFP child.
    You’ll be introduced to several key personality characteristics of the ENFP child and you’ll be given some suggestions as to things to do that will improve parenting skill and help nurture you ENFP child all through life.
    We’ll assume that you know your personality type and that your child is ENFP…or you think they are… we go!!
    Some Characteristics of the ENFP Child-Some Behaviors to Look For

    • Very high energy level here
    • Very creative and imaginative young ones
    • Will try to talk, express themselves at very young ages
    • Very attuned to your feelings Mom and Dad…..very
    • These kids can get loud…the energy of others (which is their fuel) cranks them….maturity (time) is the solution
    • School is a great field and release for their powerful imagination
    • These children see potential…and what could be…in everything!
    • These kids (and adults) are great at beginnings….not so naturally good at finishing’s!
    • You’ll find these kids intermediating between their friends to help them solve issues
    • The ENFP child is playful, engaging….but has a short attention span….typically
    • Very individualistic…now and as they grow older…get ready!
    • No such thing as constructive criticism for the ENFP…at any age
    • Will seek and warm to harmonious situations and environments…the opposite can destroy them!
    • The ENFP thinks out loud

    Regardless of Your Type Mom and Dad-Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Nurture the ENFP Child and Improve Parenting Skill.

    • Channel the very high energy level here to, thru many activities
    • Remember they are energized by people…let them SAFELY explore that
    • They are (can be) wonderful “brainstormers”….allow their intuition and vision to wonder…guide it constructively when you can
    • Let them fantasize and try NOT to criticize it….they are not daydreaming!
    • Use their energy and creativity to help you solve problems….they are validated and praised for this
    • Praise them a lot
    • You’ll get their “feelings” and “emotions” a lot, try not to talk them out of this
    • Let them go from thing to thing as they begin this and begin that…eventually they will settle with guidance

    In conclusion Mom or Dad, if you are ENFP than most of the above seemed pretty natural and may have brought back childhood memories; but, if you are not a Intuitive Feeler (NF) or a Intuitive Perceiver (NP)maybe the above can better aid you as you develop you parenting skill.
    The ENFP is one of the more average types in terms of distribution as 6-8% of the entire American population is ENFP…..female ENFPs abound a bit more with 7-9% of American females this type and 4-6% of American males this type. (Estimation)
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    Unknown Personality

    If only my Mom read this... >_>

    She and I have a weird relationship. A lot of times, she and I get along fine, but we also have a lot of times where I feel she doesn't appreciate me.

    Most of the arguments we got in were over things like chores. She always hated how she'd tell me to do something, but with that ENFP short attention span, I entirely forget what she asked me to do five minutes later and she thinks I just don't do them because I'm lazy. She also thinks laziness is the reason why I often complain while I do chores, but it's really just to get the annoyance with the monotonous work out of my system. Of course, some of it also has to do with that "rebellious" streak some of us ENFPs get. If she tells me to do something and she does it in a manner that seems too cold or rude, I'll wind up neglecting it on purpose just to make her start asking nicer because I hate it when she acts like I'm her slave or something.

    She also doesn't think I take "grown up" matters seriously enough, which is why I get ticked off when she tells important things to my brother, but not me. It's not that I don't take it seriously, it's just that I've found joking about things is a pretty good stress reliever.

    She also sometimes worries that I'm gay. It especially bothers her that I see nothing wrong with homosexuality, but she's really conservative like that. I don't necessarily act gay, but I just don't really buy into gender stereotypes because I think it's stupid for me to act a certain way just because it's what all the other guys are doing.

    Aside from things like that, though, she and I get along fine. My dad passed away a few years ago, but he and I seemed to have a much more stable relationship than the one I have with Mom.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    "No such thing as constructive criticism for the ENFP…at any age"

    oh wow, if only people really understood that.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    My mom always thinks that my joking or loudness is just because I'm being rude and immature but to me it seems perfectly normal, I don't notice the difference. When I'm in a situation where I have to control my energy level, like work, as soon as I am out of that I feel a burst of energy and a need to do something. The other day when I got off work I was really energized rather than tired like most people and I didn't entirely realize how different I was from her and the other workers, I couldn't help but be hyper and she lectured me that I was at an adult job and not a junior highschool dance.

    I am really, really susceptible to bad vibrations from both my mom and dad, whenever either of them is even slightly upset with me it really freaks me out. It's been this way for years but I only recently noticed it, my mother never was physical with me but she does yell or cry from time to time and I have a hard time sitting through it, especially when she doesn't allow me to talk and if I do I MUST be wrong. I eventually ran away and ended up living with my dad but there was a lot more yelling and screaming there so I'm back at mom's and still having trouble.

    I can't talk to my mom about much of anything, she claims to be really open minded but she's not at all when I compare her to other adults.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I was an INFP as a kid.
    But this easily describes my neice. Oh god...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I always felt really lucky to be raised in such a loving, peaceful and open household, and reading this I can see just how lucky I was as an ENFP child....The phrase about how ENFP's seek warm and harmonious environments is so very true -- and the part about how it can destroy an ENFP if they DON'T have that type of environment, while a rather dramatic statement- It is also an accurate assessment. My parents always encouraged me and listened to me go on and on about feelings and emotions and I was always really comfortable at home because my parents had a phenomenal relationship and rarely ever fight- Even when they would get upset with each other, I would physically and emotionally recoil-and they would really be more "discussing and disagreeing" rather than actually ever, ever fighting- they rarely raised their voices at one another, but I still, from a young age would get upset when there was discourse and a lack of harmony-So all of this is ringing very true to me.................
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Pocket View Post
    "No such thing as constructive criticism for the ENFP…at any age"

    oh wow, if only people really understood that.
    Is it like, " I don't care what you have to say, I just want to do it my way ?"
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Quote Originally Posted by Karot View Post
    Is it like, " I don't care what you have to say, I just want to do it my way ?"
    No, more like you've just crushed my entire reason for existing.
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