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This is a discussion on Olmsted & Gorski within the Current Events forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; The Absurdity of Autism Vaccine Wars (4/7 article) The Absurdity within autism is that one side claims there can be ...

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    Olmsted & Gorski

    The Absurdity of Autism Vaccine Wars (4/7 article)

    The Absurdity within autism is that one side claims there can be a cure while the other seeks a cause.

    I really do not think there is a "cure" per-se.

    Because I do not think autism is a disease but rather it's a congenital variation in neurological structure and one I do not believe we should be "weeding out". Though the amount of children affected who are not high functioning is unacceptable and no doubt this issue should not be ignored nor misdirected.

    Sharing a super quick thought blogged just the other day on the Absurdity w/in the world of Autism.

    Autism Jabberwocky: Autism-Vaccine War Reaches New Height of Stupidity

    Dan Thinks I'm a Nazi. Nice.

    Dan Olmsted - "Non-believers are Nazi sympathizers" -
    The report goes on to quote the DeStefano/CDC study about how the antigens in vaccines don't correlate with a risk for autism. Even in the self-protective annals of the CDC, this study is a stinker.
    But putting that aside, the fact that Jalen fell off a developmental cliff TWO OR THREE DAYS after vaccination ought to make somebody in the editing room at that TV station, or some mainstream outlet somewhere, sit up and take notice.
    This happens all the damn time, people! These kinds of parental accounts, combined with the $2 billion plus awarded in vaccine court, including to Hannah Poling; the known properties of vaccination, and the concommitant rise of mercury and vaccines with the autism epidemic, are far more than enough to start asking tough questions.
    It's not going to be very PC to say this, but one of the most vivid images from the end of World War II is the Allies making local villagers walk through a newly liberated concentration camp. The message was -- how can you say you did not know?

    Gorksi Thinks I'm Evil. Nice.

    Orac, aka David Gorksi - "You hate your children" -
    It’s very clear that many antivaccinationists hate autistic children. The language they use to describe them makes that very clear. Such children are “damaged” (by vaccines, of course); the parents’ real children were “stolen” from them (by vaccines); they are “toxic” (from vaccines); the “light left their eyes” (due to vaccines). Autism is an “epidemic,” a “tsunami,” even a “holocaust,” with “denial” of that “holocaust” being equivalent to Holocaust denial. All of this likens autism to a horror on par with these calamities, and paints vaccines as the instrument of annihilation of antivaccinationists” “real” children.

    So apparently I am an Evil Natzi who hates my baby. Nice.

    OR MAYBE ... I believe that Autistic children (being more sensitive than that of an INFJ - get's overload from all the information their sponge of a brain is able to absorb) and are maybe too sensitive to withstand environmental insult in the same way these guys can. Maybe. I've learned to discard what I "think" I know and to question to everything I learn. So it's just a maybe. Seems like a good idea as any. *shrugs*

    I only wish I could spread my "sensitivity" these men are lacking.
    I'm sure their lady friends would thank me if I could ;)

    This world sure does do a good job making me me feel like a special little snowflake,
    verklempt sarcasm included. *tear*

    Thank you for listening! And Welcome to the absurdity within the world of autism :)

    Does it feel good? What do you think? Would you date these guys? :p

    So ummm, is sarcasm allowed in the current events section of PerC ?

    Or am I in trouble?

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