What do you do to make your job interesting?

What do you do to make your job interesting?

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This is a discussion on What do you do to make your job interesting? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Like mundane jobs. Or jobs you don't really like? Do you do some stuffs in order to make it interesting? ...

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    What do you do to make your job interesting?

    Like mundane jobs. Or jobs you don't really like? Do you do some stuffs in order to make it interesting? Do you motivate yourself?!!!
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    Do work that makes you happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amily View Post
    Do work that makes you happy.
    What if u don't have a choice?
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    My job happens to be interesting enough that I don't have to distract myself. But, there's a lot of ordinary things throughout the day that bore me to no end. (Cleaning, laundry, jogging, driving, etc.) So I listen to audiobooks to pass the time. Just grab a cheap mp3 player (I use a 10 year old ipod) and a set of headphones. Audiobooks are very expensive if you buy them, but you can actually download them legally and for free from many public libraries.

    Now, this obviously won't work for every job. But if you're a trucker, maid, gardener, or something else similar, you can carry hours of entertainment with you wherever you go.
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    Mental games; random organization / stacking of objects with (obvious) flawed physics when the tasks are completed / slow. Staring at the clock; daydreaming.

    I tend to enjoy fast pace / diverse working to keep the distraction(s) at bay.
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    I just focus on the people.
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    Purposely being an ass to co-workers, avoiding looking at the clock and thinking about time, daydreaming, making assumptions about people, deriving questions out of everything work-related to possibly google later.
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    Having my collegues see and treat me more like a mental patient than a fellow co-worker, while my job actually is helping or taking care for such people.

    I can't wait to come back, and leave no doubt behind once my inevitable return will be great.

    And more stuff... since everyone thinks I'm gay even though I'm not, at least one client doesn't feel comfortable going public with me. So... yay for that as well.
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    i think of some annoying tasks in life like a game and try to push through and "level up" . doing what u hate does improve u and strengthen u so i focus on that. music in the backround is great too. if im distracting myself with good music i can get lots of chores done. or having a good system and routine helps...i think it also helps to think how u can personally contribute something of yourself to your job. helping someone out..influencing someone well..
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    Post on Perc.

    No, seriously I enjoy my job for the most part. Analysis is interesting (more than I'd anticipated) and I get to interact with intelligent people for the most part, so nerdy jokes and a quiet environment are definitely a plus.

    Coding can get boring, especially when you try to tailor a bespoke program to match the silly 'needs' of people who understand nothing about coding - seriously people, there are limits at how versatile something can be!
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