Work/nothing ratio

Work/nothing ratio

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    Work/nothing ratio

    What if there's no 'life' side to balance out the equation? Is it rčally worth it to keep the ball rolling?

    If work is - and life is +, the + justifies the means of -. It becomes a problemen however when this supposedly + is hardly a break-even situation of mostly nothingness and lonesome. The result is -, for all there is is work on one side and indifference on the other.

    On the brink of my professional career I ask myself the question: how does one sustain such an existence?

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    If you view your job as entirely a minus then you need to find a new career path.

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    I agree with the above. Don't go into something that'll make you miserable; there's no point. Work doesn't necessarily have to be a minus. Work can serve as a springboard for personal growth.
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    Make one small change a week and see where it gets you. You don't have to change jobs immediately. But choose one thing that will make you happier and stick with it. Then see what you can do the next week, and the next...

    Eventually you will change your whole life.
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    How many hours do you work a week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atamagasuita View Post
    That's perfect work\life balance by modern standards. If there's nothing there, it's because you haven't found a good hobby.
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    It sounds like you're having questions about your purpose. It's not that work is draining you or that it's too difficult per se, but you really don't have much good in your life that you can think of. You're successful to some degree, but it sure doesn't feel that way.

    I've had the same issue for a lot of my life. Some days I've gone to work wondering why I even bother. Even now, I still life a pretty lonely life. I'm single and living in a house with three bedrooms--and sometimes it really hurts.

    The thing to remember is that you only see one tiny point of your life at a time. Try to imagine a timeline of your life rolled out onto the floor. You see only one moment--this moment--and you can vaguely remember a few moments before it.

    The bad habit a lot of people have is to extrapolate this moment and the few moments they can remember into some kind of prediction of the future. I do it all the time, and it doesn't help. Never forget that you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Today it feels pointless, and you may be pretty sure you remember yesterday feeling pointless too, but you cannot use that to say that tomorrow will feel pointless. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet. You may think you know, but you don't. Not truly.

    If you're having existential thoughts about life in general (Is God real? What is the point of living? Do we really control our actions?) then that's actually a very good sign, despite what many would say. It means you're searching. And those who search will eventually find, if they continue to search and don't give up. You may have to wade through a lot of unsatisfactory answers, and in this life you may never truly understand the meaning of it all, but I think that if you'll explore this deeply you'll eventually come to the conclusion that this life is absolutely meaningful--a gift not to be wasted or taken for granted--even if it's hard to stay motivated day to day.

    Don't give up; it sounds like you're doing great, but maybe you've hit a rough patch and just need to take some time to learn more about your purpose in life. I recommend true, honest, consistent, soul-searching prayer as a starting point. Things will become clearer for you in time if you just keep putting your best foot forward in life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerShell View Post
    That's perfect work\life balance by modern standards. If there's nothing there, it's because you haven't found a good hobby.
    Well I'm good I'm good I'm good. Living life like it should.. I'm good I'm good I'm good

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    Perhaps the one thing that killed my work/life balance when I held an office job was the commute. Working in the warehouse and going back to the office was a joy, but commuting from the office back home was miserable. Took over an hour some days. Maybe start by looking at your commute and seeing how you can cut it down to allow for more away from work time?
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