Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem

Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem

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This is a discussion on Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem within the Current Events forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Here's an interesting blog entry on piracy worldwide and in various industries. It contains all sort of numbers, examples and ...

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    Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem

    Here's an interesting blog entry on piracy worldwide and in various industries. It contains all sort of numbers, examples and figures.

    I think it's quite appropriate since there was all this MegaUpload and SOPA/PIPA buzz in the last few days.

    Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem | Monday Note

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    They don't need Sopa/Pipa in order to compromise our privacy. Just look at MegaUpload, bill didn't even pass.

    They even tried to push it down our throats on national television in Europa that he is a dangerous criminal that shouldn't enter our country, involved in selling our privacy etc. Bullshit if you ask me. Dude's a genius. We have something called the ACTA(SOPA's European brother) and it still has to pass..

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    I think we need more services like iTunes and NetFlix to allow us to more legally download music and video-files. More people would download legally if the price was reasonable (iTunes is pretty fair) and they could easily access the stuff legally.

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    Piracy separates the art from the commodity.

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    Here in Finland, they made Elisa network (and hell - that doesn't even work. You can bypass it by using proxy.) to censor Pirate Bay out. And now they are making a bill that will make all other networks do the same.. road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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    Be careful, they're going to use that mandatory filtering as a censorship tool. Australia also proposed a firewall which nobody could opt out of and when they test ran it it blocked out WikiLeaks, and sites the government didn't like. It wasn't about blocking child porn, or terrorist stuff -- it was just straight out censorship.


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