Anger and Hate as motivation

Anger and Hate as motivation

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This is a discussion on Anger and Hate as motivation within the Critical Thinking & Philosophy forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Hi everyone, I've been reading a few articles about how some people use anger and hate as a motivator in ...

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    Anger and Hate as motivation

    Hi everyone, I've been reading a few articles about how some people use anger and hate as a motivator in life. Two questions. One, which MBTI type or group ie SP, NT etc do you think is most likely to use anger and hate as a driver towards a goal. Two, have you ever used this tactic before and if you have, what were the end outcome with this approach?

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    I often use anger as a motivator. I work better when my energy comes from my gut. I don't motivate others in this way, only myself. When I'm out of energy, anger can get me that small boost that makes me push through with something. "I will manage."

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    Um, any type except NF?

    I used to use anger as a great motivator. Like I would not let other people win or defeat me. Especially between about 18-22 anger was a great motivator for me to improve myself and go live my life the way I wanted to.

    NT might be more likely to use "hate," though I know an ISTJ who used to say that "haters" make him "strong." Whatever that means.

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    Hehe I think every type uses anger as motivation. It's totally human.

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    Hate and anger only motivates me to not give a damn about things that I'm usually over sensitive about. I don't think it's a good way to succeed in life though.

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    I could see anger as a great motivator in just about anyone.
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    It's worked for me at the cost of other people thinking I have a mental problem.

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    Any type of strong emotion can be a powerful motivational tool in pretty much anyone. I think the difference is in how they channel it.

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    I see anger or hate working for short term goals. I have a short temper, but it doesn't last long enough for me to reach my long term goals. Also, it's not healthy to be angry or hateful for a long time. You might get health complications like hypertension, stress and depression, or even a total mental breakdown.

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    I've never understood hate as a motivition. It just takes too much energy for me to hate. It's exhausting. When I'm angry its more often than not at myself; that kind of tones down any motivational use it could have. However, I can think of a few times anger was my motivation.

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