Should we have a debate?

Should we have a debate?

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This is a discussion on Should we have a debate? within the The Debate Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I see a lot of debating going on in these threads, but I don't think anyone has asked the critical ...

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    Should we have a debate?

    I see a lot of debating going on in these threads, but I don't think anyone has asked the critical question of whether or not we should be debating things. This thread will be a place for us to discuss whether or not we should have a debate.

    -ATTENTION PLEASE: This thread is not the place a place to have an actual debate.

    This thread is intended as a place to discuss whether or not we should have a debate about something. Anyone caught debating over whether or not we should have a debate, or anything else for that matter, will be fed to the trolls.

    In the event we reach a consensus that we should in fact have a debate, discussion regarding a potential topic will begin. Debating will be allowed in this discussion should it occur, but the discussion over what the debate topic will be about should not be confused with the debate itself.

    Please offer your input on this critical subject respectfully and without resorting to using any actual debate tactics as this would violate the purpose of this conversation.

    Your participation in this thread is mandatory


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    Thanks kid,yes i agree that there should be a debate.What topic it should be about i'm not sure.Perhaps healthy MBTI types verses unhealty ones.Right now i think that i'm an unhealthy ISFJ,and would like to know why this happens to some people who have been traumatised and not others.

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    As long as the end result is everyone else's opinions being overwritten by mine.
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    As long as people can stick to debating and avoid the all too often personal attacks and useless derailing. Then I think they should be allowed to debate here.

    Also, the bee above me is an idiot, I mean really? That's not what a debate is.
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    Here is the reason why. I cannot kick someone's ass in case they got the last word. The end of the story.
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    Nothing will come of it.
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    debating is illogical and pointless so no

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    whether or not we should be debating things.
    I don't I understand the question.

    Debating is mandatory as there's no other way to explore the brain of all others.

    Said explorative results can be casually disguarded, more or less, in the afterglow of the debate.

    I keep hoping for people to come with a pop top lid so I can casually open it to see what they are thinking but so far no luck.

    I don't have that Vulcan Mind Probe trick down yet so debate is my only option.
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    Then we can't use arguments.
    Conclusion this is a poll!
    I vote yes we should have debates!

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    I participate in debate for my own benefit. If I change someone's mind about something I'll probably never find out, but that is not my goal. My goal in debating is to expose my ideas to challenges that I may not have considered refine and simplify my own logic. The most ignorant people are often those who have never, or very seldom, exposed their own opinions to the scrutiny of others. More ignorant still is the person who reaches middle age or older and clings to the ideas of their youth, having never offered them up for rigorous debate outside their own minds.

    Debate is essential for our intellectual growth. So YES, we should debate!
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