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Bullied girl, spit on, beat up and forced to kiss the agressor's foot.

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This is a discussion on Bullied girl, spit on, beat up and forced to kiss the agressor's foot. within the Current Events forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by DarkWarrior That is an insult to Neanderthals. Hahahahahaa ... that was funny :P...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkWarrior View Post
    That is an insult to Neanderthals.
    Hahahahahaa ... that was funny :P

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    I think one of the reasons it might look staged is because both girls know they are being filmed. But I did feel like the target kind of expected what was going to happen, though she didn't look like she expected it to be as harsh.

    It's hard to typify target behavior because targets can be very different from one another--it's easier to define bully behavior.

    When I was bullied in school, I only looked at the bullies (it was a group of about five guys) to glare at them, but mostly I just looked away. I don't think I said more than three words ever to any of them. When they put their arms around me or leaned against me, I moved if I could-- but if not, I just waited and looked away until they went away. Once, when one of them refused to get off my desk (yes---he was laying ON my desk in class, with the teacher there) until I gave him my phone number, I finally spoke to him to give him a fake number.

    Maybe I wasn't being "clear" enough by ignoring them or glaring at them--but I was only 13 and I doubt it would have changed anything anyway. They would whisper lude things in my ear, make obscene hand gestures, and one of them threw about twenty spitballs in my hair while I was sitting in front of him.

    All this was done publicly--none of the other students said anything. The teacher gave him detention, and then the bully got angry at me for "getting him" in trouble, and threatened me not to do it again. The teacher had found out because when I felt the wads of paper in my hair (I had really thick, long hair), and I turned to see him smiling maliciously at me, I began to cry from the humiliation and knowledge that the entire class had seen him doing this, and done nothing.

    But, the same group who bullied me also bullied at least two other girls. One of the girls was more open, and instead of withdrawing she would try to agree with him, flirt with him, and challenge him at the same time. But the damage was still done on the social fabric of the peer group (not a huge school) and probably her self esteem.

    The other girl mostly ignored them, but would punctuate her silence with loud, clear protests.

    Nothing really worked--ignoring them, arguing, flirting. He called the one who was flirting and arguing at the same time, or maybe she was just trying to pander, "Hoover" and generally made fun of her in front of everyone (the entire school bus) for having a vacuum as a lover, and for having only two pairs of pants (she did, her family was poor), and for stinking like "tuna"--oh wait, that's right, he also nicknamed her "Tuna." However, me and the other girl were not verbally attacked so much because we were quieter. He did nickname the other girl too, though.

    No one stood up to him or his posse, he was considered popular and had a high social standing in the peer groups, probably because he was so mean and no one wanted to be the next "Tuna." The only thing I can see that I had in common with the two other girls that I knew of, was that we were all from low-income families. "Roof-Dancer," the other girl (he came up with the nickname), was a foster child.

    I think that the video did show bullying, because for now I see bullying like other abuse. Physical abuse, especially since the target wasn't even fighting back, is grounds for labeling a behavior as "bullying." Verbal or other types of non-physically violent abuse can also be a type of bullying, but it depends on the social dynamic and the frequency/repetition of harassment.

    There have been so many horrible cases of bullying though. The more violent cases make the the most sad. School is supposed to be an educational environment. School shouldn't be a place where a child has to fear for their physical safety, or fear being sexually or verbally humiliated in front of their peer group. That is the bottom line.

    Stephen King wrote about a girl in his school who was like this--she didn't have as many clothes as the other children. She grew up and committed suicide.

    I think that in some ways, the community uses people like this as ritual sacrifices. They lob the sins of the community onto the target, and then they burn them. In that way, in the eyes of the community, it's members are purged and cleansed of their defects--their weaknesses. By isolating and identifying the "other" or the weaker, it reinforces how normal and connected the rest of them are. And then, I'm sure that there is kind of a relief that at least they aren't the one who is being ostracized.

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    idk.... it could be faked, but i don't know how romanians will respond, because they are different than americans in their culture. but it does seem staged to me. can anyone translate romanian?
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    Both are acting. Real life interactions don't look like that.
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    If it isn't fake, then I shall paraphrase Neil Warnock: "I'd call her a sewer rat, but I don't think she's as good as that. That's insulting sewer rats."
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    I don't even know if I'll watch this. Not in the mood to feel powerless(because I can't get my hands on these girls).

    ...actually, me being the curious guy I am...*click*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinying View Post
    idk.... it could be faked, but i don't know how romanians will respond, because they are different than americans in their culture. but it does seem staged to me. can anyone translate romanian?
    I can translate romanian .Lemme see..

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    Girl with phone : "I'm running outta battery" (phone)
    Aggressor : (towards the girl with the phone )"whatever!" ,(towards victim) Iulia, say it to my face : "Yes, I told him "
    Victim : "I asked him if he knows "..." (boy name) and he asked me "why" and I told him that I think there's something going on between him and "..."(girl name) . Then he said "ok" and that he's gonna beat him up. "
    Aggressor : "Are u an asshole?"
    Victim : "NO"
    Aggressor : "Are u sure? "
    Victim: "Yes"
    Aggressor: (smth I don't understand) .. I wanna hear "yes , I told him or I told him not"
    Victim : "I told him what I told u that I told him."
    Aggressor : *Spits* I say u say it better .
    Victim : yes
    Aggressor : How good do u speak?
    Victim " very good"
    Aggressor: "Then say it better"
    Victim : "So, .."
    Aggressor : *spits* say it better
    Victim : (smth i don't understand)
    Aggressor : (smth I don't understand) .. I case u didn't knew *hits her* , Bogdan will come back to me! What did u wanted with him?
    Victim : Nothing !
    Aggressor : say it ,love , say it!
    Victim : Nothing
    Aggressor : Nothing? Fine, then why do u interfere ? wake up! (keeps on hitting while victim tries to protect herself from the hitting) Put the hand down else I'll leave u lying on the ground (like beating her up till she falls down) . Since when do u afford touching me ? Tell it to your momma *grabbing victim's mouth" I can afford it since since today, or since yesterday "
    Victim: I never afforded it..
    Aggressor : What?
    Victim : I never afforded it .
    Aggressor : Never? Then why do u touch me? .. For what u just did.. so that u would understand... Me and Bogdan have been together for a long time now ...If u ever interfere again ... Do u understand?
    Victim : Yes, I understood.
    Aggressor : In your knees and ask for forgiveness! Say "please , i apologize"!
    Victim: please..
    Aggressor : *spits*
    Victim : Please , i apologize
    Aggressor : Say it better! *spits and hits* Will u interfere again? Kiss my legs!....Good, u're free to go!
    Victim :*leaving*
    Aggressor : I was kidding! Come here! Will u interfere again?
    Victim: No
    Aggressor : Why u told all that? U like Bogdan? From this moment on u will never speak to him again ! U will not even say hello to him!

    That's all I understood .
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    I bet Bogdans a real boss then >.>
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    [QUOTE=nightienapalm;3058385]I bet Bogdans a real boss then >.>[/QUOTE

    He might just be a normal guy. Ppl have the importance that's been given to them by other ppl , sometimes...

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